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Yay! Corrections.

I will get these done when I have time.

Also, Liberty, your post confuses me. I'm not sure exactly what you're suggesting. You're telling me I'm wrong, which I would agree with, but then you don't tell me what is right. I'll work on it, though.


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i knew ya cant trust archies, too subjective, cmon... marv isnt king yet, i dont see crown, and wodin defeated? no he gave up, thats A LOT different, in this story it seems like khal won war and beated woddy, which isnt true, its pretty simple khal was slain at house of ld, wot happened after that i am not sure of coz i dont understand it but i remember that khal himself claimed that khal which was once the man doesnt exist anymore and this new joined gray one took his place... or something like that, well idk, but my point is... ya made khal look like winner, while there was no real winners, sentineles suffered great loss, shades got balanced which ended up in weakening them, and woddy gave up from fight he WASNT defeated

Response: I changed the paragraph about the Shade Balance to make it not as "Khalazdad won." Instead, it says that Wodin gave up. And I don't really appreciate the "I knew ya cant trust archies" because I think that's untrue. All I'm going to say about that.

What about Glaistig? ^_^ She was a forum moderator and one of the first LHOs. Since you made one about Aqune then Glai deserves one for sure.

As for Aqune...hmmm...should I let everybody know she (btw:she is a he, playing a she role...but ok, I understand that you are talking about a role not the person) was one of the most annoying players in MD? :) And that I promised her she will never win HC. Guess what? She never did :) .
As for Wodin: his ego was so big that he could not stand someone that would challenge him? When he got bored he left destroying things behind him. He was the reason why the reset account button was removed.

Response: Glaistig never really had a role, and forum moderator is OOC. So that leaves her with just LHO... and that alone isn't enough for a memorial. Should you leave, I won't mention it in your memorial. How you view Aqune is your choice, and congratulations on thwarting her/him. Furthermore, I would tend to agree, Wodin left disgracefully. However, I still think he changed a lot in game.

(Wodin)trapped by Morpheus into the dream.

(Wodin)Grammer, and Guerrilla Gollemicarum, you wrote the island name :)

(K) Grammer

I would also swap the last two paragraphs round for K's, personal preference

Response: Changed everything you mentioned.

Also, There is another member of the Family you forgot... Amoran Kalamanira Kol... My Aunty
And me King? O.o Thats why my tag is "PRINCE of the Sands" ?

Response: Changed, although Amoran isn't mentioned.


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well i know wot i said

and i reffered to al page 286... or even better to ranges of al pages from 249 to 289

so in that sentence some chronology is messed up (i cant know that since in al it doesnt mentions khal regaining leadership... and i cant remember when exactly that happened) and something isnt right, army without leader? that didnt made war over... according to al dst and no one :) made it by destroying alliances and that resulted in no forces opposing shades so they vanished since nothing was opposing them to make counterbalance to keep them alive as said in 283 and somewhere else in there as well, so then woddy quit fighting them since shades got defeated without fight ^_^

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Okay, here is my decision.

I want to make absolutely sure that the people who get into the book deserve to be there. As a result, I will add no more people for the time being. This stands until someone sufficiently changes my mind on someone (Savel. Still waiting for the research that I couldn't find). I am not saying the book is complete; it is a constant work in progress. However, for the time being, that work of progress has no to-do list.


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So, I have some news.

Upon further reflection, I came up with the idea (on the suggestion of Jester) that I have a few categories in the Book of Ancients:

Legends - those that will always be remembered, the greatest players of MD.

Greats - those that left an impact

Notables - those that maybe are not "great," but deserve to be recognized.

The Legends and Greats are almost done, with the exception of Phrog, NelyaSetesh, and Renavoid. However, the Notables I haven't even started.

Who is first on my list? Savelfuser, Lightsage, phlegmtheorem, and all the others.


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No, no ranking system. There are three categories, but there will be no "1st Great" or "2nd Great". All Legends are considered equal, all Greats are considered equal, and all notables are considered equal.

With that, I present Nelya Setesh (Guy's was used as a framework, but it is written by me.)

Nelya Setesh

Nelya Setesh is most widely recognized as the leader and creator of the Guardians of the Root, the main alliance at one time in Loreroot. She was widely recognized as a charismatic ruler, and during her reign as leader of the Guardians of the Root there was never an attempted coup or instability as was seen in the days following her departure.

Nelya was a nymph and lover of the woods of Loreroot, caring for it and protecting it whenever it needed someone. It is said that Nelya spoke the language of the forest, and heard it when it needed help. Nelya also was fluent in French.

She preferred the woods to fighting, and as a result stayed for the most part out of the wars of the land during the fight between Guerrila Golemicarum and the Shades. She was a kind soul, and while preferring trees to people, she was known for having a good deal of politeness, never turning away someone that wanted to talk.

She was also a lover of puzzles. She created a good deal of puzzles for others to solve, and they were infamously difficult. Of the three puzzles she created, only one person was able to solve all 3. She was also an artist, her puzzles brightened with vibrant color and beautiful script. As a lover of difficult problems, she came to the assistance of Bootes when he was attempting to solve the mystery of the Pillars of Harmony.

