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[font="Book Antiqua"][i][b][size=4][size=3][center]The Land of Loreroot came into being under the Kingship of Daniel Raven, it grew from a wild and mysterious land to a thriving place full of vibrant

BlackThorn speaketh the truth. Raven hath my sworn fealty. Kragel, honoured metal mage, I have some experience of despotism and democracy and all points between. Tyranny shared among many were sti

Sorry Raven, But i had to vote no. I dont see LR beeing run by a single ruler it was alway set as a councel and that was how LR was portrade back in the beginning and to be that is how it should

I'm just gonna throw this out there, i don't really like the trend of people asking for to be king, or ruler of a land. I think it is all good and well if it they are recognized as such, but why do they have to chase the title?

What if something happens? do they still feel entitled to be ruler? is their rule suddenly final? does this present new problems? these are things i think people should be looking at...

look at it like this, what if Neyla had become ruler of LR and were to suddenly come back, theoreticly since she was ruler would she feel entitled to continue her role?

again this is theoretical, and i think of Raven as the presiding member of the council, but what next? is every land going to have a king or queen? do we get 5 people who decides what goes on within their borders? do we put more limitations on people? that is how it is begining to sound to me.

Raven I respect the hell out of you mate, and think you are a fine leader... I'm merely presenting the other-side


~Cryxus X'hal, future king of the seas~ :lol: (sorry, couldn't resisit)

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1st of all I think I'm the 1st one to actualy ask for it and will be puted on a different test than others that recived it and if Nelya returns [which won't happen anytime soon] she's already informed on everything and agrees on me taking over etc and wished me luck with it. :)

And atm almost all lands have their "king". As well as I don't seek to put limits on ppl but merely ensure Loreroot's safety in another way.

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I was speaking theoreticly on the Neyla thing and so far only Golemus, and Necro have their king as far as i understand... but again, i was merely giving people things to look at... the future, not the present. Like I said i think you are a fine leader, but there are many "what ifs" that go along with it...

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i asked the if's through examples and they can't be answered as such except through time, i.e. what happens if you leave for a while and come back? will your word be final in Loreroot? will there be more limitations because of this? will people accept this new rule? what of those who don't?

These are the same concerns i have regarding yrth and khal also...

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I'll make sure someone will take care of Loreroot while I will be gone. Like High Council for example. My word is never a law its always a nice question to stop if something is done wrong and try to stop things nice way. I usualy consult before doing anything, like for example as you said laws. There is already one simple law not to do anything against Loreroot, do bad things in there etc. There won't really be any more limits because I in a way already have this title. If ppl will accept this rule will show soon and those who don't will have to abide by majority if I'll be accepted.

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I agree, we shall see how things turn out, but i think people should be weary of those they choose to lead, i speak even to those who call me their captain... I think it unwise for any to follow without questioning, with that being said i abstain my vote, Loreroot is not a concern of mine, and their word is not my law, despite the respect i have for them.

Be good to those you lead, and they will be good to you, there is no higher honor than this, and it would do well for any leader to remember this.

Raven if you do become Archon I trust you will do a fine job. I hope you prove me right.

~Cryxus X'hal~

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Another dumb question from my side: why do we need to vote? It's not like Raven's title will be granted based on our vote. If Mur wants it we cannot say no and if he doesn't all we can do is rant about it (and from previous experiences ranting doesn't work :)). From my point of view this discussion is a waste of time and space. If Loreroot chooses Raven as "king" the others will have to deal with it. If not then others cannot force Loreroot to choose him as king (get my point?).

btw: king sounds sooo..tyrannic...
btw2: what's an archon? I already said it sound like the name of a vegetable but as far as I remember Raven was a carrot not an artichoke. Or...going back to roots? :P Or even better: evolving from a carrot to a superior vegetable? ^^
btw3: btw2 was just an innocent joke :D

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I formally disagree with this course of action... Loreroot should have power equally divided among the council.. If not, then why have a council, as it seems to be now they are all merely advisers..

A king (Archon) should be secure enough in their leadership to not fear being usurped thus forcing members out of an alliance, this is not something that has been observed from the Guardians of the Root..

And being a bringer of Chaos, (has yet to be seen) it would certainly be going against your current role to be in a position of centralized authority, despite the other aspects of your role..

But, this is merely my opinion...

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I noticed that many don't know what role of High council is and it always was... So I'll just leave it like that...

Regarding my role I have never really shown chaos side in public but is always been there in background... Few has seen it but I can't show it to everyone daily. As well there is a small hint on who I am also in my papers. Actualy many hints but I have never really exposed it in public.

