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This has been a question that I have been asked quite a few times back when I first started MD. There were numerous things going through my mind whilst creating the name: "Curiose." I shall do my best

Gonzalo- It is my real name CSDF - abbreviations football club where I played 10 years (Club Social y Deportivo Flandria) (19)95 - year of my birth

I always said that half of a good RP character is represented by his/her name. And I am not exagerating: it`s easier to create a story around a good name. But I`m not the one to give lessons, that`

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Intrigue... mostly because of the definitions of the word. Depending on how it's used, Intrigue may be a good thing or a bad one, but always secretive things are involved.

*edit: I just realized I had already commented on this thread forever ago. oops!

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Just made it up; meant nothing at the time, and it still doesn't - just a name



- some time later I googled it and found out someone used in some writing, dated after I made it (or at least thought to have made it)

- some more time after that, Nim said that it meant something like "volatile" in a language I can't remember

- googled it again, only to find that it was added to the dictionary (previous search didn't return this result)


(edit: Asthir)

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At the time my dog (a great dane) was named Assira and she was black. So Assira the Black, an account I created with the intention to create chaos and stir things up a bit.


I was missing something from my experience as playing Legna (was pretty depressed at the time and did not have the energy to play Legna). So I made Assira on March 21st the day after my birthday (though in my time it was the day of my birthday).


StrongWilled Legna is because I was often told that I am Strong willed and Legna is Angel backwards.


Hiria comes from a variation that I have used in the past in other rp games. Hirian, Hirria, and etc.


I have had many other characters such as,







Legna (without the StrongWilled part)


and a few others.

Most of the names are a combination that I like the meaning of... but I can not remember anymore.

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At the time, I choose "Dark Demon" because I was convinced I would make DD choose some dark stealthy RPG class and join an evil faction, etc :))


Of course, after that, I really found out what MD was like and there were a few times over my first year where I wished I hadn't chosen this name, because Dark Demon is quite restrictive. Actual names (random examples: Oliver, Julius, etc) are much more open and don't give "starting impressions" to people.


If anyone were to ask me now if I want to change my name? Hell no. I've learned/experienced much more with Dark Demon than with many other things in life. He has become a part of me. 

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Mine's somewhere lost in this jumble...but I'll say again.


So my original account was Mcvitie. The name was chosen because, at the time I created the account, my old cat was lying next to me and, believe or not, he was called "McVitie" - this was due to his intense love of the chocolate that covered many a biscuit - so I stole it and used it for my character. It didn't come to much surprise though when certain English characters (Gargant, Zleiphneir, Grido, etc) took to calling me "biscuits" (which wasn't great when you're trying to RP being the biggest b**** around and they're shouting pet names!) Like I said though, it wasn't a surprise as "McVitie's Biscuits" are a very popular brand in the UK.


Sasha Lilias was actually my sister's account that I then took over when she stopped playing - well, we swapped accounts first but that's a different story. Sasha is her real name whilst "Lilias" is a variation of a name that means "Lily", which was her favourite flower. 


Some of the other characters I have played are:



Fate Lone Child

Master Hitoshi

Lunar Priestess

Mystic Warrior


Elementum Era


And a few other..."secret" ones... :P

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