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Here are some of my notes:

The issue stems from a number of things

1. The ascension of Raven was the first indication of conflict in Loreroot, causing a forum battle and indications of battle, although Raven stepped down before these were realized.

2. Post Raven, there was elections and Amoran eventually became the leader.

3. Following Amoran's ascension there were a number of histories released on the forum which have now been declared ancient and obsolete by Mur, most likely in an attempt to stimulate the then inactive Loreroot forum

4. Akasha released a series of accusations (I refuse to decide or mark which are true or false)
a. Loreroot's elections had been unfair, and non-inclusive
b. Loreroot's history was obsolete and misleading
c. There were various other accusations, mostly involving the legitimacy of Loreroot and its council.

5. The forum fight raged for a period, prevalently Akasha asking questions and Tarquinus responding, but GlorDamar, Udgard, and Amoran made remarks occasionally.

6. The histories were removed, CoE attempted to mend the situation with the forum (which was one of Akasha's accusations), and new elections were held.

7. Amoran left the GotR, and Firs declared himself the leader, without objection from the others.

I believe that about sums it up

Any questions?


(changed trouble for conflict)

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[quote name='awiiya' post='32687' date='Jun 4 2009, 08:10 PM']a. Loreroot's elections had been unfair, and non-inclusive[/quote]

I personally would just like to know if that statement was refering that the voting was only open to those part of a Loreroot alliance or those known to consider LR there home? I know that this is quite off topic as the whole thread started as an announcement of the leadership of GOTR! but as this has been brought up I thought I would satisfy my own curiosity.


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That bit was killing two birds with both stones. Both accusations were declared, if I remember right.

Someone can feel free to correct me on that though.

I believe the argument for the first was that the elections in Loreroot affect the entire land, and therefore we should all be apart of it, and the argument for the second was simply that only a portion of the Loreroot members voted.


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By problem I mean conflict between members of Loreroot and members of the Realm in general.

It is unarguable that there was a conflict that resulted from the reign of Raven, and that it was the first in a series of conflicts between members of Loreroot and the members of the Realm.

I'm sorry if that was a confusion, I will change my wording.


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Ok to be crystal clear here.
I did not simply declare myself as leader of GOTR or anything else.
I spoke to the people in the alliance with the Exception of Lady Renata, Aleron and MWBrady.
Brady has left for the Savelites to help them rebuild and had already stated that he was leaving. He may or may not return in the future, he has not decided. He is welcome to return as far as I am concerned.
Aleron, I haven't seen in some time. Lady Renata was doing exams I think.
I suspect that Renata may be unhappy with things and have no idea as to Aleron's thinking as I have not seen him since he joined a few weeks ago. If I did not speak to anyone it was not intentional in any way. Indeed I encouraged all the other members to speak with each other about things.
Now there are 10 people in the alliance. Thats 9 others and myself. So to my knoweldge I have the backing of 7 of those nine people for sure.
In regards to Ibruzu. I did not appoint Ibruzu. I asked the others to discuss the position of a second among them. Ibruzu's name was put forward and not objected to. Therefore he has the position. He has not been appointed directly by me as some kind of crony or sidekick.
While there were no official votes, people discussed the matter 'face to face' as it where.
If I have somehow overstepped the mark and people feel aggrieved, I again call for them to speak up.
As it stands, I think that my views are backed up by the responses on this very thread by fellow alliance members.
My door is open to anyone that wants to speak to me about things. I only request that any name calling or accusations be kept out of this public place.

I have tried to be honest here about the situation. I have even acknowledged that at least one person may not be happy. I am not pointing fingers, I am merely stating what I believe to be the situation. Surely it is only to be expected that not every single person has to be happy? Indeed, is it not unlikely that you can please all the people all the time?
I merely ask everyone, that unless otherwise shown, that they accept the situation is as it is and that nothing untoward is happening here.

GOTR has been through a rough time as of late. I ask that people allow the alliance to move onward and to not use it as some kind of political football or source of cheap amusement.
If we cannot resolve this matter it will only continue to drag on and as Pamps has said, it doesn't look well for newcomers to see constant arguing.
People have different personalities, ideas, values and opinions. It isn't always a matter of being right or wrong. Please stop the hostilities and get back to the game. Please.

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[quote name='dst' post='32702' date='Jun 4 2009, 11:16 AM']Nooo! Not the witch hunt again! Aren't you people tired of those fights?
Maybe I should do something to make you concentrate on other things...[/quote]


what like another allaince take over :P

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[quote name='Akasha' post='32688' date='Jun 4 2009, 10:19 AM']DOWN WITH THE COMMUNISTS !![/quote]
*cough* Mur *cough*

im going to run now :P

But please try and stay on topic this issue is about Firs taking over GOTR not about anything that happened previously

EDIT: just a little clarification here (so mur doesnt read this and think things) Mur is like a communist as he runs everything and things change as he wants them to

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Just so Firs isn't the only one speaking..Firs was given the leadership do to his loyalty standing with Amoran's departure. He immediately gathered as many of us together as possible and put the leadership to a vote. We agreed he had the reigns. This was a majority vote!
I also was nominated and voted on by majority to be second to Firs.
I think one of our main hopes right now is to be able to move on with making GoTR a strong alliance again and put and end to being the "topic of conversation" in these forums.
If anyone has any questions or comments please feel free to speak to myself or Firs personally.
I am always available to anyone
My hopes are that some degree of patience will be given while things are re-thought and re-worked.
Postings will be made regularly to keep the realm updated and informed on this forum.
Thanks for the time it took to read this.(Now may the topic die the death it deserves)

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[color="#2E8B57"][i] :D:D:D

Firsan makes an announcement ( and an important one at that) and everyone gets all agro :aggressive: :P
Like fresh meat to a pack of hounds...savage....
Firsan gets :good: :good: from me for stepping up to the challenge - instead of backing down and well then the same people that were complaining here will be bitching about something else.[/i][/color]

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