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[center]Aqune, first off i believe i said the way you were conveying your message was hypocritical

[quote]I didn’t like what I found or how things turned out for Loreroot and while I won’t comment any further to prevent more heated arguments on the forum suffice it to say the Self-Righteous Golemus Bullies were very lucky I wasn’t playing when they declared their war[...] since I would make them sorry for what they did[/quote]

[quote]Wow Aqune, if that isn't some of the most hypocritical, hateful $#!^ i heard, especially in response to the side of a war you're trying to convey... so you wanna stop the "self-righteous GG bullies" by being one yourself? way to go champ...[/quote]

basicly i was commenting that they way you were acting is no better than the "GG bullies" especially by slinging insults after the matter

and did i do anything on that list myself? well did i? no, no i didnt, thank you very much

and the reason i didnt comment on the rest of your post is because i didnt wanna say more of the same, i wanted it to be short, and to the point

I guess i just dont understand the point of coming back just to be bitter

sorry mur



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A War is comming It is time for war. I have finish trying to keep the peace. So i have decided to declar WAR on Loreroot. I have many reasions for this and i will not list them all. But i intend

I have no issue with CoE If they defend LR allaince i am sorry but they will be attacked. Raven is to step down.

The war is happing for many reason. most of you dont know the backround to everything that has happened. And i will not revel the details for thoes that didnt keep up with the happining from the

It may be the spicy characters of these 2, but it's looking really hot here now.
Try not to make this into a flaming topic.

As for war thoughts, which is currently dang well offtopic, my opinions are in the war topic, where they are supposed to be.

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Look what happens when you start something.

Players that think they are all powerful and all knowing think they understand and know what is going on. even though THEY HAVE NOT PLAYED FOR A WHILE.

Also a player that gives there account to someone else to use. It is players like this that cause half the problems. I didnt bully LR into what they have goten temselfs into and the results speak for them selfs on that. LR was week and the people running it were week too.

I did what i did as this is how YRTHILIAN would have reacted to the events that lead upto this. So Aquin you say i shoul not be doing what Yrthilian should have been doing. I find that very funny as this is an RP game right?

Say all you want you were not here to be involved or to prevent the events no point in crying over spilt milk.

Now if you want to discuss the isues you have and why things happen dont be a prat about it and post under the wrong forums about it and hide away. Come to me a dscuss it. you know do that thing we are all suppose to be doing ROLE PLAY.

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But that is one of the main reasons I was against the war. It started with a personal quarrel, thus I never see this war as an RP war. No, the shade balance war was an RP war, and it was enjoyable as a part of the game. The last war started with personal disputes between MRD and BT, then continued with a personal opinion from you towards raven, yet it was unneededly brought to the whole denizens of two lands. It was never truly a real RP war.

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Right so you still have not listened to what was said in the past and with what had happened.

One of the issues was an out burt of the MRD issue and a HUGE abouse of power

second. As stated before ingame this has been played out and since you were not there you think it was not played out. trust me it was i spoke with many over this issue and YOU have done what you acuse me of doing and making an opinion.

LR was falling apart a long time ago and this was brough up many time and your leader didnt listen or even try to back up LR with regards the issue brought up. The war actions were RP'd and acted as per the action in the realm.

So BEFORE you go making acusations you might want to get your facts right.

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And where did I accuse anyone?
I was saying the fact, that you confirmed, that the MRD -BT issue started the whole thing. Then it continued with your dissatisfaction with Raven's leadership over loreroot. Anything here out of the facts?

The war actions are RP'ed you say, okay. But I personally don't think it makes it real RP war. From an RP point of view, would MRD and yrth start a war for something that didn't start in game? Sure, the banning happened in-game, and maybe the conversation you had with Raven was done in-game, but that would not have happened without the OOC trigger, would it? Nevertheless, I will not argue with you on this one. Everyone has their opinion on what is RP, and I won't force my opinion to you. I think things that started from OOC matters should not continue to RP, as the source never actually happen in RP storyline. But you are free to follow your own opinions.

