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Game reset?


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This is just my view:

Eventually a reset will be necessary because it's simply impossible to attract more people when it continues as it does. I have been in another game where I set my personal challenge to be in top 50 and still improving my character. At a certain stage this gets boring and eventually you just logon routinely ..... so despite the fact I put years in that game I still urged for a reset and in fact I quit that game until it actually resets! Although power and ranking are not the main ideas behing MD, one sets challenges and when you find those challenges to be impossible because of the large gap between levels you get in this routine where you only occasionally logon hoping for a reset. I'm, really bothered by those who say they don't want such a reset because of all the time they put into the game. I did put money and time in this game as well. However, it's selfish and unrealistic to believe things can go on forever.


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I'm leaning more against resetting. Is it really absolutely no other way around it?

Are there that many complaints from active players that are so serious and unfixable that call for a reset?

Resetting sounds like some mad idealists wanting to destroy the world in order to start fresh.

I think I made some bad choices that I now regret, but I think part of the growing is learning to accept and make the best out of whatever I have. Over time, things are getting better. It takes time and efforts. Also, the mistakes do really teach me to be better in the long run. What I learn will help me to be a better mentor in the future, which is necessary to advance in the game.

I really don't see the benefit of resetting. Show me.

To satisfy people who are against it, I think it would help to convince them otherwise if credits and such can somehow be transferred.

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stats are overrated anyway. of course if u managed to get ur hands on drachorns and have huge stats at the same time then u have a massive advantage. but in general stats dont affect the game so much. u can spend ages on training ur stats to 10k or something and then a mp6 or former mp6 comes along and freezes ur crits with his spell and makes them only be able to attack single and u get slaughtered.
this is the extreme example now. but in general for most players a really strong rit boosted with stats can be defeated even from weak players with the right unit combination. teh fighting system isnt about stats! its about understanding how the creatures work and strategy. those insanly boosting their stats do it to be able to compete with teh top10 on an equal basis. if u dont have time to boost ur stats that much or dont want to simply ignore those few top fighting players. fighting doesnt have a huge impact anyway. u dont suffer any bad consequences from getting beaten over and over again. stats only make a difference if they are several times higher than the opponents. if u got att and def of 500 for example and fight somebody with att and def 1000 u can still win easly with the right ritual.
there are just few players who are actually so strong that its almost impossible to beat them. and why care about those 5-10 players? they are a minority.

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[quote name='RamsesXII' post='28320' date='Apr 6 2009, 03:05 PM']This is just my view:

Eventually a reset will be necessary because it's simply impossible to attract more people when it continues as it does. I have been in another game where I set my personal challenge to be in top 50 and still improving my character. At a certain stage this gets boring and eventually you just logon routinely ..... so despite the fact I put years in that game I still urged for a reset and in fact I quit that game until it actually resets! Although power and ranking are not the main ideas behing MD, one sets challenges and when you find those challenges to be impossible because of the large gap between levels you get in this routine where you only occasionally logon hoping for a reset. I'm, really bothered by those who say they don't want such a reset because of all the time they put into the game. I did put money and time in this game as well. However, it's selfish and unrealistic to believe things can go on forever.

So: PLEASE RESET![/quote]

md is unique game, this isnt click to advance game, good roleplayer can surpass best fighter or even better he can became his superior, there is no such thing as fighting ranking, only thing that is ranked is wishpoints, active days, how much friends ya have and items, and anyway becoming stronger fighter to me sounds as rushing for getting more power, and players before you said that they want reset because there is too much rushing for power, so all in one you guys want reset just because you want to have a better chance and faster way to overtook someones place in fighting, face it, by requesting such thing you know nothing about game, if reset happens, i will tell you what will happen, we all will be in same mp level, and do you know how it was like before when everyone was in same mp level? new players were going bye bye, they quite because they were slaughtered at very start, and as for you older ones which want reset and want to rush for power, experienced ones would ran over you and you would quit

current situation is much better than one which would happen after reset

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for what its worth, i will give my opinion:

I have only been active for 195 days as of this post. BUT that number does NOT represent how much actual time that i have put into this game. Though i was reluctant to start playing it at first i, and thanks solely to MRD, i am completely hooked now. Like a junky on SMACK. I would be completely discouraged if there was a reset.

