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A Declaration of Piracy

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Time for me to rant: there are 2 alliances that have become ...how should I say? without a purpose that I think they should be dismembered. Yes I said 2 not 1. The first one is the savelites. Without Savel or without someone who actually gives a "thing" about it this alliance has become one of the MD jokes. They do absolutely nothing. There is not even 1 RPC in it that can do something about it. Not to mention members that actually count.

The second one is (and I am sorry to say this) the Dimensional Shifters, my former guild. Simply doesn't care anymore (he barely logs in and when he does he doesn't even read his PMs). I ( I am not being modest but the DS is known mostly because I was in it) could not enter cause there was no guild leader to send me an invite. Manweor is busy. So there are just 2 members: Granos and Lightsage. Lightsage is currently out (waiting for an invite from the guild leader). So...we have a guild with 2 members and just 1 active one. From my point of view that is not too good.
Also without simply we cannot do actually anything. He is the only one who has travel spells ( we were promised spells but we never got them ). Not to mention that these days almost every RPC can travel and can take with him/her players. So DS is just a parasite guild. It has no leader, it has no purpose and it has no members.The good part is that there is hope for DS but only if its leader starts playing. I tool care of lots of things in DS. Even the quests Simply had were designed by me. But I cannot anymore and to be honest I don't want to. I don't want to be asked by players if I can take them to a certain place and my answer to be something like :"I will get back to you with an answer because I have to think" but in reality I need to wait for Simply to talk with him and see when is he available and such.I don't want to sound vain but DS existed and was know (as I said before) because of me. No more simply and no more dst means no more guild (sorry LS, Manweor and Granos but this is the truth. I brought you in hoping in a revival of the guild but it seems it didn't work).

I think I will stop for now. I will add things as I will remember...

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I completely agree that DS has become completly usless, and as much as we would want to do somhing there is little we can actually do with Simply never being around.. But this is a dicussion for another topic..

Well Done Cryxus.. at least you held it for awhile...

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haha, if i had been given a fair chance i have no doubt i'd still have it, but this is the way of life, i got what i wanted out of it, it would have been nice to get a little more, but....

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hmm, ya all say that cryxus did earned his alliance and that he should get it, well although i do share some of glais thoughts, i still see that there is always space for all of us (until we brake server ofc XD), so to make long post shorter, to get alliance there has to be group work in place, not individual, maybe i am wrong coz i am not that much involved in this *action* rping and i am not much on crowded places but as much as i see cryxus is doing more than 90% or maybe better said as i see it more than 95% of all work that should be considered as alliance work, this thing with savelites cryxus did, well in this, i and as many others who arent much involved see individual work, not group work, i am not saying that there wasnt group work, maybe there was, idk coz i cant see, as long as it is all up to individual, then we cant say this is done for forming alliance, we can only say its done to be recognized as pwr or rpc or to prove your pwr/rpc status of your role, we cant say its group work, group work has to be noticed without it, ya wont succeed, look every alliance did group work, yes its true that leader did most, like 50-60% in most cases, but if there wasnt active work and support from followers they are nothing, for example, khalazdad did most of the work, but it was also noticed that others who belonged to his group did theirs job, and were active in doing it, leader is the one who guides, he needs to be noticed by people who will follow him, and these that are following him, theirs work for theirs goal has to be noticed as well

so what ya have to do is to have your crew noticed in piracy as well, if ya cant do that, then ya wont be able to gain alliance, after all whats the point of alliance if only work of individual is noticed, look even savelites had group work, they had guardian of church, high priest of church, and some others, so savel was key man, but not only his work was noticed but also work of his followers

PS speak with tarquinus as well for some advices if ya havent already

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First off, that heist would have never been able to happen if it weren't for my crew, i rely on them, do you think the Savelites would have just invited me? no. I had an inside person on it, in fact i may have had more than 1, but it's not something i'm gonna discuss at length, because that ruins one of the elements of my crew, just because i put myself out there doesnt mean i dont have people aiding me, it's just in MD you can't just come in and say "look at me! I'm a pirate :P give me your loot!" it won't work, you need an element of disguise, and anonimity... I am sorry you don't think my crew is doing anything to be active, but to be honest they are being much more helpful the way they are, since there is no "steal" option that one can execute without formulating a plan, and knowing a few people. Piracy in MD as it currently is is something that requires a bit of finesse to pull off, especially if you have announced yourself publicly as a pirate...

