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Hmmm... My name...

I started my online "life" as InTheDark in a political themed chat and forum.
When I expanded into another game, that name was already taken, so I kept the "Dark" -which is what everyone called me anyway- and created "Darkesia" in that game (NationStates).

When I came here, it was just as a TRIAL to see if I would like the game and if I could recruit others from that old game to play here. So, I called my account Dark Trial. My intent was to create an account later called Darkesia. But it seems this name and character has stuck. And I don't mind at all.

Perhaps I will make an alt with that name later. Who knows *smiles*

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This has been a question that I have been asked quite a few times back when I first started MD. There were numerous things going through my mind whilst creating the name: "Curiose." I shall do my best

Gonzalo- It is my real name CSDF - abbreviations football club where I played 10 years (Club Social y Deportivo Flandria) (19)95 - year of my birth

I always said that half of a good RP character is represented by his/her name. And I am not exagerating: it`s easier to create a story around a good name. But I`m not the one to give lessons, that`

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[quote name='Burns' post='25202' date='Feb 14 2009, 02:34 AM']might be a stupid question, but why did you leave out the second 'i' in your names ingmae and on the forum? i wondered about that since i heard about lucius tarquinius in latin lessons^^[/quote]
It is not at all a stupid question, but a good one. My reasoning is as follows: the second 'i' causes emphasis to fall on the second syllable of my surname (tar*QUIN*i*us), but the emphasis in my native language of Rasni, or Etruscan, falls on the first syllable (TAR*quin*us, syncopated to TARK*nas). By a strange coincidence, the emphasis on the English form of the name (Tarquin) is the same.

[color="#0000FF"][b]edit:[/b] Also, my ancient slaves, the Latians or Latins, were always throwing extra 'i' characters in words for no good reason, and the practise has irritated me for hundreds of years. My first name is Loukas, not Lucius, but I use Lucius because it is familiar and comforting to my friends. Milady Isolda, a distinguished Amazon, correctly points out that a more accurate transliteration into English is 'Lucas,' by which she and Ailith call me. I have also learnt the name often passes into English as 'Luke.' Those who know me understand that I respond to almost anything, but that I somewhat dislike the truncation 'Tarq.' Well: it is not the worst thing to have happened to me, by my troth.[/color]

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I picked mine from a name website. Originally I wanted to use only Althea, but it's often used by someone else. So I decided to put 2 names together to make one. The combined name is long, but the last part is also a name. So the short form is Thea.

The meaning of Grid is close to the meaning of part of my real name. I like the meaning of Althea instead of the meaning of the other part of my real name.

Gridalthea may be pronounced as gri-dal-thea.

Grid: peace
Althea: healing

Sometimes I use an anagram version of it, thus Theragail. Just for fun.

Thera: from Theresia
Gail: from Abigail

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My name just came once, no idea how. I have been using it for a few years, so if you see a Shantu somewhere, it may be me..

By the way, if you are interested: as I read, Shantu is one of the 13 Rasas in Hinduism, it means absolute quietude. Or something like that.. Did not know it when I chose this name. :)

I like this name because it has a bit of tribal or indian feeling and it sounds cool..

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[quote name='Tzaroth747' post='26090' date='Feb 28 2009, 09:30 PM']Tzaroth747....

Tzaroth was a name I took from the Dragonlance series, in them a city named Xak Tsaroth had a brief role in one of the books. I slightly changed the spelling to make it more sinister. Tzaroth as an internet tag has been used by me for 10 years.

The 747 part was put on the end to pay homage to the symbol that has been instrumental in my life. 7:47, as a time, and as a synchronistically, constantly-recurring number in my life, has been a sort of guiding signpost throughout my travels.[/quote]WHOOT!!! DL!! *high fives* So I wasn't crazy when I thought that your name looked like it was from Dragonlance. ^^;

So, my name. Yami no Sakura.

If my meager knowledge of Japanese still serves, "yami no sakura" translates as either "cherry blossom of darkness" or "Sakura of darkness," depending on whether you translate or keep the name. The first Sakura was created about five years ago when my friends and I started RPing. She was intended to be a person with a very loose sense of morality (almost on the borders of "evil"), and she remained that way for years. Her background story changed depending on the situation, but the personality was still more or less the same. This Sakura, the MD version, is the first one who hasn't tried to overthrow the leader and cause a rebellion within the first month of joining...^^;
So yeah, if you see a "Yami no Sakura" anywhere, odds are good that that's me.

The nickname "Saki" comes from Minory shortening my name as revenge for me shortening hers. And "Yami"...well...that's just you people being too lazy to read beyond the first four letters of my name. It eventually stuck, though. =/

By the way...I'm still waiting for the day when some Japanese person comes up to me and tells me that I'm wrong. xD

Next is my alt. Totetsu.

If any one of you read the manga series [i]The Petshop of Horrors[/i], you'd know. In the story, a totetsu is a legendary beast that lived in ancient China. It looks like a cross between a lion and goat. All in all, I just thought that it'd be fun to play as someone with a serious attitude problem and considers anything that moves to be a walking meal. xD

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...i have many but only four i use most...

Treehill>>>>One Tree Hill,and coz i like the thought of a tree in the hill,or a hill made of tree.....its just confusing XD

Br1Fan>>Used in fan fiction,Brazilian First Fan

Lux Fati>>Destiny Light in latin

Glenn Brookefield>>Glenn=Lake in gaelic i think,and its a character from chronocross,Brookefield i fine store of clothes i like....and its a traditional name,it reminds me of old England Lords...

