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And plus .... Do realise that the game is still not "finished" check on the login screen how many people do ACTUALLY play the game .... it's a very insignifiant number ! Once the game will start getting players ... I'm talking like a normal MMORPG with tens of thousands of players ... you won't have to worry about those players that have a great payed creature army ! Because you'll have thousands of players that will be lower in power than you .... you people just have to have some patience ! Once the game reaches a next ( and far away ) level these problems will disapear ..... yeah , maybe new ones will come back up in the picture but that's out of the point ! I was thinking the SAME thing about the tokens ... it really got me very frustrared that because of them the game wasn't being actually free anymore .... but then i thought and thank it over and realised it's not that bad as i thought !

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yes but tokens are another thing, lets say fully tokened archer (on player with good principles) would have all attack with insane damage+insane initiative+antifreeze+insane defense+a lots of other stuff = first strike + gazillion damage (how to defeat it? if you have the same godlike creature with more principles...) = lots of frustrated "weak" mp5s who leave the game...

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I don't expect this game will ever have thousands of players... No offense, it's just not mainstream. However, if people pay that much to keep the servers up, they deserve some stuff. That being said, Manu did mention a rustgold actually costs $1, and you do get everything in the shop before it. Of course, the things in the shop before it are things that people don't really care about, that I might not even spend $.05 on.

So yeah, in my mind a rusty costs $50, and I don't mind people getting a strong critter out of it. It's expensive, and I don't want to have to pay to play. Also, I might point out that the rusty is not THAT good without a GG drachorn. Really, if you don't already have a GG, $50 for the Rustgold? It's way too weak.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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