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I have three active adepts, and four praying people: One for each adept and one for me.

I dunno how you can't see this...I mean, I realized that one of the praying people were me back when I was a small MP3...when I didn't even know what heat was for :/

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I apologise for digging back up this old thread, but I do notice something strange about my adept count.


I currently have no adepts. I used to have one but I had him adept someone else. (I can't recall who, it's been too long, I apologise I did not make this report earlier.)
However, despite having no adepts, the bar on the right still says "1 adepts" and there are two praying people at the heat orb (presumably one for me and the other for the long-gone adept)

Below is a screenshot of my adept page. It has no adept list at all and says "you do not have any adepts yet" despite the adept count:




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