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HEAT Vanishing bug


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Ok so..

When I click on my HEAT storage to use it, 4 orbs instantly empty and the HEAT vanishes without a trace.
This doesn't happen all the time, but it has been happening everyday and generally several times a day for the past week.
This isn't HEAT lost due to fights or time. The HEAT vanishes instantly, before a fight. As I click on one orb, 4 just empty.
Player ID 28728

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HEAT is gone before the combat. It is not combat related at all. I just happen to be activating the HEAT in preparation for combat. I have refreshed the page and it is definately gone. Also the HEAT goes from 4 orbs even though I have only clicked on one or maybe on the second orb. They just empty.
I have six orbs, always seem to have 2 left that are fine.
I will experiment with the orbs to see if it is one in particular. However, it is intermittant, so it could take a while.

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Ok, I've had no problems for a couple of days and just there it did it again.
Clicked the left most orb, all the orbs emptied and left me with just over 1k heat. (Note: only 5 orbs were full this time. All of them emptied, but only 1008 HEAT was in the HEAT indicator)

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