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Guardians Recruitment

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[quote name='Dormouse' timestamp='1286925972' post='70241']
I will BUT maty gave me the link to here *raises eyebrows* - suggests no controls in place ..........

You need to physically seek out Mya Celestia, Sharazhad, or Firsanthalas in the game besides posting on the forum, little Dormouse. I could use someone with your size to help me harvest nuts for the winter.


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[font="Lucida Console"]Lorerot has been a place that has interested me greatly..And I have spent time with the guardians. They are the alliance that I would love to be a part of. I don't know what to say really..I am asking for permission to become part of the guardians of the root so that I may become a protector of loreroot and its inhabitants [/font]

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hello ..
my name is RED ,
savage in my own ways...
i come here to request a to be a part of the alliance which has appealed to me greatly..
The GOtR!!
the mighty guardians is the place for me...and the forest attracts me greatly..
this is where i will thrive and this is where i shall protect..
The forest is my home..
and protecting it and loving it...my passion!!
may the Great Foret Live Forever...
do consider my request!

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After considering the different alliances inside Loreroot, I wish to apply for the Guardians of the Root.
My path has lead me from chaos to the pursuit of knowledge and companionship. As I continue my journey, my experience with Loreroot and its people has not only inspired me to join them, it has led to me falling in love with the land. Though my experiences have taught me that carnal nature is not the answer to my desires, I know that others cannot comprehend this truth. In this light, I wish to defend my home along the others I have befriended. As I continue to learn more about this land and grow my knowledge, I ask that you consider allowing me to join your ranks in preserving the Great Forest. I hope I shall not disappoint you.

Thank you.
*tips hat*

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I would like to join the Gaurdians of the Root, to support the alliance and make some good friends , will always follows the alliance protocol and will assist our alliance when ever support in required .

mu forum id is: asad
game id is : Asad Suhail

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[quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1314127316' post='90652']

You also applied to be a MB citizen.

dear admin officer,

Yes i had applied for MB citizenship along with [color=#000000][font=Segoe UI]GotR [/font][/color]because i dont know that i cant get more then one citizenship, and i will serve with 100% loyalty to which ever alliance accept me to join as i dont have much friends in this game and looking to make some good one.

please accept my humble request to join the alliance.
i had already deleted my request for MB citizenship

Kind Regards,

[b]Honor: 2760[/b] Mind power 4 [b]Asad Suhail[/b] Vp 42K Vit 58K Creat.: 16 Cr.vit.: 14K Cr. Xp: 874K [i][color=#666600]Adept of *BFH Lightning*[/color][/i]

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[quote name='Shemhazaj' timestamp='1314290775' post='90730']
[font=comic sans ms,cursive][i][color=#808080]Asad, find Firsanthalas or Mya Celestia and talk to them in person.[/color][/i][/font]
[font=comic sans ms,cursive][i][color=#808080]Ask around for Firs, Mya can be often found in Paper Cabin.[/color][/i][/font]
thanks buddy for quick response

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I wish to re-apply for a position in GotR now that I have returned. I appologise for vanishing without saying that I was leaving.
I wish to join because loreroot is my home, and the only place I can feel a part of. I would do anything to defend our land, and I wish to serve the land in a greater way.
My loyalty will always lie with the land and its King, and I wish to be of service to both.

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