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A War is comming It is time for war. I have finish trying to keep the peace. So i have decided to declar WAR on Loreroot. I have many reasions for this and i will not list them all. But i intend

I have no issue with CoE If they defend LR allaince i am sorry but they will be attacked. Raven is to step down.

The war is happing for many reason. most of you dont know the backround to everything that has happened. And i will not revel the details for thoes that didnt keep up with the happining from the

Right, well I read what Raven said carefully I was wondering why WHY?! someone could even think of Raven wanting to turn down because of the power he would get:
[quote]Quote: Subzeroo:
“There should be no one with such huge amount of power, Especialy Raven ... rumors of MD world has it that he can come near Mur's powers ... If this will be alowed ... things will get ugly .... and this has been forseen from mid January 2009”[/quote]

What kind of ****** Bullsh*t is that?!? Mur is the freakin' creator of this game!

If you feel like responding please PM me in-game. (usually at MDP)

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And so we had the shortest war in MD history.
Raven, because your claim for the throne of Loreroot was not entirely foolish as i first thought, you will not suffer any consequences. I will not make public the result of the votes, but i mus say i received plenty to make a decision.

A Leader must resist to people oposing him but also listen to the ones needing him. You Raven, by retreating before knowing the result, showed that you can not handle a role such as a Land leader. Such a leader needs to be brave, fearless, with good solutions to situations that might threaten his lands and most important never retreat in front of an enemy. On the other hand, you were not yet Archon when you made that decision and it stoped the war, wich is good, in a way.

I am sory to name this a War lost before it started.

You people forgot that a war is not only about stats and fighting, you panicked and run in all directions complaining and crying about the upcomming slaughter. In the last war many of you were much more creative than that, the actual figting as part of the war was of low importance. Some got close to activate the land weapons, important things changed and the war was actualy a war not a scarecrow threat like this one.
You cut your chances for millitary advice by beeing rude to the Knator Commander and the Council even tried to demote him as a military leader! The council did not knew who its members are, your fight was internal, Golemus just made it public.

Raven was not the cause of your fights, and maybe under one leadership things would have been different. But now its too late, and Raven proved he can not act as a leader during time of high pressure.

I wonder what will become of Loreroot in time if things evolve like this.

More info comming up on the archives.

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Again I retreted because I have been asked to prevent what is going to happen. I did what I had to do to prevent it.

I wouldn't have retreded if we would be allowed to use roleplay and inner magic but as that was refused then there was no point as we cannot win a war with only brute power.

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The more i read, the more i think Loreroot deserves the shame in their history.

Denying their commander?? internal fights??? the more i hear i start shacking and think who did they survived so far? and look at the great potential they have and the great warriors but still ... the problem is there and wonder since when it all started . they need an example of 'how to' , and by this words i refer to the weak loreroot people and warriors. I apologize to the great, loyal ones *bows* .

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I am saddened greatly by what I hear. Wanting to demote KC? Who the hell did that? I joined Loreroot long ago when KC first made it and was the leader (with Nelya at his side). I never heard him doing a formal retirement, and thus despite his long absence, I still think of him as my leader (de jure, although de facto, I follow Raven who is the leads the daily operations). He's actually the owner of the alliance, despite hi inactivity. Wanting to demote KC is just ridiculous. I wish I was there, but unfortunately the meeting was done when I was away. But this sure shows how some members are not in synch, eh? A shame in our history? Surely is.

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It can only be acknowledged the resignation of Raven is really a collective failure of leadership in Loreroot. Let there be no recriminations or further backbiting amongst those who once occupied the High Council or anyone else; let us confess our failure and turn to the building of a new, stronger structure, and if we do not do so as leaders but as servants, why, that were only just. Our greatest shame is that our incompetence, singly and as a body, were now no longer a matter of speculation but the laughing-stock of the entire realm.

Let it not be imagined, moreover, that any slackening of vigilance in defense of this land, our land, were appropriate. Loreroot hath enemies beyond the shores of Golemus Golemicarum, and most were not near so visible as Guerrilla Golemicarum or the MRs' Fraternity. We must make appropriate haste in strengthening our leadership and securing our defenses, for the enemies of Loreroot shall exploit our obvious weakness if we do not act.

Lastly, to those who imagine Loreroot to be nothing but a collection of cowards and wastrels, I say this: bring war to our land, and you shall find, at your expense, that there are many of us who will fight for the land, badge or no badge, title or no title; that there are many of us who do not fear death at all, much less in the defense of Loreroot. We are not always the loudest or most colourful; think not that every huntsman carries a bugle. The spirit of Daniel Raven stalks these woods still, and the magic of Helen Wasp is not diminished. Conquer Loreroot, if you think you can: but in the end, count your dead, and only then reckon the cost.

