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Challenging Cyclicity


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Again, read the damn genesis and you will see it was not a land of it's own, try to READ and understand what is there <_<

Here there is no bible to debate. Beside genesis you can start and read the adventure log. That's all you need to know and take as a reference for research . Other stories are pure fictions.. and i mean to several ones, created just for the fun to answer questions.

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Golemus brought instability because it was not there in the beginning, but formed by wizards... it's a land that was created by mankind, not by nature, and the shades were nature's answer to that instability

Akasha's story is not that long or hard to understand after all XD

EDIT: because in this case it doesn't really matter if i point ppl to your thread or if i summarize it, and as you posted the genesis in a read-only-thread, we can't discuss the matter there... and obviously, there is something that needs to be discussed, else Esme wouldn't ask for a discussion :lol:

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Erm.. Akasha.. Liberty... Whichever mod sees this topic first please do close it.

I did read the story akasha. But it was too short for me to understand it. Thats why i put so many questions... I do ask a lot of questions... Sorry if that was a trouble. I didnt intend to cause any.

One last question. :P

Where can i find all the previous logs? Guess its time for print outs in my holidays..

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Indeed your answer was given, topic closed.

Just so that you can understand not and why not to start digging antciet lore, go read[url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com//index.php?showtopic=3957&st=0&p=30936&#entry30936"] this post[/url], written by the creator of the game .

Log in the game, hit the adventure log button and start from down to up. Good luck !

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