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actually, they know yrth's point, and have known it for long...

there are things which are unpublic for good reasons, because when politics are involved, one party will always lose and blame itself :lol:

as long as certain things are discussed behind closed doors, each party can find reasonable explanations for their actions and sell them as wins, no matter if they won or not :rolleyes:

so don't think about that too much, guybrush, there are only about 5 people in the world who know all the facts^^

better sit back and watch teh big kids playing their game, it always turns out to be fun to watch :D

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A War is comming It is time for war. I have finish trying to keep the peace. So i have decided to declar WAR on Loreroot. I have many reasions for this and i will not list them all. But i intend

I have no issue with CoE If they defend LR allaince i am sorry but they will be attacked. Raven is to step down.

The war is happing for many reason. most of you dont know the backround to everything that has happened. And i will not revel the details for thoes that didnt keep up with the happining from the

Well, it appears War is on the horizon.

The Archivists are a neutral guild, not a combative faction.

To me, neutrality is neither sympathetic nor in opposition to its subject: it neither endorses nor discourages viewpoints.

Being neutral is a point of view that not everyone will share, but it is just that: it is our point of view, not the absence or elimination of anothers point of view.

While personally, as individuals, we may feel strongly about about the events or persons in this war, we, as an Alliance, will remain fair and balanced in our representation of the facts and our treatment of records.

I have no doubt that all Archivists will exercise good judgement and impartiality during these critical times.

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Yrth, I must ask you to stop this at once. Wanting to remove Raven from leadership is NOT a reason to wage war against ALL of Loreroot. Attacking Loreroot means attacking all its citizens, and even those who do not want war WILL defend Loreroot, because you are attacking our homeland. If you have something against an individual, don't take it out on the mass. I do not want war, but if you are attacking my HOMELAND, I will defend it, and so will everyone in Loreroot.

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well, at this moment you could still call it a private war against Raven, not a war on LR in general...

yrth has made his point in the first post, Raven shall step down and it's all over for good, and if he doesn't, all we want would be... well, i could say his head, but that sounds kinda brutal, so i'd better say another leader for the LR alliance and be done with it^^

DISCLAIMER: Personally, i have no matters with Raven, nor with him being leader/king of Loreroot, but i'm wholeheartedly part of the Guerilla, and if Yrth thinks that there are reasons to get rid of Raven, i trust in him as he most probably knows more facts than me.
I won't attack ANY of you for fun, but if you happen to land on my list or try to protect those on my list... *sticks his thumb out and draws it across his throat in a swift movement*

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mmm, war :rolleyes: one word comes to mind... glee...

not that i'm a particularly evil man... but there shall be stories told, and i intend to help keep the interest of those who hear about it in the future... but for now... suspense, and intrigue, brotherhood... good times.

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This is slightly redundant, but I would also like to make it clear that the Legend Speakers are neutral in all conflicts.

If we show up at the battleground, it is merely to record the events.
Leave us out of the fighting.

((OOC: *wants to say "Peace out" like a wanna-be gangsta, but then realizes how it's not appropriate* ))

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[quote name='Necromancer Mortis' post='28561' date='Apr 10 2009, 03:55 PM']yrthilian said that one of the reasons he was declaring war was because loreroot was so divided yet you are also saying you are declaring war because they are uniting with a leader of THEIR choice.[/quote]

One other reason is because some "others" don't like me as a leader. Or at least I was told so by Yrthilian.

Edited by Raven
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... grumble war is stupid ... but it pays the bills ...

Ok I am staying Neutral in all of this...

[b]The Metal Mage[/b] serves all (thus neutral) but in this I will serve no one until this mess is over

::any items with quests set and running will be made with out interruption::

but no "war trophies" or special items for use in the war will be made

* suggestion *** Mur could we have an arena for such challenges like this perhaps so that the "mine is bigger than yours" contests could be done i a public way and there could be observers ? heck there could even be betting on the side in the next fight player a will be facing player b and the odds are ... ... anyway it might help things not go to the point of a war

Edited by Kragel
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*looks up from his drawings*

The artisans will remain neutral, but our membership is free to join the conflict on either side as they see fit. I for one wish only to not be disturbed. However, if anyone from either side interrupts my work with your pointless conflict, I will have you skin for parchment.

*shakes his head, muttering under his breath "children," and returns to his work.*

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[center]I hereby state that from this moment I am completely neutral in this matter. After long consideration and soul searching, I have taken off my MR badge and will remain without alliance for the foreseeable future.

Though my heart is still with the seas of GG, I want more than anything to avoid bloodshed. Should my services as mediator be needed, please call on me. Confidences will be kept, and any meetings will be dealt with with tact, compassion and diplomacy.

I will be at the Gazeebo of Equillibrium, praying for the lives of my friends and a swift conclusion to this most distressing of situations.

May the blessing of Morpheleus be on you all.

Lady Ailith of the Crystal Citadel.
Keeper of the Peace.[/center]

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Loreroot for the Lorerootians

it is our decision who we choose as our king, if GG establishes their puppet as king of Loreroot, no one will respect him/her (queen then :()
altought i dont know all the reasons for the war, i see main one is "not good king", which i think is silly... why do you care who is our king? is this war made so you can gain war glory Yrth?

and btw, you declared war to step aside Raven as our king, ok, but i see this is not precise warfare, this is turning out as total war...

Grido took over the Savelites, and basicly disband it, guess now they are making sub-alliance of GG

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My opinion on the war...

it was about to come for quite a while now
but I think its the wrong way to atain your goals

with attacking LR, I guess you'll unite the "ununited" part
by attacking their Homeland they will find eachother and folow a leader willing to lead the to victory
Big chance this leader will be Raven
and if so the purpose of this war faills entierly

I have seen Raven in good and bad days
i know I don't know the reasons for this all
but nor will the victims
is starting a war between two lands is this realy the solution?

and how long will GG go on
what if Raven doesn't stand down?

I think you should act like adults and sit around the table and talk about things

(and just a sidenote if anyone is looking for a new job, guess undertakers will be searched for really soon)

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in my humble opinion, there was too much talking up to now and too little action...

don't you see what happend to the Savelites? Take a look at Gridos loyalty, you can't take over an ally with 330 loyalty, he had help from inside ;-)
that's to say, at least one [high-ranked] savelite chose to leave Raven (and from what rumors have, more than just one of them), and as an act of affirmation, disbanded the alliance and placed Grido as last remaining member to make sure that this ally does NOT go to war
CoE have kicked all members who are not supporting Raven enough to go to war for him, and see what's left of them...

when a 'leader' has only so little people who back him up, he can't be a good leader, can he?
about a third of all people who were ruled by Raven up to now left him once the declaration was out, not counting inactives :(
Obviously he got some support, too, there are those who like his ways and after all, he has the image of the noble defender while Yrth is the evil attacker XD

Yrth, on the other hand, who started that war [yes, he did that, no matter what people say or do, one has to put the declaration of war out, and that was Yrth] lost two members, one of GG and one of MRs, and gained support from all around the realms, too...

right NOW, with the end of the talking and threatening each other and with the first decisions made and first steps taken, one can see what's going on in people heads... up to now, people were sitting around with their hands tucked under their... thighs... and waited how things might turn out, now things HAVE turned out and sides are being chosen, and Ravens support is definitely thinner than before :)

Edited by Burns
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