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Another Mur Lecture?


Muratus del Mur Lecture  

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This was a 9 hour lecture
subjects range from entropy and syntropy, to religion, symbols, mathematics, infinity and zero, back to principles, secret of magic and human mind.

If it goes to the archives, please remove the extra chats like usual and splitt it a bit with subtitles ..its way to long.

Thank you all for participating, it was a great experience for me to learn from you by thrwoing my theories to your minds and seeing your arguments boths for and against. Remember i do this to learn not to tell you conclusions. I hope i left enough questions to keep your mind active and that my personal conclusions on the discussed matters only acted as a guide to make you think there is something outthere worthy of analising and not simply accepting or ignoring.

Thank you

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12h ?
hmm, i could do that actualy, but not if we speak about same thing all the discussion, i allready dream of circles and shperes ;)

funny thing is that if i start with most (maybe all) of the principles, i end up with a circle with one dot breach in it.... the dot is hounting me LOL.

If i focus on the uses and representations or interactions about principles i could speak about more humanly subjects and not abstract theories. Or of course there are plenty of other subjects i could discuss about other than principles, even tehnical ones, i dont mind, as long as i know something enough to explain it, i can share my view with others ...

I hope more will see this as an example and hold conferences of their own on subjects they master.

"last man standing" lectures :)

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A bit off topic: O_O I just saw the "No topic" option for me ;). Thank you! I feel really special right now. :)

Ontopic: I tried to follow the discussion last night: man it was hard! Everybody was throwing ideas in. Questions, answers etc etc. If you miss the beginning you are kind of doomed.
So what I suggest is to organize things a bit. How? No idea! (or I have some but I am kind of lazy right now).

Also if the lectures would be held more often maybe the need to "speak" for 9 hours would go down a bit.

My 1 buck...

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funniest thing is that i don't think the book will be much bigger than that, i am at page 30 and they are not word pages. Anyway after my agressive reaction against church and predefined concepts in general, i must say the book will have a VERY "heretic" presentation and i mean in the form it will be printed. I made it look like a manuscript with apparently random notes, without exceeding one or two pages per subject.... i want to focus attention on the personal nature of the writing and not hide behind the apparent authority and official character that the normal font of a book gives, its enough damage that people see my ideas as answers not as reasons to think more just because i have a huge authority in MD.

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[quote name='King Manu' post='33941' date='Jun 19 2009, 04:31 PM']its enough damage that people see my ideas as answers not as reasons to think more just because i have a huge authority in MD.[/quote]
I might be wrong, I am not a native English speaker, but the word lecture can imply authority.

2. To reprove formally and with authority.
[1913 Webster]

The words debate, talk and discourse do not have this additional meaning. Especially debate feels more like an invitation to ask questions and speak your own mind. Same thing with "their own on subjects they master." It is possible to translate this a couple of times and arrive at the sentence 'subjects in which they are an authority'. It might be nothing but words, but it in my experience most disputes are about words and not about ideas. Once both parties manage to agree on the words, they usually soon arrive at a consensus or agree to disagree.

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you are right,
i will consider a change of name. [/b]

Anyway, i did conducted the "lecture" as a open discussion, so even if called lecture , it was a debate, but the wording matters.

So far i considered lecture sounds way better than debate, probably because if i translate in my language the difference is not that obvious and i presumed allways a lecture is actualy a open debate , afterall nobody is telling you not to speak during it.

The level of authority will self ballance based on how well the person speaking masters the subject and how many different opinion are among the audience.

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*warning* this post skips all over the place from my previous post, you might get confused :)

it'll take a bit longer than 2 hours Shantu :P

whilst you're not ''told'' not to speak in a lecture, try doing it and see what happens :D

lol Mur, i've heard (and seen) a few times of you talking about circles and dots :D
last man standing lectures sound fun :P prize for each timezone?

me wants that book....methinks it'll look, and actually be, good :D

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