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[quote name='Liberty4life' post='33841' date='Jun 18 2009, 10:36 AM']eh why is mur called mur? :blink: thats the question :unsure:[/quote]

I tried to donate. I still have the same amount of coins. Didn't say your name wasn't working. Guess *feels a sneeze coming* A A CHEWETT will have cold feet. X D Bless me *sniffles*

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This has been a question that I have been asked quite a few times back when I first started MD. There were numerous things going through my mind whilst creating the name: "Curiose." I shall do my best

Gonzalo- It is my real name CSDF - abbreviations football club where I played 10 years (Club Social y Deportivo Flandria) (19)95 - year of my birth

I always said that half of a good RP character is represented by his/her name. And I am not exagerating: it`s easier to create a story around a good name. But I`m not the one to give lessons, that`

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i combined two names from two games and put them together (final fantasy 8 and War craft)... Omega Blade but that account went bad :D

then i made death bell mosyly because when you say it in my mother language it sounds awesum :D hehe but that account also screwed up..

then i just made death ring... without a choice :(

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Well Robin got long story with this name... I thought of it for first time when watched anime series called Which Hunter Robin (5 years ago).... After that I've read a lot about the name and discovered that it's name for one of my favorite birds (polish name for it is really different - drozd) and a big possitive of name is the fact it can be male and female name. Mea... in latin it means my but I used it just because needed second part to go through confirmation of nick name... and I like sound of it.

The second nick name I often use is Miyu - from other anime series and it is one of the oldest Japanese names which just sound pleasent to my ear and has a meaning but this one you can google by yourself.

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Quite an interesting topic. I have to admit, my name is completely made up. It once had a meaning, but right now, i can't remember it (i'm inventing a new language, this can happen XD) I think it came from Aeonas, which in that language means... something XD i think it meant 'angel', i've got to check the dictionary and Sha'attar which meant 'broken'.
No, it has nothing to do with the subtle knife, Aeshettr. i've found out about it after i have already used 'aeoshattr' in many other MMORPG's.
Can't say much else about my name. i wanted something unique, not composed of ordinary nouns, and not something... cliche (where's the accent on the keyboard? XD)

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 Now that's interesting..... I usually use CrawlingChaos as a nickname (One of the Great Old Ones - H.P Lovecraft) 

But this time i decided to use sthg completely new for a change.. Due to lack of inspiration though i used the first thing that came in my mind.

That was North Equilibrium...I had no idea whatsoever that in the game there was also a GoE !!!  :D  

Quick remark for

Aeoshattr.."Aeonas" in Greek means "century"...Did you know that?   :)

and DST...the only DST that i am aware of is the Department of Science and Technology in my former University...but i doubt that it has sthg to do with that :P

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Well, the name Lazarus is really hard to get due to its demand for MMORPG's. I'm using this name for 6 years on different RPG's like Darkthrone/Kings of Chaos etc..., and usually it's unavailable and I always use the name "Lazarus of Bethany" (originally, the names came from the bible obviously XD).

And the siblings Adam and Tom Riddle was the first time I used just in this game. I don't like Harry Potter movies, in fact I only knew just here that Thomas Riddle was a character on HP, soooooooo it was not intentional... :D

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I always said that half of a good RP character is represented by his/her name. And I am not exagerating: it`s easier to create a story around a good name.

But I`m not the one to give lessons, that`s just my opinion. Usually I take various `weird` names I encountered in my life and put them together. Character`s names, I mean. When it comes to places` names, toponyms, that`s another story. I like to `invent` them, starting from a common name. And I follow a real easy recipe.

Let`s take... something like `[i]Chris[/i]`. Sayin` it out loud countless times empties it of its personal value.. And then I start playing. It`s Chris... Kahris, Kahriz, then change the wovels between themselves, and you get Kihraz, then you can play even more with apostrophes (or whatever these are) and obtain Kih' Raz, the add some common extensions, like: Kih`Razzar (turn around the last three letters) or Kih`Razzah, Kih`razzaiyeh..If Kih doesn`t seem to be a strong word, then make it Kah'Razzah, turn the H in l, and get Kal`Razzah.. The idea is just to play with the letters.

If one would have knowledge of foreign phonetics, or knows history and culture, or traditions, everything gets easier and easier. Then you can turn regular names into '[i]specific[/i]` names.

Enough about that. The story of `[i]Rhah de la Rey[/i]` is quite simple.

One of my favourite movies of all time is [url="http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0091763/"]''Platoon''[/url]. One of the characters (some american soldier) there is called ''Rhah''. De la Rey is the name of a famous boer general, who led [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boer_Wars"]the boers during their wars with the british[/url] at the end of the 19th century. My love for the boers began many years ago, after I read a book called [i]''le capitaine Casse Cou[/i]''. So I just put together Rhah and de la Rey.