Also my crew is multi-faceted in their own right, and as individuals i do not require them to run around going "yarr" and "we be scurvy's give us your loot" i find it a bit ridiculous to not allow one to adapt as they wish, all i ask is that they have a desire to help the crew, and have a desire to improve themselves, and the alliance as a result, as i do, and will continue to.

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well then, i got my answer...well as i said as i have nothing to do with that overtaking, i couldnt notice your crew on theirs work, all i knew about this, i read in this topic, and in here wasnt mentioned anything about your crew and which part of job did they do :P so use every possible way to show that group work

(better for me to stop criticizing, coz i start to feel like i have no idea whats going around)

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haha, no worries :P i don't mind, really. It was quite the show, i wish you coulda seen it, but unfortunately it's not like i can send out a statement beforehand. I hope you at least understand now that i rely on my crew. Also feel free to question whenever, but expect me to be a bit vague until i get an official alliance.

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[center]eliminated? last i checked i'm still around, and if you want to keep the tepid (at best) treaty I went along with to continue (because I had no desire to mess with the Savelites, especially after your own kicked everyone out), well then i think it may be in your best interest to keep your mouth sewn shut, before i set you back to the days when you'd ask other people to take you in. Keep your silly alliance, there are a few worthy individuals in it, but don't come taunting me to take it back from you, because next time i won't be so cuddly.

~Cryxus X'hal "Pirate Lord"~[/center]

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The smell of war is in the air! We need a war :P!

Be dead friend from above
When darkness falls
Descend into my sights
Your fallen walls
Spearhead break through the lines
Flanked all around
Soldiers of attrition
Forward their ground
Gregime prophetic age
Old in its time
Flowing veins run on through
Deep in the rhine
Center of the web
All battles scored
What is our war crimes
(era forever more...)

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Dear my Captain Cryxus

I am glad to be aboard your fine ship.

Let us plunder and be merry.

Tell me when and I can catch a fine selection of fish for a great banquet on board.

Your humble serving pirate

Macnia - Ship Angler and poet.

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I said threat, not you in the person Pirate
Take you crew and send it away from Savelite Church, altought you respected treaties of the Savelite Church, we will never have sympathies for you, you and your pirate scum invaded OUR land
You thought you came to weak alliance, full of inactives and you're gonna get your ransom, sorry but that's not the case here
Take your empty threats elsewhere

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[center]I did come to a weak alliance, your own expelled everyone out, and i didn't presume anything, i knew there were people who occupied it, i left them in there for a reason... i mean i even talked to you while i was there, i could have expelled whomever i wished over the next couple of hours... So don't assume to know what i thought, and you shouldn't speak for your alliance, hell i don't even see you in the list, that is unless you're an alt... anyhow I'm a man of my word, and there is someone i must speak to before i make any rash moves.

...perhaps you should stop talking for your alliance before you undo measures that have been put in place... and trust me, no one will be happy, and maybe then you'll realise the place to be saying these things isn't the forums...

~Cryxus X'hal "Pirate Lord"~

p.s. next time you speak for an alliance it may be a good precedance to be in it, or know their feelings on the matter.[/center]

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So to bring this to an end I would like to say that not really a lot or lets say none has saw conversation we had with Cryx and with stating things such as has been said is only provoking.

So could we just leave it as it is now and move one?

P.S.: If Cryx agrees someone close this topic..

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