As a side note, i am the manager of an online text based game that has suffered a reset. Some of the dedicated (junkies) stayed on to continue playing. Many did not. For some that did stay on, i sometimes believe that they only did so to gripe and complain about said reset. The game lost a great many players. GOOD players. And now, long after the reset, the game is just not the same. Lost its umpf. Boring. As a matter of fact we are in talks about just shutting it down due to the lack of interest and miniscule amount of revenue that it draws.

I would HATE to see this happen to MD. Its by far the best online game that i have come across in all my gaming years.

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[quote name='Lifeline' post='28316' date='Apr 6 2009, 01:19 PM']most roleplayer only players would most likely also like a reset because they only roleplay and are sick of getting slaughtered because they never build their crits.[/quote]

So you assume roleplay purists don't care about the fighting and don't level their creatures, but do care about getting slaughtered? And even if we ignore that minor inconsistency, it is rather easy to avoid the carnage: don't go to the next mp level.

Personally, my biggest concern about the reset would be the beliefs paper requirements, at 121 days I'm almost there.. and I could always do with more space; MD really needs to expand its paper factory.

But that's enough about what we might lose and who would lose most. What would we gain from a reset? That would depend entirely on the new features for which the reset is necessary. A reset an sich wouldn't improve anything afaik, but it's more likely the reset is a programming requirement due to new features. Sometimes new code just isn't compatible with old code and it's best to throw away the old data. It doesn't seem too wild a guess it's all related to the faction thing, so maybe the question shouldn't be' do you want a reset', but 'do you want factions'?

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[quote name='Kafuuka' post='28330' date='Apr 6 2009, 05:34 PM']So you assume roleplay purists don't care about the fighting and don't level their creatures, but do care about getting slaughtered? And even if we ignore that minor inconsistency, it is rather easy to avoid the carnage: don't go to the next mp level.[/quote]

i said "most roleplay ONLY players" meaning players that rp most of the time and dont use their gaming time to train creatures. or are not willing to spend much time on understanding the game mechanics and gathering wins for their crits to upgrade and thereforce loose very often. i never made a generalization.
i see mp4s with over 100 active days that cant even beat the loreroot guards. of course they are unhappy about not gaining entry to loreroot and loosing to most other mp4 because they dont really understand the fighting system and only roleplay. and yes they would care about getting slaughtered because they can never fully heal their crits to even have a chance to win enough fights to upgrade them. and soon after they leave a sanctuary they would loose all vitality again
hope u understand better now what i ment

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actually, factions and a reset don't have to go hand in hand...

but if Mur really wants to have his idea of factions, we might really need a reset because he is planning to have most, if not all of the gaming time in mp2 as RP level and stop most of the statgaining and creature-rising in favor of roleplaying, and that surely would be a change big enough to make a reset totally necessary...

and the compromise of all that would be to implement the new faction ideas and 'being stuck with one country'-idea and leave the older players to play as we used to play... but then, we would either be stuck with one country, too, and most of us would try to stick together in one land [to keep the game as we know it up as much as possible], and nobody would be there to help the newbies who play the new system...
or we were allowed to walk all lands, and that would most likely interfere with the ideas Mur is thinking about :/

at least that's what i understood so far of the faction system that's being planned, i haven't been at the meeting myself to ask question, i only read the chat-log some players provided...

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If a reset were to happen, there has to be a good reason or a need for a change. For this game, that's either in the roleplaying aspect or combat aspect. Both sides has many problems and really need to be fixed/altered, imo. Roleplayers generally don't care about stats, so a reset wouldn't really affect them.

On the combat end, I can only accept a reset if significant changes occur. If nothing significant changes to the combat system, then certain people will just power themselves up, and in a few months, we'll just be in the same position again. But if a reset does greatly balance the combat system, creatures, honor system, and everything else related, then I'll happily accept a reset. But hopefully a reset will improve both sides of the gameplay.

No matter what happens, there has to be major changes to make it worthwhile. So I guess what matters most is what change would occur during a reset. On a final note, a reset would probably force many older players to rethink on their view of the game. Now that's not necessarily a bad thing, and hopefully, the changes that come with a reset will make people want to play more.

