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QUEST: Drachorn Chase

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*silently curses people pretending to be another person (aka playing alts)* hey Nimrodel/Esmerelda/whatever else you might call yourself :lol:

please don't PM me about the drach anymore, Shadow and me have already handled this one, none of you will get a drach from me... i'd say 'unless you take it from my cold, dead hands', but then again, dieing is kinda hard in here, as we discussed on another thread... :D

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in good old contest/giveaway-joining tradition:

sir, please count me in
chasing the finest of beasts
let the hunt begin!

MRV ID:103641

salvis omissis et cum reservatione ulteriorum

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*Sagewoman* ID: 47315

Adventure! Challenge! Gotta love it.

[quote name='Shadowseeker' post='33694' date='Jun 17 2009, 12:54 PM']Edit your sign up please, I need the player ID ingame as well, or the entry won't count..

Okay, if this goes on at this rate, it'll be held. If you guys manage to hit the 40, 100% sure, but I'll have to write the longer quest then...(damn, more work for me <.<)[/quote]

Work it baby! Work it! Lets see some sweat! Edits due to her boss's Censorship. *flips and reads about freedom of speech rights*

[color="purple"]*merges and indicates to the edit button* --Grido[/color]

Fine, fine. We'll watch you too, Boss.

Edited by SageWoman
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