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Scheduling - If Calyx approves

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[quote name='Jazira' post='26783' date='Mar 10 2009, 03:29 PM']Also, it may be easier to try staffing one Dojo at a time, and when we get more trainees, start staffing the Road of Battles, then Defensive Quarters...Sound good?[/quote]
Everything sounds good Jazira. I wish I could give fixed times, however I've had difficulty maintaining a regular schedule recently. For me it generally works best if those who want to work with me request a day and server time. Then I have something to focus on.

I am going to make an effort to work with all of our trainees and staff. I will start a separate thread for requests to work with me. This will get me into the dojo more and ensure I get to work with all of you.

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If you are available during the week and happen to be online in the morning, about 14:00 (I think) server time, then I'd love for you to stop by :P

Also, I need the trainee's to post their times here as well, so that we may group them with a Staff member.

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I still need times from Trainees, whether you're able to be at the Dojo now or later :huh: Just post the times you are usually in the Realm, and let us know if you're in GG or when you get out of GG ^_^

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I'd like all staff to please read the very first post on this topic as it contains the new schedule. ^_^ Thank you

Also, Trainees, please report to those Staff members.

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