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The Ancients of the Game


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Yeah and Granos still plays.. lol.

Deetn, actraiser, stf, ugauga, omegaweapon, bigc/wodin, .phrog., thanatos, morpheus. Those were people I remember and are so old/inactive that most of the people playing now, wouldn't know them.
Chewett has a bit more, but I don't remember them at all :P, I was mp3 back when deetn was going to mp8. So nutters.

Anyway, people who left now and need remembrance, IMO are:
speaker of the dead

Basically these are people who were RPC or at one point could have become RPC if they didn't stop playing/take a huge break.

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And since we are talking about ancients maybe I can say something about some of them (today just one):
Chew, I never appreciated BigC and I will definitely not start now :P. He was arrogant and egocentric and abusive, he banned me without a warning (I still hold a grudge and I kick his behind every time I get a chance even if I know it's not the same player). I was thrilled when he left and pretty sad when he came back but fortunately for me he did not stay.
They say that you should not talk bad about "dead" persons but...I am :D.

And since we are speaking about ancients I must remind you of Sacophilz. He was one of the smartest people I ever met. He was the one teaching me lots of stuff (starting with the regen thingy and ending up with the fat baby).

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The purpose of the Ancients list is not to tell why they were GREAT, per say, but to say why they are worth remembering.

A RL example, Hitler is widely regarded as one of the most evil people, and yet he is also remembered by many, and perhaps should be remembered, so as to not repeat his mistakes.

This is a similar case. Whether or not Big C was a nice or fair person, he made an impact on the game, and should be remembered for that.


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If you ever leave dst i am sure there will be thousands (by that time MD will be worldwide :D ) of people wanting to write a bad reason why we shouldnt be like you :P

I agree with both of you. We should remember people on how and What they did. Sometimes not nesscarily good.

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He he I know Chew but I don't care :P. Actually...hmmm...I do care: I want thousands of posts ranting about how evil dst is/was. The more the better the fame, right? :D

Also don't expect from me to praise players. Except few of the ones mentioned above (and the ones I haven't met) I didn't like the majority.

And speaking of evil guys in MD: I understood that omegaweapon resembled me (or maybe I resemble him since he was the first). I didn't met the guy (or if I did I do not remember him). Why is nobody ranting about him if he was bad? :)

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Surely you can figure the answer out dst? Think about how many people remember him. Me, Akasha, Mur, anyone else? he was bad but with him and Ugauga (who were the first real bug testers) they fixed a tonn of bugs and abused even more bugs.

Nowadays everyone knows you and what you have done. Most of the people i have named will not be remembered by anyone. There is a certain population of MD who are anti-bug abusers but this population do not stay for a long period of time because they get annoyed.

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Chew, add me to that list lol

also, ahh yes, Sacophilz, i seem to remember i liked his forum sig his name was meant to be an equation or something

second also, errm ''Speak for yourself Grido, mua ha ha >:) '' (Cryxus) errm i think you mean Burns, not me, i dont think i said much on this thread, actually nothing other than my comment about splitting the topic

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lol, I remember Saco, real good player.

Oh and I kinda disagree with /having to die/ before you can get appreciated.

Sure you have to /die/ to get remembered. It's kinda embedded into the definition of /remembering/ here people. Semantics :)

But appreciation and some form of reverence, is still here you know. Even for current players and a bit less active people, like Yami no Sakura.

It's just like Obama now. We're not going to stalk his every movement, no. But we still like him, a lot, on average, I think.
If we think back now to Washington and Lincoln, or other leaders, like Genghis or Hitler, or Stalin or prince Myshkin (let me have my joke darn you), we remember them and react with appropriate emotions accordingly.
The fact that Grido, Mur, akasha, etc, don't need some form of remembrance, is because we are often active and we don't need to be remembered.

The remembering thing is more like statues of napoleon and julius caesar around the world. So that those who do know the tales surrounding these men and women, may be told to newlings, by the old veterans (legend speakers).

The ''worthy'' veterans who are not dead, do not need such things, because they can tell you directly what they did. :)
Of course, a statue wouldn't hurt :P

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wasnt there thoughts of being a statue room in one of the new MDA rooms? could we put some plaques or something up in there saying a little bit about them?

yes, i want one too :)

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[quote name='awiiya' post='30400' date='May 5 2009, 10:18 PM']Legend Speakers are not as active as Archivists, and they have less members (No offense to Yami, Keith, Xin, and any other Legend Speakers out there).

Furthermore, it is OUR duty to archive information and keep it alive for the MD community as a whole. If the Legend Speakers would like to use our information and tell the story of said veterans, then so be it. However, I think it should be the duty of the archivists to archive information of this sort.

And we have 9 members, at least 4 of which are ready to work.

Awi[/quote]Waaay delayed reply, I know.

No offense taken, Awi. LS is extremely short on man-power and the few members we do have are already committed to other projects and assignments. I won't argue with you on jurisdiction between the Archivists' and Speakers' duties.

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[quote name='Grido' post='30733' date='May 10 2009, 11:52 AM']wasnt there thoughts of being a statue room in one of the new MDA rooms? could we put some plaques or something up in there saying a little bit about them?

yes, i want one too :P[/quote]

[quote name='cryxus' post='30751' date='May 10 2009, 04:19 PM']hey :P i wouldn't mind a plaque :D (so i can steal it :D)[/quote]

If we were to make the plaques i would think that it would have to be an extreamly good reason for one. No offence guys but im only really thinking people like Deetn, BigC, Ren that have accomplished Great things to be remembered for.

But if plaques were going to be implemented i would also like a place where other people that have still accomplished things that havent been given a plaque.

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what about me? do get a plaque? i am mostly sure that i will get the most annoying award for the second year running..... does that count for a plaque or statue?

.... wait maybe it doesn't........ although i am the type of person that would be noticed to be missing.....

mur noticed me missing when i had computer problems around december last year...... at least i think he did...... i may be remembering wrong though.... as i do a lot..........

i think 3 edits to my post is enough though...

wait that is 4..... wait no this is 5!

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Anyone notice how he says he edits his posts 5 times, while there isn't a notice that says at what time IaB last editted? :unsure:
And yes, we need something to commemorate the ones who did a great thing or things.
That brings to mind 2 things:
What is great enough?
Who decides?

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