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umm willows got dead when between two hcs (since stage 2 is located at goe) some great social events took place at goe like md birthday, murs birthday and second festival if i remember good, so ppl stayed at goe, then owner of WISH is also root admin on forum ;) so thats why it has its own forum, and inactivity becoz owner of WISH has a lot of things to do with her ally and second in charge of WISH wasnt playing for like month but he is back now, personally i think that it is over with WISH

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Thats a real Shame, as I saw a lot of potential with this idea.. Even though it seemed like it was something closer to what the Legend Speakers were supposed to do..
Why don't they have minions to maintain it? They are RPCs, they are supposed influence game events. but if they don't even have people influenced with something of their own creation.

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Don't worry mates, events are my forte', between school and my hiatus they have suffered, but i am planning on making more. I'm still working on my stories, but maybe ill hurry and finish a few smaller ones to incorporate into one.... i mean who doesnt love festivals? :D

i'll make try and make it good :)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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