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Defend ability

Kyomaru Ishiko

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Hi everybody

I've noticed that the defend ability (that it's suposed to end after one round) keeps working until the end of the fight (at least some times, I'm not sure if everytime). I don't attach anything because it has info about another player, but I saved two fight logs. In the first one I set a rit with a single water guardian and the defence was stacking every round ( - Activates defence for next 1 turn. Current defence is 2256). In the second one I set a water guardian with an elemental III, the guardian dies at second round but elemental keeps the defence until the end of the fight. If you want the entire logs tell me where I can send them. Thanks

Kyomaru Ishiko

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when reporting bug in fighting you always need to provide us with some details and proves, so yes you need to post this fight logs, however if you or that second player wants to remain anonymous, then you can edit log where his name is mentioned, so you erase his name at every place it is mentioned and in this places you need to put something like xxxxxxx instead of his name

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[quote name='Burns' post='27591' date='Mar 22 2009, 02:41 PM']maybe it did back then, but atm it surely stacks up endlessly...
ask dst or LS, they are battling over the highest one-hit damage [currently about 40k from dst^^][/quote]

With dst's attack all I can do is try and improve my PR which is currently 29899... and mart is very usefull, especially during HC ;-)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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