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[quote name='Liberty4life' post='28331' date='Apr 6 2009, 04:43 PM']old data always can be converted so it becomes compatible with new code :P shutting down whole game for few hours to perform this is much better than whole db reset, thats how i see it, but i doubt that it is because of new features[/quote]

im pretty sure its not the fact that there is a new table structure. But the fact that many things have happened that has effected the fairity of the game and that it would be fairer on newer players.

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After seeing your posts and thinking a bit I came to this conclusion:
When I started the game it was a combat based game. That's what really attracted me. If it will change to a RP (and it seems it will) then players like me who like to fight will have no place in this world.
In this case there is no reason for me to stick around. It seems a reset will have no effect on me so...bring on the reset! :P
MD is a great game too bad it is full of subjectivity and one day this will turn against it (if things don't change). If you don't have good connections or if you disagree with the "chosen ones" then you will remain a mere player.
Again...bring on the reset! :(

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ok you know what I keep hereing the anyone can but anyone thing so you know what I haven't seen it and I know the combat system well enough I will not act like I'm a master at it

here's my skills

Regeneration: 108 (103.82 + 5)
Energetic immunity: 339 (279.97 + 10 + 50)
Trade sense: 93 (93.12)
Briskness: 186 (180.85 + 6)
Initiative: 69 (69.44)
Defence: 321 (259.51 + 26 + 36)
Attack: 845 (677.22 + 20 + 100 + 48)
Power: 219 (166.03 + 3 + 50)
Luck: 63 (43.06 + 20)

I have one of each nomal(no MDshop not insanely rare) creature at max except loreroot archer, bird, and the two necrovion creature a know how can I beat say dst who's creatures kill most of mine first or 2nd hit and she hits first every time, tell me this and I'll agree stats are meaningless but that will alsp prove the point the reset wouldn't hurt the fighting focused players because all the work they do is meaningless any way, but if you can't do it it proves they do have a huge effort and the reset would help balance the game even if people still know what they do

no theory now just facts and a end to this it not our choice any way it mur's

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burns from my side of view, why would one join faction at start, maybe somebody wants to be neutral, i think that if you put choices and a neutral choice, i know there would be more players who would choose being neutral than all of player who had chosen being on any side together

oh also reset whole world, i made a mistake at my start when i started trading stocks :P i want a reset of whole world and time, oh wait no, that means history would most likely change as well

well stormy for that speak with me ingame :(

and if reset is made becoz of reset and even if older players remain active, they would farm stats again, and same thing will happen again, so that means we would need 1 full game reset per year!!!!

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[quote name='Lifeline' post='28333' date='Apr 6 2009, 05:47 PM']i said "most roleplay ONLY players" meaning players that rp most of the time and dont use their gaming time to train creatures. or are not willing to spend much time on understanding the game mechanics and gathering wins for their crits to upgrade and thereforce loose very often. i never made a generalization.
i see mp4s with over 100 active days that cant even beat the loreroot guards. of course they are unhappy about not gaining entry to loreroot and loosing to most other mp4 because they dont really understand the fighting system and only roleplay. and yes they would care about getting slaughtered because they can never fully heal their crits to even have a chance to win enough fights to upgrade them. and soon after they leave a sanctuary they would loose all vitality again
hope u understand better now what i ment[/quote]

And for an example of how new features would require a reset: introduce a new variable that is exclusively altered during story mode. It would be impossible to retrace the steps the mp5 players made and calculate what value it should have been. (unless every choice you make is noted instead of simply updating the relevant variables and forgetting the path, thus saving disk space) There's countless variations on this theme that would make it impossible to 'convert data', and then there's the factions thing etc.
We're having a discussion about a possible reset of which we have little information: why? when? will it even occur at all?

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There are some very interesting opinions here, and I would like to ask this:

If the game reset only partially, what needs to be reset the most?

Let me explain further for those who have questions. A full reset of all characters, days, stats, creatures, and credits is... unlikely, because this would remove much of the dedicated players from the game, and thus removing the revenue, and thus removing the server. However, a partial reset, for instance resetting only stats, is more likely. If such a partial reset was done, what area of MD should it be in?

