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it does appear to have gone again, yes

@Ring, 6 were released from the deleted accounts

mysql error, it will be back up shortly (i hope)

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fighting will be slow for a bit more, currently i am deleting old and unused combat strategy records, quite a lot of them. After this there is only the market items cleanup and then the inventory and transfer of items will be slow, but thats not a problem.

Remember the site will become faster and faster as the cache loads again.

someone do me a favor and test a brand new acount untill it reaches mp4 please? login logout several times also during story mode to check dna-story bug too.

Thank you

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goes back to talking about mur wife....

[spoiler]LOL jking[/spoiler]

[color="purple"]dont put excess lines in your post please, just use spoiler tages if you want to keep something hidden - Grido[/color]

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Analysing the associated data of the deleted accounts, i can tell that these were accoutns that were never actualy too active (90% of them not all). From 120k accounts there were for example only 163 pm messages. Only half of the creatures in game were associated with those accounts even if compared to the remaining 30k accounts they were the majority. I think this was a much needed cleanup, but i am woried how many people give up before they do anything. I might change the initial phases of the game to be more permissive (and addictive) so that more new players reach later stages. I think if they simply quit the same day they join they do not realise what they are missing :P

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I think that the most important thing you can do to attract them, is to show them a bit more information about the game while in the tutorial. The tutorial is pretty darn boring, and I hated it very much. Click here, run to this, blah blah blah.

They will think that is exactly what this game is, a point and click adventure.

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