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[size=3][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]i'd like to join the guardians. i'm neither smart nor beautiful, i'm just a simple nature being and i'd like to stay like one.[/font][/size]
[size=3][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]for that i need to keep the forest safe and secure. [/font][/size]

[size=3][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]my main trait - i can bite![/font][/size]
[size=3][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]my hobby - i like to follow wise people around...[/font][/size]
[size=3][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]my drawback - i'm easily irritated.[/font][/size]

[size=3][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]thank you for considering my application *smiles*[/font][/size]

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Application refused.

[quote name='CrazyMike' date='07 May 2010 - 01:23 AM' timestamp='1273213438' post='59522'] For other potential candidates who are interested in joining GOTR, it is good that the candidate is a strong

[quote name='SageWoman' date='05 May 2010 - 12:30 PM' timestamp='1273059011' post='59434'] It was a very long time ago when you put your application in to the GOTR. I don't remember you ever followin

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[quote name='asad' timestamp='1314125185' post='90647']

I would like to join the Gaurdians of the Root, to support the alliance and make some good friends , will always follows the alliance protocol and will assist our alliance when ever support in required .

mu forum id is: asad
game id is : Asad Suhail
Honorable alliance member and FRIENDS please consider my request...

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[quote name='Sharazhad' timestamp='1316851992' post='92507']
[color=#008000][i]Asad! Please find me in game, Ive been looking for you everywhere!! [/i][/color]
sorry for late replay . i was bus these days i will be in waiting "Defensive Quarters"....

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its been a long time, but i am back. Im here for another try. and here is my short story for my reconsideration....
Lore Root and Me...
I first meet a guy named Craz Mike, he sat atop of one of two mighty trees camly watching the younglings battle againts these mighty trees. i asked him one day, "what was the secret to defeting these trees?" he took a drag off his cigar and said, "be one with the tree gaurds" and then vanished in a cloud of smoke from his cigar. After many trys and medataion i finally got passed them.i walked for what seeemed days but was only a few hours i came across the Oak Tower where i meet a few people named Sharazhad, Nimrodel and Mya Celestia. and we all talked for hours! this lead me to GOTR. i continued on down the trail and came across the defence tower. here i meat a dear lady by the name of Sagewoman. we had tea and muffins wail we talked she spoke of a mighty man by the name of Firsanthalas, she said that he'd be the one i need to talk to if i decided to join GOTR. but she said i should meet Windy the owner of the wind and rain pub,so i did.as i talked with her we had several drinks...but im not sure what all was said. later that night i came across a stronge warrior his name was Shemhazaj we had a short talk about battle stratagies.
a year latter after joining those i had spoke to, i was a part of somthing great! things went well for a few months till i got hooked on nightshade. many problems arose. i lashed out at my dear friends. i know they didnt know of this problem and i was ashamed to admite to it. after a few run ins with the wrong ones that wouldnt put up with my nonsence i was sent to jail and spent some time there a few times. the first time i went in tought me a lesson unfortunatly it didnt last long...i ended up back in jail a litle longer this time. i spent a long period of time away from LR and the GOTR to meditate on things past. which brings me to now where i try one last time to redeem myself, i now have what it takes to be what is meant to be as a GOTR member and will follow closly to them and there ways.

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