Since I asked the question, I think it's only fair I answered it first. I think, due to the ideology of the game, that the honor system, Story Mode, and possibly the loyalty system should be overhauled and reset. I don't think they work well, and worse they do not represent what they were intended to represent. The reasons for Story Mode have been said before by Aqune, culminating in the point that story mode no longer is part of the game, and is now a side-story rather than a history of the land.


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I am not pushing for or against a reset. But if the changes that are coming requires a reset, then I think it would be worth it.

I would miss my progress, probably alot. But I would rather be given the chance to do/try new interesting things instead of continuing with the same old grind just to get bigger numbers in my profile.

Also, I highly doubt that Mur would reset the game just to have all of us do exactly the same things all over again. If that is the case, there would be no need nor point in having a reset.

I would use this example:

Considering yourself as climbing up a mountaion, maybe you are near the top, or maybe not. But then something whisked you away back down to sea level. However, instead of putting you back at the foot of the mountain you just climbed, you are presented with a bigger, better mountain. I think in time, you will be able to stand at the top of the new mountain, and see how small the old mountain was.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I am not against a reset...

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[warning , long post covering current situation and MD high tech news]

First of all, i kind of expected this reaction, in fact i was curious to see if such an important question will pass unoticed among all the others , it seems some of you care :D

NOw, let me tell you a bit how i think about a reset.
You could say i have a "no-reset" policy, the game foundation depends on that, and i am not talking about players that will go angry....i am talking about the way players become legends, by roleplay or by insane stats. A reset will acomplish nothing. A truly stable game should not depend on periodic resets.
I am proud that even if in alpha stage , last reset was ages ago i think in the 10.000-30.000 id range (i might be wrong on that).

It seems we have sort of an ecosystem here. There is no need of a reset, those that can unbalance the "ecosystem" to much are eliminated by time. Where is wodin? actaiser? i could mention some "still alive" names here too, that still do quite a "damage"

a game with periodic resets will have no place for legends

that was the good part
now the bad one

because the engine is constantly changing and some of you were "borned" in ages that had different rules, and because of other factors too, its now very very dificult to understand if some things in the system are well balanced or not. I am talking about creature abilities, way of fighting, etc.
The roleplay part also suffers a bit in a different way.

When i started this project ...what was it....not so many years ago... i had just a vague image of how to create a self supporting system of such complexity. It was more of a combination of passion curiosity and total devotement to once concept. As i saw how things actualy work in a LIVING system, i understood that this has nothing to do with pre-planned game concept. The strings that controll the game are now very very delicate and are almost completely out of the programming part.
With the new knowledge i accumulated on the way, i understood how i could make things different and more dynamic...but now i have to stick with the current system and add just the things that are allowed "by the system"

if you read this far, you deserve a bit of a insight to MD latest tehologies
i am known of writing loooong posts, some of you have no patiance to read them but those that do understand something

lets imagine for a bit i was to create MD world from scratch, what i would keep and what i would change from the current MD world as you know it.

[issue: storyline vs live adventure]
One of the things that i would change is the story. The adventure log is to exclusivist and is not covering all the things that could be covered. The storyline as in chapters wrote by Ady is not..i am sory to say...obsolete. Its still the driving concept of the roleplaying but the abrupt end of the missing chapter 3 makes it confusing and disapointing.
I initialy wanted to expand the story undefently , many chapters and branches. I then realised that this has to be done by one man and that man could have different concepts than me at some points and also that man has a limit of work he can do. Ady started to "crash" when the ideea of chapter 4 came in. ... so that way is not an efficient way to force someone to write lets say 10 chpaters... and even so that would have a limit.

[solution: factions and radical change]
To solve this i have to change entirely the importance of the startup story, players can not count on it as the main story if it leaves them without an end and without any clues. So it appeared MP2, as a level BEFORE the current story. The game play has to change to put the focus on waht the players do , not on a predefined story. The predefined story should be a legend, a main guide as it is NOW, but now there is no connection between the storyline and what the players do.
the quest page becomes obsolete very fast and should be replaced with rpq quests and/or a interactive story written live, some as adventure log but with branches, written by many people. This in turn brings up a lot of more issues, like inconsistency.
This change is in progress with the mp2/illusions/factions.

