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MR's Training Grounds


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As i was not sure where to address the leaders of MR training grounds, i message the following questions in here so you can object or accept :

Would you like the next achievement unlocker to be placed at the globe from the training grounds?

[b][url="http://magicduel.com/dlg/dlg.userdetails_arena.php?eid=MDgwOTEyMTAyOA=="][color="#cc0000"].Muratus del Mur.[/color][/url]: [/b]quick thing, i am planning to make the globe here an achievements unlocker, same like the warriors bust in Tribunal
[b][url="http://magicduel.com/dlg/dlg.userdetails_arena.php?eid=MDgwOTEyMTAyOA=="][color="#cc0000"].Muratus del Mur.[/color][/url]: [/b]if anyone has objections to that, considering the purpose of this meeting place, tell me or write on the forum so i can see it before i start

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Well to be honest, it is Mur's game. Is it really my place to object? The only reason i would not like to see it there is i fear players would go there to get the achievements then kill everyone there and leave.

If it does become a Achievements area, i would like to see how it works and if it does not work i would like to move the Training Grounds to a new location.

I guess it depends on the public to decide if they can control themselves enough to make it function correctly. So my vote is yes i would like to see it have achievements in there

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I would like to make a call to all players who are going to the MR training grounds to accept that there are rules to follow. It is not a place to go and talk because most players are there around. I really try to keep this running clear and fine because i like the feature of a "training facility", but there are some players who dont care or are sturdy. I even like to talk with the MRs about this.
For a point, Yrthilian is doing a splendid job to keep broken rit players away and the place clean for others to train - thank you for this!

You know, there are rules to follow, they are not the law, but you harm others when you are not following them. So please dont try to be outstanding and telling "i dont want to be attacked there, etc.". If you are there around, you are supposed to be set with the right def rit so all players may use this.

Thank you all for your understanding!

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Ledah has been a norotious problem at the GGG latly..for almost a full week now Ledah has been coming in and breaks all idle MP5s rits and then leaving. It has come to a place where MP5s can no longer train because every other person they attack demolishes their rit. Something must be done

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[quote name='Pipstickz' date='24 September 2009 - 08:13 AM' timestamp='1253772805' post='42504']
I think he might be out now...MRD is, at least...we'll see if he causes more trouble.

I knew he was out the last days, but also yesterday he caused much trouble in the GGG..., I hoped he is in the Tunnel again since yesterday.

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aye he did me also today blackwood...he seems to have no respect for GGG and is making it a place unable to do any training. His summoned army is 2 drachs and some viny thing and no def so far has been able to stop it.

I think that whenever Ledah enters the GGG everyone should attack him with their strongest offensive rituals. A good deterrant I say. The MRs just put him somewhere...he comes right back...its time the people took a stand and ran this worthless fighter off!

*edit added rally*

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serbian translation by Aleph Null
Osnovna pravila treniranja u Golden Globe Gazeebo interior:
- ovim pravilima su zaštićeni svi igrači bez obzira na mind power nivo ili active/idle status;
- defense ritual mora biti jedno, potpuno zdravo biće (100% creature vitality) koje ne pravi oštećenje (non damaging) sa najmanje 301 životne energije (VE) ima. Ako planirate da budete u idle statusu, molimo da postavite ukupno 3 defence rituala;
primer: heretic archer podešen na weaken defense veštinu .
- attack rituali ne smeju da prave oštećenje (damage) niti da rade lifesteal pojedinačnih i svih stvorenja niti da leče/regenerišu sopstvena stvorenja;
primer: 4 heretic archers podešenih na weaken defense veštinu i 2 grassan nivoa 1 (Grassans nivoa 1 ciljaju samo multiple stvorenja pa zato ne mogu da prave štetu single stvorenjima.)
-ako iz BILO KOG razloga uđete u Golden Globe Gazebo, molimo da kao defence ritual podesite jedno stvorenje koje NE pravi damage, čak I ako niste došli radi treniranja;
- ako vaš defence ritual nije podešen kako treba, ili ako primetite da tuđi defence ritual nije podešen kako treba, NAPIŠITE TO NA ČETU TAKO DA SVI VIDE, bilo da ste vi slomili taj ritual ili niste;
- trudite se da minimalno ćaskate a ako to nije moguće onda povremeno ponovite na četu čiji su rituali slomljeni kako bi obaveštenje uvek bilo na ekranu;
Osvajanje bitki za stvorenja bez dobijanja experience-a je svrha ovog treniranja.
Sva pitanja, komentare i stvari vezane za osoblje šaljite prvo MRWander-u, a ako je on u pitanju tada šaljite .MRD.-u.
ako je potrebno, MR-i će prisiliti na ova pravila.
prestupnici će biti gonjeni od strane .MRD.-a.

Veštine koje mogu biti upotrebljene I kako ih pravilno upotrebiti:
Veština meta uslov
weaken defense bilo šta -
heal/regen bilo šta sva bića moraju već biti na 100% VE
damage mutiple ili dying -
lifesteal mutiple ili dying -
martyr/defend dying -
Bilo koji igrač sa prefiksom MR ili MS je osoblje.
Glavno osoblje, redom: .MRD., MRWander, MRV, MRHoly One, MRWarrior, MRAlyon, MRInquisitor.
Specijalna zahvalnica ovim ljudima za pomoć u stvaranju MR's Training Grounds: .MRD., .Shoeps., .Akasha., MRWande, MRV, MRHoly One, MRWarrior. Bez njihove podrške i nebrojenih sati testiranja ovo ne bi bilo moguće.

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I'm surprised at my lack of posting here and conveying my thanks for the GGG. Especially now with those angiens. btw I'm sorry in advance if I broke any rituals because your ritual had dying creatures in it. I was not aware and was assuming everyone has full health rits. Again, I am sorry if this happens and assure you it is not intentional.

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Complain to file against Lightsage...

A constant breaker of the GGG idlers, and also known for using certain rituals "a spoiler" to gain victories and cause losses upon other people.

IN X Lightsage 14474 3949 0 26-01-2010 15:05:07
IN X Lightsage 5000 0 3 26-01-2010 15:14:14

Copy of attacks on Wahledor today.

*edit* any other people who have attacks like these from lightsage, or complaints please add them.

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