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We are looking for 'poem artists'.

We can make the poems to be enchanted..how? Let's give another meaning to the spell documents. All the writers out there help us make a poem for each current spell document and add some poetry meaning to them.

If you think you can help and like to give it a try, let us know here, and what spell document you would like to enchant.

Don't forget to stick the best poem you have done so you can show how good you are. :db:

Thank you all,


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I agree with Harion, except I am not sure if you are allowed to know, lest you want to defeat the purpose. Then again, quite a handful of people will not be able to post. Maybe a summary?

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sounds like a great idea, i would like to turn my hand to this *smiles*

i will need to know, the name of the spell document, what is does (for personal info, see if i can incorperate it) who started off with the first one maybe( which rpc gives them out) might make the rpc written down, recorded in history, which is nice as they are a really important part of the game.
Also if you are a rpc, and you would like a poem written, what does the spell mean to you, and why do you posses it/ use it

Asterdai :good:

Please message me in game if you would like me to try, it would be an honour

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Out from the howling wind came a striking force so cold
A Serrated blade whose icy edges rips and tears
With a speed so fearsome but no image to behold
Blindly it slices when through the roaring sky it sears

Then again, the lines are interchangeable, lol.
So, this could be done as well.

Out from the howling wind came a striking force so cold
With a speed so fearsome but no image to behold
A Serrated blade whose icy edges rips and tears
Blindly it slices when through the roaring sky it sears

It's for my own spelldoc, Lightning lvl 3

Funny facts, took me about 6-7 minutes and it has 13 thingies, I dunno what you call them in english, lol.
It's 13, cuz I wanted it to be fearsome and unlucky

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As to the spelldocuments...if you had researched them, or worked a bit, then you should know. In fact, there's some in the forums if you check.

And udgard, yes.

Asterdai...the idea of the whole thing is that you pick one, not that we provide you with all you may need/want to know...

Nice one MB, though I am unsure if it's about the whole set or one doc.

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Willows bend but never break
In the end your heart we'll take
Faces to the hidden wall
With hunter's eyes we sound the call
Fire and Ice shall make our war
Frozen thunder, burning thaw

I wrote that while waiting for the lights to change, and only just noticed that each second line has a single point of punctuation (other than the capitals and spaces) while the others have none... ^_^

Edit: Don't really have a doc in mind

Edited by Kyphis the Bard
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Thank you all for showing interest :).

Like Shasowseeker answered, the poems will be in the end, one for each set of spell doc. By set i mean levels. If eg: Black water has 7 levels, then the poem will be 1 for all 7 levels, not divided and it does not have to be looonnnggg like the spell doc , don't be scared.

Asterdai had a nice, very nice ideea about the RPC's that posses that spell doc, unfortunately i don't think there are many to feel a bound to them , but will raise the question . ^_^

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Two elemental parts, to the whole
The man first identifies both.
On ancient lore, a forgotten scroll
Of the tales of fluttering wings of moths,
Against the fate of poison grim
Given from the tip of the alder's whip.
The second a softly sung hymn,
To ease the death and sail the ship
To a land of health held pure
The man stood up, poetry without lying,
Successfully avoiding the lure
Of death, and nevermore is dying.

On all three protection numerologies.


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Group Scattering.

I am the rock against the river,
and I am the stone against the Storm.
Wind and flood, break against me
and find themselves alone.
The one against the many,
The solace of the rock, the Silence of the stone;
Gnash your teeth, Bare your steel,
But each of you, stand alone.

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wisdom of the anicent masters,
guide my hand and my heart.
show me how to protect those I love!
oh, great masters of old, please!
give me the power to cut my own path though fate!

- swordcuts

maidens of life and light,
save this mortal from the end.
give me the strenght to fight death.
please, great goddesses,
allow the one who speaks this prayer to save just one life!

- cures(intro)

heres two I wrote not sure they are any good but I like em ^_^

Edited by stormrunner
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Count me in.
If you want to check my poems go here: [url="http://xinhun.deviantart.com/gallery/"]http://xinhun.deviantart.com/gallery/[/url]

This is my favorite:
Data flows

The data flows,
Through my head,
No Idea,
How to get,
The endless thoughts,
To a stop,
It keeps flowing,
Without hold.

Feelings out,
Of control,
Tears are rolling,
Screams that howl,
In the night,
Sleep is gone,
Even though,
The battle’s won.

Light is fading,
In my eyes,
I feel like,
Going blind,
No more sight,
All is black,
Hope is gone,
Stabbed my back.

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[center]~*~ Leader Spirit ~*~

A man alone does not a leader make,
From within the masses his identity takes.
Though they follow themselves when they start,
the many lives of one share a common part.
As nuturing, wisdom and respect take hold,
From the individuals comes a group that is bold,
Now the many's interests are as one,
All their goals laid beneath the same sun,
If treated poorly, the group will unravel,
or the man cannot keep the will from travel,
And as the group of many disbands,
The leader need only look at his hands.


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i have been writing mostly in german, but i would like to give it a try in english


Unendlich ist der Tropfen Licht,
Der sein Kopf an die sanfte Nacht zur ruhe legt.
In Blut gebadet stirbt er,die ewige Abenddämerung.
Jeden Tag wieder.


just send me a discription and a name, and ill write a poem.