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[quote]Lastly, to those who imagine Loreroot to be nothing but a collection of cowards and wastrels, I say this: bring war to our land, and you shall find, at your expense, that there are many of us who will fight for the land, badge or no badge, title or no title; that there are many of us who do not fear death at all, much less in the defense of Loreroot. We are not always the loudest or most colourful; think not that every huntsman carries a bugle. The spirit of Daniel Raven stalks these woods still, and the magic of Helen Wasp is not diminished. Conquer Loreroot, if you think you can: but in the end, count your dead, and only then reckon the cost.[/quote]

Is this a declaration of war to anyone who wants to fight, or am I wrong on this?

Ps. I think it's going pretty bad with the Lore right now...

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i'd just like to make a couple of responces to Blackthorns post

1. It was not King Bull's log-in we used, the account that was used was used by the owner.

2. ''Yrth trying to put his Real Life friend into power here in LR shows his true face''
errm, whilst me and Yrth are friends and chat in game a lot, we talk very little out of it (YIM), and even less of that is anything that isn't to do with MD, i have never met him either, so i couldnt say i know him well enough at all to call him a ''Real Life Friend'' i took it over due to being second in command and the most appropriate person to, rather a face that is known, than one who is not.

there's various other things i could respond to here, but i'm not going to, because my eyes hurt and my memory is bad

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[quote]Do the Legend Speakers seek affray with us, XinHun, or art thou merely curious? Loreroot is defended, period. My words are not hard to understand, I believe.[/quote]

I do not speek for the Legend Speakers, so no, we don't seek affray. I was just curious myself. It sounded to me that you were looking for a war to prove yourselfs, that's why I asked, not to start a war.

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Some players have been asking me what I thought about it. I am in GG, am RPC, and am one of the oldest active players around who is not an admin of some kind.

I will tell you what I think.

At first, when yrthilian made the first post, I was excited nor cared for the reasons. Why? Because, some of you already know this, I am more of a pragmatic person.
I was excited because a war, how dreadful it may sound, would bring about a great rise in spirit and commotion in the realm. Great warriors would come to the aid of loreroot or GG, patriotic feelings would get a surge.
Surely, as others had stated, there would be victims, but we hold great magic in our hands and, in time we would be able to revive all the innocent members.

I cared not a lot for the reasons, unless thy were really and seriously bad and downright wrong reasons. Seeing as how I know yrthilian, I knew genocide or other such bad things were not the reason, I had no real issue with it. Sure I wanted to know more, but it was stated that the reason would mostly stay unknown, except for the Raven reason.
I, even though I voted for Raven for my own private reasons, had no problem with this.

So the way I saw this war was as following. See me as a captain in the german army in the 1870 war against France. I, as a captain, love France. War is declared, I come to my country's aid and will help in the war, even though I love France.
Remember, wars in that era were quick wars, really quick wars (until ofcourse the Great War), wars in that era were acceptable ways of showing power and gaining that tiny bit more power, which correlated to your current amoun of power, relative to your neighbour's power, naturally.

As such, damningly macho it may sound, I had no problem with this war, and even though I really like Loreroot, I was still looking forward to this war.
Now I know people will argue with me on this, like: 'You dictator! You think power makes right?! You're like Hitler!!' etc etc, blah blah blah.

Those people are correct, power doesn't make right. You forget however, that power makes, does and controlls. Even if it is wrong, you can't do anything about it. We have power, we want to, this it will happen, such is life.

So, the reasons were not that dreadfully bad, thus I looked forward to this war.

But then I learned the other reasons fir this war, which Blackthorn had so eloquently put in this topic.
I learned more and more.

And frankly, if I knew that all this would happen and yrthilian had not declared war, I would still preach for war.
Because what I read was disgusting! And I am not disgusted easily, 2 nasty girls and 1 particular cup of evil do not even disgust me. But this?!

DENYING the KC? THREATHENING to demote him?! Have you gone insane? As if you want to lose this war and destroy everything loreroot and everything where her loyal and trustworthy servants, such as Nelya, Savel and others stand for.
Say what you will, but it is sad that I have more respect for my enemies (who never got the chance to become a worthy adversary, or enemy for that matter) than the fragmented council who dismisses his advice like some ragged beggar.