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I have to also respond negatively to this request for rulership.

Whether it be you already act as one or not, having/asking for the title of Archon is an entirely different kettle of fish. - and that has nothing to do with how I perceive the council does or doesnt work -

and I also agree with what has already been said on the matter by others.

Its not you Raven - I wouldn't support ANYONE trying to do this.

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I appreciate Raven posting this in order to hear the opinions of others. I see no dictator here, just a person who is trying to do his best for the alliance he works so hard for.

Why ask for a title? ... Why not? If Raven has earnt the title, let him have it. I believe he will continue to work with the High Council, as he is now, and not a sole power.. if this is the case, I support him in this.


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I have a few issues.

As this is inevitably a campaign to gain support from the people, I can tell you that you are missing a key element.

In your first post, you give rather lackluster promises that have little to no support, which I think needs no addressing.

However, there is only what you will do rather than what you have done. Have you done nothing worthy of mentioning to change the opinions of those more skeptical? If that is not the case, then I suggest you quickly amend the situation and tell us what you have done that calls for this change in title.

As for the calling for the title, it is a little disgraceful, as none of the people you rule called for a change of title without provoking as they did for Khalazdad and Yrhtilian (Mur counts as many people in the case of Yrhtilian, and with Khalazdad people were calling him Rajj long before the crown).

On the question of whether or not you should be declared Archon... this is the wrong forum to ask the question. The question truly should be presented to the people of Loreroot themselves, those that you will be ruling. Why do you ask the people of other Lands for their opinion on the matter? Surely their opinion is irrelevant, for they are not directly affected by the outcome of this title change.


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I have also already done mentioned things. I have organized Guardians again in something similar what they were with Nelya. Added few things in how we work. Savelites have been cleansed and are on way to be organized as they should be.

Why would this be disgraceful? There are many ways to achive something and I'm simply using the other way.

And I don't think this was wrong forum to ask on. I merely wish to see this from other perspective also and there were some interesting things that were posted here, questions and also there can be seen on how some people look on Loreroot.

Regarding support from Loreroot I already have it.

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We do not support those who seek power. Those who seek power over others need not come to Loreroot, for here you will not find it. What is most unique about Loreroot is that we support one another and encourage one another. I am the second oldest active member of the High Council. Raven is the first. We were there when Nelya laid its foundations. It was not then, nor has it ever been a body to rule others, but rather a Body to serve others.

Raven does not seek the title of "Archon" (which means leader) for himself; he seeks it for Loreroot. He did so at my urging. We have always had a single leader in Loreroot. It was only recently that we felt the need to have an official title bestowed so that there is no more confusion as to who our leader is. We recognize that it is necessary to consolidate authority in a central figure to allow for quick and decisive action primarily for the defense and preservation of the Loreroot Alliances and our people. Nelya, with the support of the majority of the high council, left Loreroot Alliance in Ravens hands as a contingency. It was our wish that, should the need arise, Raven would take control of Loreroot and the council to preserve our traditions.

Even after Nelya went missing (first due to changes in her employment and then later because of her health), it was more than two months before Raven finally took official control of Loreroot alliance. We all Love Nelya and she is sorely missed. He did not seek power for himself but rather to serve as he was asked. That is what the high council has always been about; service to Loreroot and all of MD. You might ask any of its members how they came to be on the high council. The circumstances are different, but the answer is always the same. They are those who work to make Loreroot (and all of MD) a better place by their actions and service to others. Not one sought power, for that is not what the council is about. Rather each sought to help their fellow players. The high council has no authority in Loreroot. It never had. What it does have is the respect of the people and the Leader of Loreroot. Raven has always sought to consult at least one member of HIS council before making any decision. As I stated before, this is not a vote as to whether Raven should be Archon, but rather a vote to recognize that he already is Archon.

Tarquines and Savel were made aware that this is how Loreroot worked. Both were eager to give their fealty to Nelya and become members of the High council. Tarquines still gives fealty to Loreroot Alliance and Raven as Archon of Loreroot. King Bull was sought by the council to take control of the Savelites in the absence of our dear friend Savel. He was already a member of the High council from when he was an honored member of Loreroot Alliance. He also, as the leader of the Savelites, offers his fealty to Loreroot Alliance and to Raven as Archon. (sorry to speak for you my brothers, but it was necessary to silence the accusations against our Archon).

These things are not secret, but we do not often speak of them. I admire Raven even more for not explaining the inner workings of our land to those who have never before sought to understand us. I also would not have explained this here in this way, but I cannot let Raven's motives be questioned and his honor called into doubt. For my part, I will follow no other. Raven is my Archon.


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