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New rule for the dojo?


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Should regen be allowed in the dojo as a defense?

I think it is very annoying since mp4s don't even lose personal exp when they find themselves fighting a regen ritual. I'm sure people have complained about this before.

What do you people think about this? Perhaps that specific rule though should only apply to mp3 and mp4. I'm sure. But regen is a mean thing to have in the dojo. Or anywhere really especially to those below mp5.

I've heard of multiple people losing around 50k vp and around 50k exp. Lots of them lose way more. This is something that just isn't right...


(I'm absolutely sure that other people have put this on the forum before but...)


Well what if the player with regen is idle?

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you shouldn't attack each other in dojo without consent anyway, huh? :D

even if they allow it, it's still your risk when you do it without asking what you're facing... i used to allow people to attack my combat rit, and now i'm on the list of 'attack whenever' while having a 60k first strike defence up :lol:

<update> then it's still your risk, dojo doesn't protect idlers, but neither does it protect actives from the strikes idlers could deal :blink:

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Oh yes sorry akasha. I was just reading forums and I wasn't paying attention to the topic. I'll be more careful in the future

I see. Well I suppose if the rule can't be put on the signpost the actual players will simply have to stop attacking the player with regen on and notify others that may be on the dojo. I guess it can also be put to the dojo staff members to notify everyone (maybe while posting the rules on the chat which they are supposed to do anyways from time to time) who has regen.

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d'you think dojo is a place where it's safe to attack other people just because it's the dojo?
seriously, if you think you have to attack people, then you'll have to live with the risk that comes along with it...
and setting regens is a quite good way to keep the evil forces from screwing your balance on mp4... XD

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Well you might as well notify other people of the dangers of certain idle players with regen at the dojo. I guess this has simply gone off topic though since the rule obviously won't be put on.


I suppose this topic can be closed XD

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This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies.

This topic is now closed to further replies.
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