[issue: fighting, creatures overpowered]
suprisingly thats not somnething to be solved the usual way by changing stats. Thats part of the "MD high tech". The changes involve a dynamic system that will shift focus from fighting to roleplay and back. I allready made some big changes without you, the players, noticing it :D
The fighting interface as you know it now its currently just a front face of the octopus that is spreading behind it. You fight now for stats, cool, grinding, what can i say, i dont like it but most do ..... the new system will reveal some surprises... imagine what if you get over 3000 attack your fighting interface will change into something else , or if you get regeneration over 100 (just as low) your fighting interface will change to a healer interface. This chaqnges are allready in development but i still have to observe the current evolution of the realm to understand how such changes could be presented without a to big shock.

As i stated in an article on the archives, the key is order by chaos.
A fluid system that will change in an unpredictable way and that does not have to be stable, in fact its stability is based on its unstability.

Its far more complicated to plan such a living world than it looks like, i am actualy not planning anything i am adjusting the velature on a very big ship that is constantly moving. Its more like navigating then planning.

[issue: suspans and development]
Part of the game addiction is created by the constant evolution. When you decide that you had enough and know how things are going, you will allways be curious to see whats next on the newslog. Thats not a planned thing, its something that simply happend but i now start to analyze it deeper and try to learn from it.
At some point, again, unstability is the stability of the entire system.

[suggestions: go wild]
i want to go wilder than this. But considering the entire MD realm as my personal playground is not something i should do. The very few of you that tested some of the things i am working on know how bad things can turn, and not all of you are "experimentalists".
What i will do is to move ahead at a much slower rate and do the things i want to do slowly and integrated with the current system. At some point, this will cause ruptures in the fluidity of the gameplay and also conflicts of logic. This is allready happening, but its the next best thing close to stability as long as i want a constantly evolving world.

Most games should say at this point "STOP, lets move it to version 1 stable, we will reset it twice a year and thats it, its final". I on the other hand i like to think of it as a "perpetual alpha". MD is an experiment, live with it, might be the best experiment you ever experienced, might be a total disapointment.

[insight on "go wild"]
One of the briefly described features is the player DNA. Currently it is at a basic stage where players are grouped based on similar decision patterns. That is not put to much use but its the framework of later development. One of the most interesting uses of this data is the prediction of social relations. For that to happen i still have to learn more about the time factor, the realm is relatively new and is uncertain how time affect these soubtle interactions.

One of the wildest features i have in mind right now, that i will probalby start to work right away after the "alcohol" in my system fades, oops i didnt just say that..is a very advanced sensation interaction bot. The tehnical name might not be the most suited for this, but when i will move forward with this i am sure i will be able to come up with something more friendly..maybe "ANGIENS" is a good name for it : D
This system will be able to understand what you are saying, but not analyse it in a structural sense. You wont be able to communicate with it as in spoken language, the complicated logic patterns for that, are of no use for me in this experiment. There are lots of speaking bots, or at least i suppose there are, not that i know any, i have a good image how to build one.
This "bot" will be able to sense feelings. I know it sounds exagerated. Interaction with it will be something like you talk to "it" and you will get replies that make no sense but they DO make sense if thought in an emotional way. Right now i have a clue how to do this on a basic level, for example you put together some ideeas and "it" will be able to tell how you are feeling or to reply with a "conclusion" or "mixture" of the expressed feelings in the form of a word. The many meanings of a single word will be part of the flavor and well thougt by this system.

pfff... i feel like talking to much : D
For the tech geeks outhere, this won't be done by using neural networks as one can expect. The inovation comes actualy here. A learning system capable of processing information and adapting to it without using neural network programming. Neural nets require lots and lots of info, and in such case that will only lead to vague answers suited for any occasion. What i need is a system that is able to create new information, not just to retrieve it. Wow, now that sounds wild i know... but i have a little tiny secret about how to do this, and since i feel like talking so much about md high tech tonight, i will tell you.

