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Alliance Idea

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The alliance would be called Disciples Of The Sun, we would be based in Marind Bell and our main objective is to worship and research the Sun God, and stop darkness from ever ruling this world. Inside of that there could be projects like research the champions dome, the Sun God armour and other places of mystery in MB. Another main objective would be to defend marind bell at all costs.

an acronym could be dots.


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[center]no offense mate, but good luck with that :D

who knows?... all im saying is that i have stuck by my alliance idea for quite some time... and intend to continue, but still have yet to recieve the stamp, which is fine. All i am saying is that if you intend on actually getting an alliance expect work and dedication to be put into it, and still dont get your expectations too high, because you may be waiting for quite a long time.

this isnt meant to discourage you btw, in fact i personally like the idea of more alliances, im just trying to give you a little advice from someone who ought to know.


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Tom. You have to move MD into accomdating your alliance, Cryxus has been waiting a long time and of all the alliance ideas his is one of the best. He is even now an rpc but his alliance has still not been created

In other words if you really want to get an alliance you need a following and Prove you can do what your alliance sets out to do even without an alliance. When you dont need an alliance to do what you do but you still do it then you will get one.

As Cryxus said this isnt to discourage you but you need to do a lot more than just get a few members and write a post on the forum

Try getting more members and holding a rally of some kind in game and start roleplaying your alliance.

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