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Calling all Slaves ... or subs

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Guy, I would like the market fair to become a common event, for that I need MDS to buy items, I am a merchant so that is kind of obviuos, I believe everybody knows that... that is why I havent said so.

For now "purchable items" are rare, so I was thinking in other purpuses for the MDS too... like rewards, and like i said before the job market.


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Ok, how about we keep this decent? If this will not be kept decent, get a private location, dream or something and there you can make anything, or better : ym conference. There won't be accepted a prostitution fair / bid. Remember that there are also children in the Realm.

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Rex Umbrae Killer
who wouldnt love my company ?
slave for females only xD
Service include: my presense... anythign :)
Services dont include:nothing

1 week

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Well let's look at Watcher first...
Yes, for most things, you would round up at 5 and that is not always fair...
Therefore, for me to say you need to find some people who love you so you can get 10 coins offered for you is also not always fair, either.
But I suspect many who are really doing this for the right reasons like Pample will be donating their portion back to the market place.

[i](IRL side note I have been auctioned off a few times for charities for a date for the night kind of thing and I have never been paid for it when I volunteered... and if I was I would have just given the money back and when I have gotten awards of cash for raising the most funds to help a charity I have given that back to the charity)[/i]

MOST CHARITY FUNDRAISERS GIVE 1 - 5 % TO HELP THE CHARITY the amount I have offered to Kris is between her and I, but it is [b]much much[/b] more than 1-5%. I am keeping the funds separate to help the market in the future, with reinvestments and stuff.
People that work or perform for the Market will paid for their services with the funds raised.

All that being said, I also thank you Guy and Watcher for drawing even more Volunteers in to the Auction and you are right some people don't have 10 coins to bid with so find a partner big together or get some credits and help the game, (if you can) this again, is for fun and no one has to play this part unless they wish.

Here is to hoping this event goes well and there can be many more to come in the future I could see doing the same thing for the Artisans, Newspaper, or Archy’s... Who knows what else could come of it.

Thanks again

(Master) Kragel
The Metal Mage

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Captain Cryxus X'hal

100% male

PWR spells (no perm flag change, and only 1 youtube song, 3x pirateboost a day)
his aid in whatever you ask of him (nothing dirty :P )

also i request at least 3x coins a day max 5 days

all proceeds to starting investment in the fair

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I hadn't intended to participate as a slave, but upon reconsideration the Fire Fairy is up for auction to the highest bidder.

Logan Marquis -- Embers of Fate

RPC spells include toadspeak, boostbriskness, and a couple of others I will leave quiet for now.

I will offer up my services as a writer, a roleplayer, a thinker, a RPC, and a friend.

I will offer Logan to do anything as long as it is discussed first and appropriate for his character, which doesn't limit much really.

So if you've ever had fantasies of owning flames or a fairy for a day, now is the time!

Minimum amount is 2 coins per day.

If Logan gains the most silver coins, half of the coins he receives as payment will go wherever the buyer wishes. Also...if Logan gains the most silver coins the second bidder will get the opportunity to also purchase his services for the rate at which they last bid or pass and Logan will be put up for a second time. All proceeds of that will go directly to Kragel and Kriskah(split between the two 50/50).

If Logan is not the one who gains the most silver coins, half of the coins he receives as payment will go to Loreroot.

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Ok, you convinced me.
I will be a secretary (the word slave is a bit too strong for my taste) for a limited amount of time.
One word of advice: I have little time to actually play so maybe I can be a secretary for a longer period or something (I don't want to deprive the bidder of the joy of having me as a secretary :P - in case s/he can handle me).

Name: dst
Gender: female
What I can do: hmmm...ask me what I cannot do :D.

If you want to have evilness by your side or owe evilness (remember that I have been punished for the 3rd time in 4 months) choose me! choose DST!

Have fun!

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I'm willing to be made a slave for a week.

Eastern time zone


Time of indenture: 1 week (unless you offer more coin that can be discussed after the period of indenture is finshed.)

I still learning (one should always be learning I think) but I will help where I can.

I have expored Necrovian and can get into Loreroot; I have escaped the labrynith and free the imprisoned soul at Berserker Way.

Whatever I can do to help I will.

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Shady Jester

Jestermale (Jester isn't part of the gender, its like a prefix that improves upon the gender)

Random time zone

Random amount of time (but still a lot)

Random Mind Power (MP5 or MP6 most likely)

I can follow you around and be Jesterlike.

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ok no more slaves for this auction will be needed thank you all who have signed and thanks in advance for all the bidding that will happen

please make sure to read the rules and item and creature exchange rated for the auction on my hate page

and lets all get ready for some great fun

there may be a couple of surprises in the mix so everyone come with bells on as they say (actually who is the "they" who says that)

thanks again
The Metal Mage

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