Google uses a similar tehnology as far as i can tell for image searches. they might be using neural nets afterall, anyway i didnt researched it so much actualy, i like to base my judgement on obervations and not on rumors. The image search LEARNS from the visitors and because people think about images the same way, its able to use that info for pleasing a vast majority. Google can do this either way, they have the resources needed and the information to create a neural net for this, or the ingeniousity to create a different system, i am not sure if its not both actualy. There is no coincidence that gmail actualy asks you not to delete email but to archive them. I am suspecting its using user bahaviour analysys from browsing AND logical content in the emails to improve their accuracy not only in searches but also in what people feel when using there serivices. Its one step forward than normal "friendly user interface design", some could feel like brainwashed or manipulated, but i defenetly like ... at least i am thinking i am insignigficant and i have nothing to hide *cough* *cough* so if some corporation mastermind wants to learn from my web behaviour to improve the services it is offering back to me, its fine with me.

wow, sory, off topic a bit

back, so i was talking about a system that will react and look like thinking but its not using neural networks and also ..this is important.. will not be a data retrieving system or preprogrammed.
I am a "principles freak" you all know that. I am thinking that behind all existing things there are some governing ways, like a bigger pattern that all have to fit. It has nothing to do with religion. You can see this pattern in small things or even galaxies ..what you do not see or realise are the small patterns across the way, the ones that are complex enough to avoid your lucid judgement. The magic principles of the game as much fantasy as i am a wizard wit a big hat and a staff. But they govern a slightly different aspect, more larger one, than the principles i need to acomplish this advanced bot.

disclaimer: i must say this, this is not my first experiment, i have the bad habbit of starting things then leave them to float into forgotten...well they are not forgotten , just adapting into others, but still as some may perceive them i will probably be considered at some point that i am speaking bullshit and then do nothing.

My ideea of this "bot" is to make it understand some principles and react according to them. That sounds like a lot of computing you might think. But again, i will not use neural nets or some super server trying bilions of combinations to fit the right one.

someone stop me before i will say this ...

i will use YOUR neural networks. : D : D : D

i wished i could do that in a natural way based on a swift integration with the current engine, but i cant, its far to rigid for this and untill i will make it more flexible is still some time. Thats why i will accelarate this a bit. At some point i will request some of you to submit something like a ..survey.. thats not actualy a survey, but a learning system. It will not learn from individual people , but will learn from comaparing all of you. What it will learn are not the answers... again i must underline this, this is not a data retrieval system or an adapted neural net. It will learn an abstract concept. The way to store this concept and work with it i will keep for now A BIG SECRET. I found a way that i fear to things about: it might turn out to be a total nonsene and then people will think of it as absurd once the results will not come out as expected OR second, and i like to think this is it, its a very very inovative way that some other programmer or even a bigger company will invest and research into it and i will not be able to compete with my own ideea later. Also a 3rd more subjective reason is that i feel bad disclosing such things untill i put them in practice, it ruins a certain feeling i have about the whole thing.

Speaking about feelings, this entire project is made out of feelings, i am just lucky to know a bit of programming to express or to "host" them.
I have a very strong feeling that this experimental advanced sensation interaction bot has at least a very strong reasearch reason if not an actual use. It might turn to be useless as in a real feature that you will be facing daily in game, but this kind of "experiments" are what keep me kicking, that and your positive feedbacks, thats the perfect recepy for any developer, and those that disagree it means they picked their profession wrong.

Some of you might think at this point that i am throwing some bullshit terms and pretend like doing a great thing when in fact its nothing. I completely understand that, mainly because when i get carried away by such insights on the game mechanics things start to have a slight SF feeling. They do so because they are. I do not base my programming on pure logic, althou i have a very strong logic, usualy.
If i will tell you how the bot system will handle its data and take is decisions, it will throw you in a out of the world scenery completely. And i want my players to keep their sanity : D at least partialy : D

I do not believe in hard work when it comes to programming. I am doing hard work for MD, for the last years, almost daily, and its persisting and improving, but thats only "maintenance" work. The beauty and results of programming required for such "unstable" systems such as MD requires a different type of programming/programmer, a bit of a crazy mind like mine i dare to say. It reuquires that connection between "out of programming world" an code, i do not consider myself mainly a programmer, programming is just a tool, i think that tells everyhting.

Even if it wont be sucessful, after i will experiment with this a bit and see what "damage" it can do, i will release a part of the basic concepts for others to study and improve, but if it works, well you might not hear about this again:D but you will also not be sure if Muratus del Mur is a bot reading your mind or just a busy programmer that pays little attention to want you say.

