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Archon of Loreroot

Survey for Archon of Loreroot  

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Uncertainty counts as a no vote, i think mur is looking for solid reasoning in this, just saying... commit yourself before your vote, please. Think about it this way, do you feel he is capable of leading Loreroot? Will he represent it well?

I abstained from the vote, I have nothing at stake, but as I said before, I emplore you not to vote blindly, nor should you follow blindly.

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[font="Book Antiqua"][i][b][size=4][size=3][center]The Land of Loreroot came into being under the Kingship of Daniel Raven, it grew from a wild and mysterious land to a thriving place full of vibrant

BlackThorn speaketh the truth. Raven hath my sworn fealty. Kragel, honoured metal mage, I have some experience of despotism and democracy and all points between. Tyranny shared among many were sti

Sorry Raven, But i had to vote no. I dont see LR beeing run by a single ruler it was alway set as a councel and that was how LR was portrade back in the beginning and to be that is how it should

There should be no one with such huge amount of power, Especialy Raven ... rumors of MD world has it that he can come near Mur's powers ... If this will be alowed ... things will get ugly .... and this has been forseen from mid January 2009

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:( HUH???? Dear SubZero, .. do you realize what u just said? i suppose u edit that post and the rumors to stop and start use ur brains instead of rumors.

Thank you .. at least try to use it

I must add that the name is powerful and has nothing to do with a king's name , but starting to say taht the power goes near Mur's ...
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