LR was falling apart long ago...? Loreroot might have problems, but nothing to the extend that it requires a war. Nevertheless, Raven and BT saw that Loreroot needs a leader to make things more organized, and an election was being held. But the path to change was suddenly stopped, even before it could finish, because of the war. What the war brought was tension between the members, confusion, anger, disappointment, all of which only led to things becoming worse for those few days. Change would've happened with or without the war, but the war has brought an extra anguish. I was there, so trust me, I know. And even if combat was the path that is chosen, the damage would not have spread so far if the right target was announced.

And if you read what I wrote on the previous pages, you'll see that I really didn't mind people having different opinions about other people, and if you don't agree with Raven's leadership, then it's your right. But then it should be resolved personally as well. Yet war was announced on [b]Loreroot[/b]. Some may say that 'civilians doesn't necessarily need to be involved', but when the announced target was called Loreroot, then it involves all Lorerootians. I have addressed this issue before on this thread, but received no response.

And before you think that I'm accusing/attacking you, calm down and stop. I'm not here to fight you, I'm here telling my opinion and showing what I see as someone who is inside Loreroot and knows what was being done inside. If you're going to reply, do so in a calm manner. The unnecessary war has caused me enough anguish, I don't want to continue fighting a friend for it.

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i think as far as the MRD thing went, actions were taken in game, there was no real apology, except by like firs, who really commited no action against MRD as far as i know. I don't see it beyond the realm of RP, i mean it took place on the boards, spread to the game, in game actions ~were taken~ i dont see how a repraisal is out of the realm of RP, and certainly i could see the leadership falling into the realm of RP, what with mur announcing raven's request for a vote. Again, just pointing things out.

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Ok Udgard i agree i was i bit hot headed and should have checked my mood before commenting.

so apoligies for that.
I understand your point and i can see were you are comming from.

Now if you think about it the incided in game with MRD in its self was an act of war.
it was done to a forum issue but it was done in game. So there was an ingame responce and an on forum
responce. So in essence it was a mixed of RP and OOC.

Yrth reacted to the wrongfull improsement of one of the Golemus people from a responce to an comment and opinion of 1 person. I know you have said it too and that this is the opinion of a single person. Now i also did point out that in game issues were raised and no action was taken to resolve the issues (one not related to forum issues and some related to forum issues)

I called for an apoligy to be made to MRD in regards to the improsenment ad this was not done and tencions then rose very quickly. The war went at a speed that was not expected this was not suppose to kick in untill after the public elections. But then responces and the effort to sort things out spiraled.

The responce from you leader at the time was not satisfactory an nothing was getting done. Even a member of your allainc made an apoligy for something that they did not start. The one that cause most of the issues sat out and didnt bother to try ad resolve the issue.

So i spoke with the people of Golemus and some of LR and found that there were many issues and that thing were getting worse. so war started and was over very quickly. Now since then many of the people in LR are trying to grab the power spot. Useing means they should not be useing.

I have also stated that i will not say who should be running the land but that i wont agree to seeing certan member in that position. But i also stated i want to be involved in your elections of how this is going to get fixed and resolved. Now this has been ignored and yes you have the right to choose your own councel.

But as i stated before that when a war happen anywere the ones tht win dont just walk away for that land to put what ever they like in place. Now i think i have been fair in agree to meet with people and being there at thies elections and to make suggestions. But this can all happen all over again and another war could break out. I am not saying it will but you have to remember that this happened because of issue and things happining in LR.

So i suggest you all get together and listen to others and take on board what is beeing said.
I have no intenion of running LR i dont want to run it i have enough work within my own land.
But i dont want to find that we could end up doing this all over again because LR is beeing run under arguments and that the treaties are going to end up falling apart.

Thank for your time

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