As she grew older, Nelya ventured less and less out of Loreroot, until eventually she wasn’t seen again. In her absence, the Guardians of the Root lost their stability and their figure-head, and the power vacuum was filled by Raven, then Amoran, and finally Firsanthalas leads the Guardians of the Root. To date there has been no major upsets during Firsanthalas’s reign. Nelya was a charistmatic and calm leader whose legacy of devotion to the land of Loreroot will likely be emulated for years.



This is Eden's memorial, written by Angurvadal. I haven't seen him in days, so I suppose I will add it for him.

Eden was a quiet character that passed through the Realm of MagicDuel and quietly disappeared, the memories of his existence now ancient lore.
Not known for his talkativeness (loquaciousness), Eden kept to mostly kept to himself. His character was only known to his friends. To the rest we was a restless beast tamer. Over time he acquired and trained many creatures of the land and constantly sought new creatures to add to his collection. His skill and knowledge of the creatures eventually led him to becoming a creature tester, working with Muratus del Mur to develop and bring in new ones.

Eden's intense training and development of his creatures eventually paid off. Sacrificing some of his tamed beasts, he elevated his statistics to immense numbers. They even surpassed the statistics of Wodin. Eden quickly became a feared warrior. This increase shocked the community and spurred others to attempt to match his results, inspiring them by serving as example that they too could become great warriors through vigorous training. Though he had great statistics, Wodin was characteristically stronger than Eden, although each won fights against the other and different points.

After this he joined the Loreroot Alliance as one of the protectors of the land. Eden's contribution is hard to determine as only Lands of Loreroot can speak for it, since many who worked with him have also left.

Eden disappeared for mysterious reasons. His status is unknown: he may have quietly passed away, been taken by the creatures he always sought to tame, or ventured into unknown lands in search of even greater beasts and roams there to this day. Regardless, he is quietly remembered for his achievements.



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Phrog was an interesting and slightly bizarre character, and one who often went unnoticed. He was a characteristically cold man, always looking for warmth. When he talked with others, which wasn’t very often, it was when they needed assistance.

His search for inner warmth inspired by the sight of SmartAlekRJ’s flying drachorn lead him to be carried to the Way of Cleansing and then burned alive, accidentally. His spirit wandered the land for a good deal of time, riding on the back of Perrobotillo and enjoying the sunshine given by Aqune, before being carried to the Drachorn’s layer. Once there, his spirit was reunited with the drachorns, and he gained the power to free the drachorns.

Phrog’s quests were rather simple, and mostly had to do with fire. Phrog was obsessed with fire, reading about it, writing about it, and talking about it. Phrog was a close friend to SmartAlekRJ, perhaps because of his ability to give drachorns.

When and why phrog disappeared is largely unknown. He was seen last at the Gates to Golemus, and it is possible that his spirit went searching for other sources of warmth. Maybe one day he will return to the land, eternally searching for warmth.

On my list for greats: Savelfuser.


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Yeah...I have few things to add.

1) Nelya created just 3 (three) puzzles that were so hard only 1 person solved all 3. The rest is correct imo.
2) Eden had a team and they were supposed to work together to make stats for crits but unfortunately we never did. Under a certain person's pressure he sent some stats for 1 or 2 crits and never discuss them with anyone from the team. I doubt he tested any crits since the crits we received back then are still not released. And I think he did beat Wodin :D. I agree...he was not unbeatable but he was still a force.

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Latest, and my last memorial of the current Greats.


Savelfuser had humble beginnings, started as an average fighter in the time when the great fighters ruled all. One day, or so the story goes, he was confronted by the Ancient Ghost, a spirit with a massive amount of knowledge. The Ancient Ghost joined the body of Savelfuser, and by this act Savel gained a spiritual purpose and the ability to heal those in need. With these two gifts, and the wisdom of the Ancient Ghost, he set out to gain followers.

Over time, Savelfuser gathered a relatively large following of adepts, and later worshippers. Always helping those in need and spreading his religion, Savelfuser stayed in Loreroot most of this time. His religion rested in the supreme power of the Ancienet Ghost, and in helping all those that needed assistance.

Over time, his following grew large enough that he was able to start an alliance, named Savelite’s Church. The Church was dedicated to the same things Savelfuser had been preaching for months. They were also dedicated to researching the ancient artifacts of the land, and uncovering them. They went on a search for Medusa’s Amulet, although unfortunately they did not find it, nor did any of the adventurers that attempted to help them.

The Savelite’s Church was a peaceful religious alliance, although they made it known that if threatened they would not hesitate to retaliate. War, they said, was the bane of the world, preventing the transfer of knowledge and the growth of minds.

In time, Savelfuser, like the ghost he was, began to fade. In his later days, Morquor began to take over the alliance, but in time Morquor faded as well. The Savelite’s Church lives on, a testament to the great ghost that spread his religion, teaching, and protection.

Comments? Time to start on the notables


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Yes, here is some information on that.

I am currently not an archivist, so it is true, it isn't my duty.

However, I currently hold the RPC item space and have all the coding for the current item, so if someone wants to take it up in the archivists they can talk to me.

I also plan to talk to the Master Archivist (when there is a new one), and if they want me to, I will work on this as an outside contract.


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