I honestl hope to find people outthere that have then required mind and will to work on this type of experiments, but unfortunatly, even if 60% of you have great ideas, less than 0.01% have what i need for this particular experiment, so its no way i could share work with someone about this. All i can do is to tell you about it and challenge you to read endless posts like this one:)

yeah i am not sober right now, but i do love you all and i can think streight , partialy at least :)
and if i was sober i would never tell you about my crazy experiments at all.

My first experiment of this kind was a neural net that did something very similar , it could find synonyms to ideas based on what it learned from previous inputs. It was a fun thing to do, about 3 days of hard work, but little ecitement when i realised that neural nets are far more complex and i cant reach to their full use because of server limits and of course because i know no programming language that could be used for this, and neural nets for php are more like a slow monstrosity. Also it was a disapointment because i knew all the info came from previously learned patterns. I wanted something MORE. I started to imagine computing systems that use much more than on/off bits , and have more states to flavor a complex thinking, but still no use, i have no technical way to put that in practice and i have no advance knowledge in microchips either, so it was fun thinking but futile. Then i realised i was looking the wrong way. I couldn't see the forest because of the trees. Tu much complex programming to try to mimic natural algorithms is pointless, the solution is much simpler if you look from different persective.

Few of you know about my obsession to learn how to draw. I gave up drawing courses and tutorials, they are simple NOT what i want. This has very much to do with the current "bot" subject. I was looking at a picture and try to replcate it over and over, but eahc time i followed the lines it ended up as something comletely different. The moment i realised that the lines are not important and i tried to keep the big picture in mind whyle drawing by "sensation" , things started to work, better , but still i am noooob. Talent after all might not be something to be learned regardless of how much you try, i still have to prove that wrong:D

So, drawin, big picture , get it? In the same way programming something in ultra detail leads nowere. You start missing the point and get lost in details that eventualy even if they are near to perfect they do not mirror what you wanted from the start. Thats why i have to try this regardless of how insane it might sound. The actual brain of this machine will not be based on programming at all. it wont be some huge colective brain or a dude locked in a room and payed to do that, lol... but i cant tell you more for now ahhh....i allready told you its not about programming, to much info , i will have to kill you after :))))

well i think if you reached reading so far you must be some kind of a hero or something. maybe if i tell you now what the golemus land weapon does you wont be realising it because you would be to well integrated in the monotony of reading all this.

i think i am sometimes competing to "I am bored" for his role. But, its a looong night ahead and i have nothing better to do since i am all alone in the middle of a village without much tehnology and my internet here only allows me to see sites but without images :( so, i write...
yup i am not at home i run away after the festival ended and i will be back in a week or so, but psst don't tell anyone :D

Ah btw, why to split this into nice organized topic, afterall the more i write the less chances are that most of all will follow so i can start telling better things :D And also i very much enjoy to be the one to disregard my own rules and requirements in general. I must admit anyone to write such a mixture of thoughs would probably just get a tag called "boring person" and only much later people would start to see if its indeed something behind the boredom or not. In my case i have that extra bit of popularity that allows me to challenge you into reading this, so don start to destroy the forum now and turn it into a personal blog like i do here :D

i was saying about ..oh yes..i found here, in the middle of nowhere, some of my plans for a great puzzle i made some time ago because i was bored and without internet (not that now i have to much) I will probably put that into play. It involves some rotating discs and plans for a encryption machine that you will have to build your own in order to descipher the code. Its possible also by programming it but for most of you will be easyer just to follow the blueprints and BUILD it. Now that sounds fun i think, to build the things you need to desciper something, instead of gathering clues and activating a web interface, at least to me sounds fun, and i wish more rpcs would do things like that. Actualy the code desciphering part is not a good example, its probable the esyest way to do a puzzle and i allready see to many such things in quests.