Maximiljen came later on, from the need to go full circle with the name. Then I kept Rhah as a nickname, and Maximiljen as the official name. There is no MaximilJen in this world, I just changed the i into j... for it looked more boer`ish (dutch) than Maximilien.

There you go.

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Well, `simple` isn`t always best, I say. Now, everyone does what they like. And how and with whom they like. :D

Oh, and I remembered: the thread starter, Gargant.. Should know that before his character name was borrowed by a game, some guy called Rabelais came up with Gargantua. ;) Tough guy, that one.. :)

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This has been a question that I have been asked quite a few times back when I first started MD. There were numerous things going through my mind whilst creating the name: "Curiose." I shall do my best to make them seem logical and in a sense of understanding whilst showing the complex structuring I made in said creation of my name.

1, It all started out while looking for mmorpgs I came across one set in greece. I tried thinking of "greek" sounding names. While pondering, I came up with the following formula:
a. Curry is a dish that I delight in eating.
b. -ose is the ending of words to connotate sugars, or other carbohydrates. Such as lactose.
c. I am a curious being, so it is also a play on words. Curiose.
But alas. As I thought about it, I did not like the greek game and left to search other games... and found MD!

So. Share or I shall find you and stab you! D<

I vant to know your names....

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I direct you to this, tis locked...

[url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/3204-names/page__hl__names"] [/url]

[url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/3204-names/page__hl__names"] B[/url]ut, is a fun word to say...

And Granos is spanish for beans, or something.. My reasoning for it... Something to do with Eve Online I think and burritos...


Edited by Granos
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I'm not sharing.

But you might want to look at this previous topic: [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/3204-names/"]http://magicduel.inv...pic/3204-names/[/url]. Not all of these characters are still around, but some are, and it's interesting nonetheless.

Edit: Granos beat me to it. Alas.

Edited by Ivorak
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So, about time I did this:

Mcvitie- At the time I was making this account and it said "Username" I was like "Umm.." and as I looked around for inspiratioI realised my fat, ginger cat was beside me. His name being McVitie, named after the biscuits(because he loved to lick the chocolate of the digestives for some reason :D), I decided that would be a good enough name. It only took a little while for some of the English players to start calling me "Biscuits" :/

Sasha Lilias- My sisters first account. Her real-life name is sasha, hence the first part. The second part, "Lilias" is a variant of "Lillian", which means Lily. Lilies being her favourite plant she decided to add this as a her account surname.

Assiralc- Well, as many have worked out, spelt backwards it says "Clarissa", which is my real name. :)

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In my case, I will cop to the real reason I use Pothos. When I was realy, realy new to the internet, I had been talking with my family about the three musketeers, and was going to use Porthos as my screenname. Big shcok there eh? New to the 'net so using an age old name. blah.

However, I messed up the spelling, forgot the R, stuck with my name till teenage years when I found out that 'Pothos' was am erote, and happened to be fitting for me. So.. I stuck with it, still do, and Voila. here I am.

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well i got my name from a book for satanists when i was like 14 years(no i am not a satanist nor have i ever been one, i have found that book in the library and so i started to read a bit out of it.....weird that such a book lies around in a public library....)

there was a list of demon names in it, i looked at the names and their descriptions till i found the meaning of Xcercses: "fourth demon high lord, once a great leader of his army but now sealed away for his betrayal on satan" or so, not sure if that was the correct description.

a bit later i started to play the Browser game Tribal War, i had no idea which name i should choose when this name popped out of my head. thats how i came to my name and using it almost everywhere on the internet.

so no it is not from the film "300" his name is spelled xerxes. :)

"Edit": and no its not from persian history! happy Rhaegar? :P

Edited by Xcercses
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Mine is rather simple.

Many people I know tease me about being a princess. One reason being that I can't sleep unless the bed is perfectly made with no crumbs, dust, skin cells, etc.

And then Katt is my nickname in RL. I have used "Princess Katt" in a few other games.

Another name that I like to use is Ursula, though it was already taken in MD. After the character Ursula in the old cartoon, George of the Jungle.

I have no alts yet here, but stay tuned....

Edited by Princess Katt
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I had Change before I joined MD. Why a dictionary name? I tend to want to change names that I've created. If I haven't created them, that urge lessens.


As for the name itself, I originally chose Change because I felt I was highly indecisive, that I had no personality. Recently, however, I've realized that's not the case. I just felt I had no personality because I didn't care about most things. This came across to me as changing myself to fitting other people's needs but this is not true. If you find a subject that I do care about, I will greatly care about it. But for other things, I couldn't care less, and, unlike some, I don't get annoyed by things that I don't care about. Also, I care about people and their likes. So in general, I'm willing to listen to people talking about anything (with some exceptions).


Nowadays I like the name 'Change' because I'm an artist. I constantly create, destroy, and recreate. Things change. I change. Will I always love certain things such as art? Yes. Will things about me change? Yes, but I will always be me, no matter how much I Change. :)

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