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is Esmerelda cute or not

cute or not  

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YES *waits for Esmeralda to search and destroy him* i wonder if you'll get me, i'm in my secret secret hide-out for the next 3 weeks =P

and if you get me, i wonder if you'll be able to kill me...
or even want to kill me O_o

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What topic? This is a...I don't have words to describe what this topic has become. And it seems that we, the mods, instead of stopping it we are contributing to the general mess.
But hey! It's fun :P

@Chew:as I said "paranoia stroked" and you know what? I really don't care what watcher thinks :). He's fun cause I can say bad things towards him (he gives me reasons to do it). That is very relaxing for my stressed mind :D

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[quote name='Liberty4life' post='33385' date='Jun 12 2009, 06:08 PM']stop the chatization of forum (really dunno how to say it properly in english O.o )[/quote]

Yes I know what you are saying Liberty... but it is not all our fault :P you must recognize it is hard to be serious with this type of polls :)

Anyway, to avoid temptation I wont be posting on polls for a while :) I migh create a silly one intead :D


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