i start to believe that after the last christmas i become addictive to my absolute abuse of power, but don't you like that? hehe

oh what else...hmm, i know i wanted to say something more ..hmm
ah yes .. advertising is back on, for some time actualy, recession is still hitting hard things do not look well at all , but surviving,.... i like to think that you actualy care, if not no problem. I am simply forcing you to be my copilots on stearing the big MD ship...and its not a spaceship *cough*ren*cough*, actualy when it will become a spaceship you will know i lost it :)))

oh yes, confessions stage, "alcohol" starting to fade maybe...
i have to say i sacrificed some of my initial concepts because of some players. In a bad way i mean. I was (and maybe stil am) thinking that there should be a villan and a factor of controversy in any system in order to keep it dynamic and avoid a steady way to collaps. Normaly i planed to do this in a different way, but, some things made me to take personal decisions and mask so that they will not be publicly admited. Damn i should shut up, but this helps me organize my thoughs, so yes..i am using you as my personal psyhiatrist lol. Some of the villans around here made me put an invisible mark on them and jusdge them and all the one surrounding them. Its not because of what happend, but that triggered it. I think that these negative factors shift the md world in an unwanted direction. I could symply erase some of the ancient accounts that cause this, and count on the fact that they will simply give up. But i can not do this, its far more interesting to see what destruction looks like and understand it then to paranoicaly avoid it and shut it down. These accounts made me "cheat" so to speak, not seriously , but i did sabotaged some silently and cut some of theire connections to limit "the spreading of the evil" ...i love when i sound like a mad inquisitor.

Because i had to do this , i have the feeling the game "stability by chaos" had to suffer very much, and i started a hunt that will point nowere at the end. MP7 . MP2 , factions, are all things orientated to role-play and made so that they will "clean" the grinders of their dark desires to "beat the world". MP7 is simply canceling all current achievements, and if this sounds scary it still has some nice things to counter it.

I actualy like more the game to be unballenced towards roleplay than fighting, BUT i admit i should do this differently and be fair to everybody including those that destroy the things i built. Cheating loyalty points to favoritise alliance members even if they did not knew about it, or faking some head contest scores are not things i am proud of and NO they are not part of "ruling the realm". They are just my reaction to a unstable system and to a constantly changing personal life. I guess it all started when in RL i realised that i can hate a very close friend as my biggest enemy, ..i think its then when i started to take subjective decisions and not think about a bigger plan in things. It all happend at christmas/newyear. I realse its wrong, but i dont feel like stopping it. I learned not to post on newslog when i am angry because that causes a mass reaction and everybody seems to be angry for whatever reason, i also learned not to make it public anymore because that causes a wave of paranoia, like with the traps set for cheaters. ...but i am still learning. All my life i was learning ever second of it, so i can't say there is at least one single thing that i completely know all about.

I sometimes appear as having a weak point of view or coward attitude regarding some situations. Some have thought at one time things like "he is the allmighty Mur, why is he simple not canging that and that", well ..thats because inside me a still have a big conflict between judgement and feelings. Sometimes i know things should be taken care of in a certain way but i also feel they should be left like they are and observe their evolution. Its not one time that i had to change the things i said just to fit the situation. I might appear like a man with a strong word to some or manipulated puppet to others, but you have no clue whatsoever how i see things behind my skull. ..or you maybe have a bit of a clue if you read this far afterall.

Japanese could call this SUI , water, a principle (not only an element) that indicates adaptation to any situation, fluidity. "Mur" is a "fire" characters, mostly. Sometimes it becomes a "wind" character when its surrounded by big crowds. When it comes to decisions LOOKS like a "earth" character, imovable mostly, but behind the scenes my decisions are actualy a mixture of "water" for flexibility and "fire" for passion i put in the moment. Althoug it sounds like a random decision logic driven just by others words and by personal mood, i somehow have something that makes it all makes sense, i dont knwo what that is myself, its not my personality, becuase i have many... Some knwo Mur, some knew Muratus del Mur, some know Knator Commander, some the Shade Sentinel, some knew King M., and some know Manu day by day. I don't know who i am myself, i might be all at once or simply lost it. Ive seen beautiful minds got lost in MD so right now i am not sure if i am a victim of my creation or the creation is a victim of myself, and you know what, i dont care, live with it and have super fun while you do.

should i torture your patience some more? of course!
but with one bit of info that i will not give you any more clues for now, i love tormenting you don't i

"the map is bigger"

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Read it all, took about 20-30 minutes.

I'm not sure whether to exalt you for being insane and totally off-the-wall crazy, or condemn you for being careless.

In any case, it's fun to watch and participate in this insanity, and certainly doesn't get boring trying to figure out just what you are trying to do and what you mean by your words, your actions, and your world.

Truck on, Mur.


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