Edited by battilaa
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I really like Thanatopic's Group scattering.

Here's a few of mine, but the one I would most like to enchant is cures.

Guide my hand before the palpable.
Take my breath to breathe by symbiote.
I am not uniquely malleable,
But by essence may you mould me.
By the tapping of a rhythm,
In each saddened hiss they whimper;
I can seep into the porous cloth.
Touch the ink;
I can.


I am everything within your vision,
May my surroundings be your decision;
That all you see,
Of me is bare.
You look right at me,
There’s nothing there.


Seep out
Yes, become it visible
Yes, become it tangeable
Feed the attraction.
Show your metal, and not by mine
But by your actions, a divine sign
I seem simple
Without course
Be struck swift by speeding force

Asterdai's question
Edited by (Zl-eye-f)-nea
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Wow...poetry enchanted spell documents...Who would ahve thought that Gargants and my idea for poetry would ahve exceled to these messures....glad I could help inspire people to write

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Clouded like the night sky
Hovering over thine concealed being.
No knowing man can pry,
No knowing eye
Can see that which is not for seeing.

Compelling is the desire
To set loose emotion and feeling.
But to give in to that fire
Will lead to naught but ire.
Demise lurks and towards you, it may be wheeling.

The skies are warming
With unsuppressed rage.
Above, the sound is warning
But none evade the ever-swarming
anger with which comes with this sage.

Against nature or with her,
We may or may not tell at all.
Pain suppressed from those who wither,
Escapes the grasp of nomenclature
To slow the people's imminent fall.

[b]Leader Spirit[/b]
Is it the bane or pride of will,
Or maybe just in between the two.
This is the epitome of, despite the chill,
a person's will to do until
God knows! to do what's right for me and you.

These are all impromptu, which I made here in the reply box. :P

Oops.. take the second "with" out of thelast line in "Lightnings".

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Here are some more poems if you don't like my other ones.

O, unseen menace, why do you bring
With your evil being, Death's ring?
All or most of these worldly people,
Out of fear, spot the nearest steeple
And pray for God's blessing and to be rid of thee.

O, unseen wonder, why do you give
Such joy and wonder to those who live?
All or most of these worldly people
Out of glee, find the nearest steeple
And pray for God's thanksgiving and to be with thee.

Temptation lurks within one's fiber
And sparks a most sensational fire
To those matches who happen to be too close
And are stricken on the surface's rose;
Thus, oppose those who within themselves know.

Flashes made of the conflagration
In the sky, because of friction.
You never know if it is near or far
Until you hear the late alarm.
The boom that surpasses all our instruments,
A boom that can do naught but implement
The great wonders of our natural world
One by one being unfurled.
Be weary, though, for 'tis deceiving,
That spark that will be instantaneously leaving.
People who might draw too close
May adopt a laid-down pose.

Many a name is generalized
By this one word which the infirm prize.
Mind and Body, Soul and Feeling,
Soothed, calmed, healing.
All shall be in need of this which I say.
Time is all it takes to pave the way.
Let nature take its toll,
For our body, mind, and soul.

[b]Leader Spirit[/b]
Valor, courage, bravery.
Summarized in this phrase, it be.
But one may only acquire such
If he or she takes time to touch
That little thing within themselves
Without which, sad death is spelled.
Yes, I speak of the heart.
The pinnacle of God's art.
Nurture this and slowly it grows
Until you can face the worst of foes
And fight, and win, and celebrate
For you accomplished that which could thwart fate.
And yes, I speak of fear.
And so now, let's start here.

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I can't remember if Timeless Shot is a spell document, but I love the description of it, so here we go.

[b]Timeless Shot[/b]

Fast it starts or does it end?
Out of time, is this shot's speed.
Hitting both in a fatal blend.
All steps as one, seamless as a seed.

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I'll write some as soon as I get home.

I'm just gonna write for the ones I have. Sorry if there's any duplicates.

Shouldn't take me long, but I can't do it properly till I get home :blink:
(Just letting you know I'm interested)


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I'd love to do some, but I'd need to know what the 'element' of the power is, or something like that. Otherwise I'd just be taking random, generalized stabs in the dark and wouldn't be able to come up with something good. If you want me to do one, just send me a PM.

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[font="Lucida Console"][color="#ff0000"][b]Hollow hell heats my will to sink beneath
Speak the spoken words to break me in
hands the sky come on and set me free
Take the light from my hand passed away
Like the son in your path
He will be thier to again dispence you [/b][/font][/color]

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[quote name='gremlin' post='31202' date='May 15 2009, 11:45 PM']Wow...poetry enchanted spell documents...Who would ahve thought that Gargants and my idea for poetry would ahve exceled to these messures....glad I could help inspire people to write[/quote]

I do not recall any ideea of you or Gragamt, i am sorry ..but this is entirely my ideea, in the name of the Order.

Thank you for the understanding.

P.S: just a side note, i don't want misunderstandings later.

Akasha .

Thank you all for helping, please if you can post the enchanted poems here, with the spell doc name details.
Please keep posting even if the spell you want to create a spell for already has a poem from someone else.

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