Somewhere in this topic there was a little comparison with cockroaches in the loreroot house. And that the GG wants to burn down this house.
I have a better comparison. The loreroot house is filled with bloodsucking cockroaches who suck the coolness and greatness out of the house. Oh and they are radioactive and are eating the house from the inside out.
Fire just speeds up the process and destroys some of those dang buggers.

There, I ranted, happy now?

And yes, I know there will be counterranting and flaming, etc.
But that's ok, I understand, and don't care :P

I forgot to put in:
There were some posts in this topic about statfarmers and roleplayers and how that fight would not be fair at all.
I completely disagree. The first war against necrovion with Wodin, was almost completely based on roleplay.
If you were good players, you would remember that espionage, propaganda, information seeking, even activating the landweapon, were ALL roleplay actions.

That statfarmers decide most of the battle is such ludicrous nonsense. If you people, you know, didn't hate each other, didn't threaten to demote the KC and actually accepted him and his advice. Worked together, roleplayed some good espionage, or bribes and maybe even activated the landweapon, you could have won.. if, ofcourse, we just focused on stats and nothing else.

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[quote name='XinHun' post='28659' date='Apr 11 2009, 10:39 AM']It sounded to me that you were looking for a war to prove yourselfs, that's why I asked, not to start a war.[/quote]
None but a fool starts a war unless it were absolutely necessary. As do you, I speak for none but myself - I have naught to prove. I have a duty to fulfill, and I am no coward. I mean no more and no less than that.

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Maybe it's just because I spent most of yesterday with Lorerootians, but I do sympathize with them. However, I must grudgingly admit that Loreroot is a fractured and relatively leaderless land. I had a front row seat to most if not all the internal dispute, and it's rather disheartening.

In light of all that, though, I must say that I gained a new level of respect for Raven. Contrary to what all of you said about him being a bad leader, I think that he has what it takes. Being able to fight with blind courage and bravery and defying all odds is one thing, but being able to step back and know when to stop is also a valuable skill. Granted, his abdication was premature (seeing as how it was only a day or two since the official declaration of war), and he does need to learn how to unite a group of people especially during an emergency. I hope he'll learn something from this ordeal because I do see potential in him.

Also during the time I spent in Loreroot, I've gained respect for its loyal citizens. In the midst of their bickering, drama, distrust, and foolhardy braves with their blood lust, I have seen some who are truly loyal to their land and leader. You would be the ones to save Loreroot if this war had gone on, and I bow to you.

Regardless of what the majority thinks, I refuse to record this event in history as something to be ashamed of. Instead, it will be a lesson. I hope that all of Loreroot, not just the future newbies, will learn from this.

((Ah...nothing like baptism by fire. Fastest way to learn.

NOTE: Sorry for the lack of comments on Golemus and the MRs. I'd spend a day with you and talk to you people, but I find that kinda...difficult. *eyes the Gate of Ages*))

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I know this isnt gonna be popular, but that's fine... I was always taught to fight for what you believe in... if enough people were upset that this happened, then i think they should stand up, collectively, and make their opinions known.

If you truly believe in Raven as a leader, now would be your chance to show your faith. Like i said, however, i abstain from the whole Archon bussiness, i found my reasons to be in this fight, and it had nothing to do with Raven himself.

However if Loreroot would like a hand from myself, i would happily lend it.

Feel free to contact me if you need anything...

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The following is my response to the information posted about me and my part in the Savelites takeover

1) What MRD said in the conversation with Blackthorn was untrue. I have never given him or anyone else passwords of any kind. I would never, NEVER give anyone passwords, whether they were mine or someone else's. You want proof of this? King Bull told me his password a long time ago. If I was that vengeful and evil, I would have used his account. However, his password goes with me to the grave. End of story.

2) I logged in as Parchu, yes. However, what Blackthorn may not know is that I personally created the accounts of Parchu and Gwyrth. The reason I know the passwords is because they were passwords created by me. I brought them up and trained them at MP3, they are as much my alts as King Bull's.

3) I did what I did out of what I realise in hindsight was misguided loyalty and a strong belief that this course of action would avoid unnecessary bloodshed.

I found myself enjoying the fact that the plan worked and I realised that this was not who I am, that this behaviour was not true of myself and took off my MR badge, becoming neutral. I will not be wearing an alliance badge until further notice and when I do so again, it will be for a neutral alliance only.

As long as I am MP6 without an alliance, it is impossible for me to attack anyone and this is how I want it to be. For the forseeable future, my time in game will not be one of aggression, but one of teaching and assistance only.

I will not ask for forgiveness for those that I have wronged in my actions, it is up to them to decide if they will do so. Just know that however long that takes, it will take me much, much longer to forgive myself for betraying my friends.

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