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Phantasm- My main and newcomer to this realm. Phantasm was a low budget 1977 horror film. As were most the other early day horror films I loved it!! Plus a "phantasm" is somewhat close in comparison to a Shade.

Wahledor- A name I created about 8 years ago. Being a MMORPG player of many games (The Realm, Ultima Online, Everquest, World of Warcraft, Vanguard, Warhammer, and other little ones). When I went to Everquest 8 years ago my name of old *Zuez around 17 years old* was taken on the server I played. It's a combination of "Where is Waldo" and a whale. Being a fairly famous name in EQ, WoW, and currently Warhammer seemed like a good name to use.

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One day several years ago, I heard a report on the news about [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/99942_Apophis"]asteroid Apophis[/url], predicted to pass by the Earth on [b]Friday the 13th[/b] of April, 2029 at a distance 7 times closer than the moon (visible to observers on the ground), and then possibly (although this is unlikely) return in 2036 (also on the 13th of April) for impact.

[The possibility of impact in 2036 has not been ruled out.]

The asteroid was named after the "ancient Egyptian prince of darkness".

A little research told me that [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apep"]Apophis[/url] (or Apep) was the original Egyptian god of evil, and was replaced by Set for political reasons. :D

Naturally, I spelled the name as it sounded to me. Lowercase because it is faster to type. :P
Afterwards, I noticed that my initials, A.P.S., are evenly spaced within the name.

Sek, Apep's helper, is my test account. Mot was already taken.

I notice I am not the only apophys. For example, the youtube account of this name is not mine.
I sometimes play on [url="http://pokemonworldonline.net/"]PWO (Pokemon World Online)[/url] and [url="http://shoddybattle.com/"]ShoddyBattle[/url]. I learned about MD from the PWO chat (I also got my sig from a guy on the PWO chat).

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My MD name(Vassi Ruini) first came out in a story I wrote for 6th grade English class looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time ago. Specifically, in a short story about a pageboy who reported to his king (it was a very short story). I later brought it up when combining Magic:The Gathering and the xxxholic multiverse concepts into one. He was turned into a planeswalker/dimension hopper and a mage who could control strands of light. And now, he's in the MD world after being caught in a battle with another planeswalker/dimension hopper and being sent here with his powers screwed up. Sooo, there you go.

Oh yeah, and Yami: your name does pretty much translate as Cherry Blossom of Darkness in case you were wondering.

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My name?

Anyone heard of The Hunchback of Notredame?

Been esmerelda instead of esmeralda since then. I love that gypsy girl and quasimodo and his goat and phillipe.

*blush* i am a walt disney fan. Since i was 5. Will always be i guess

[quote name='Sage' post='26129' date='Mar 1 2009, 10:46 PM']Well...

My first acc. was called Sage... (that's why my forum acc. is called Sage... xD)[/quote]
i know where that sage comes from. XD

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I played at school Quake 3 at the breaks and needed a name. While living in the blackforest, i saw it on a poster and simply used it, added a wood in between just to make a weird name and i got real badass good in the game so my name became a floor legend - and i stayed at this name , but mostly blackwood :D

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Love the thread! So nice when MD is down for a bit and great threads like this get started.

My name is pretty old for me, although I guess it's kinda common. First time I used it was on a game called "Dragon Warrior" for nintendo. I wanted a cool name and just got my first shot gun, a 20-Gauge and just took the name from there.

Other games I've used it in is Counter-Strike (Old school CS, MB, I used to B-Hop all over too :D), Ultima Online, ShadowBane, and a few others MMO's here and there.

- Gauge

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Ladytwin i use in a lot of games

It is because i am a twin my kids are twins my mother was a twin it runs in the family i guess :D

But in the game i have a nother explenation twin because i am a half demon and a half whitch so twin and lady because i hope i am one a lady i mean.
In the game i use this name because i must keep my real name hidden for the wrath of the pack of my father.
But the real name is the character of the person in the story that i am writhing.
and she did also killed her father a fire demon and she looks the way i do now :)
In a way my story is comming to live in MD and it nice to play her i now her so wel and now she is more reall to me and my story is booming so i love it here.

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hmm... Intrigue....
*sticks a flower behind your ear*
are you intrigued yet?
*draws a butterfly on your cheek*
are you intrigued yet?
*slays a lag monster with a lethal dose of flaming WD40*
... it just seemed to fit

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Way back...no farther...no move back some more *watches reporter fall off cliff*....

I digress. I wanted to be a Healer and one who said "Sagie" things. SOOOOO I tried Sage. Already taken it said. So I tried Sage#1 or whatever the heck it was and the system said "Already take, try again noob". So I added woman to Sage and TA DA!

My second one...a very popular character now, was created because Sagewoman was getting to be less Light like and Calyx of Isis, her Mistress, objected. Soooo, {no food or drink on the way to mouth I hope} I created Falen Angel. EWWWWWW say it don't spray it! *hands out napkins* Yea, you read it right! My Alt is Rajji Falen Angel, Firstwife of Khalazdad, mommy to PEACE! :P

I got another one but its a Heretic and I promised I would Never Ever tell. And I still haven't! Neener neener!

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