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Attacking Different Mp Levels

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currently i'm at MP3. it's my understanding that differing MP levels can't attack each other. i can understand the reasoning. as of yet this hasn't happened to me, but there will be a time when i'm a higher MP level and some lower level player will be annoying.

i was wondering if there could be a feature where different levels could attack each other, but there would be no win/loss from the fight nor experience gained. the attacker could lose honor. players would still lose the VE from the creatures they lost.

this would make the attacking of lower MP levels scarce as it brings no real rewards. but gives the option of silencing an annoying player that would otherwise have no consequences of their actions.

just an idea, maybe dumb or even too time consuming to implement, but i'm sure there have been times higher MP players would have loved to attack some MP3 punk.

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There is a small problem in this. Even if you kill him he will keep on talking, it can't shut him up in any way [that is if he plans to be annoying]. There are other ways to silence them for a bit. And also creatures can be healed its only temporarly setback.

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Just my opinion, I think it is highly discouraging for a younger player to be constantly beaten up by older players. Some won't mind it, it's true, but I think there is a group, maybe even most of the younger players, that will find it downright obnoxious to be constantly beaten up by old people.

Also, it's difficult to code turning on and off two different forms, and this already exists. Join an alliance. :P


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well i could attack all mp3's hehe. Point is no regular person should be able to attack outside their mp lvl. Random attacks from specific people is a fun thought, but yea, people do get pissed about it sometimes. especially the ones that lvl hold. Cause lvl holding is aloud and creates an unbalance in competitions, especially in mp3's cases i always attacked those in the lead with heads to give more mp3's a shot at it. But you should see some of the messages i got from doing that. i got one "i trained hard to get my mp3 to win the contest and you killed all my rituals!!!! asshole get a life you *********" never the less i attacked this person multiple times afterwards so they didn't have a chance at getting their crits up for the whole competition.

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i'll certainly defer to the collective experience of you guys. i'm new so my grasp on the mechanics is feeble at best. i assumed the coding aspect would be the biggest problem, enough so that it possibly wouldn't be worthwhile to attempt.

as far as other objections i've noticed, other mp levels attacking lower one's would be discouraged by the "no gain" aspect and by inflicting a moderate penalty for doing so (i don't know too much about honor so i dunno if it would be a proper deterrent). Secondly, i'd think by the time you became mp4 or higher you would have a decent respect for the game as to not run around picking on people just because its fun (i'm sure there would be exceptions). third, anyone that is annoying enough to bring an established player to choose harming oneself (by losing honor, etc) is probably someone you don't want around anyways.

as far as the HC goes, i figure that can be taken advantage of now already. what's to stop someone with a different MP3 or MP4 account to help out a friend if they really wanted to right now?

my main reasoning for wanting this feature was purely for rp'ing purposes. while there are characters that ascribe to the "take the high road approach" there are just as many that don't.

don't get me wrong i think the game is great as is.

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