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Okay.....I'm bored.

But this is something I thought people might find interesting, I know I would.

There are some very strange character names out there and it makes me wonder how people come up with their names.

Mine for example is a large transport beast from Final Fantasy 9, I used the name as an email years ago and it kinda stuck.

I use it on lots of things so if you see a Gargant it might be me :D

Where do others get their names from?


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This has been a question that I have been asked quite a few times back when I first started MD. There were numerous things going through my mind whilst creating the name: "Curiose." I shall do my best

Gonzalo- It is my real name CSDF - abbreviations football club where I played 10 years (Club Social y Deportivo Flandria) (19)95 - year of my birth

I always said that half of a good RP character is represented by his/her name. And I am not exagerating: it`s easier to create a story around a good name. But I`m not the one to give lessons, that`

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Mine is a bit more random than everyone else's. It stems from my first year of French, which was my eighth grade year in school. I came up with a lot of weird names then, actually. XD

But, Je Suis Oeufs Fous was one that made it through the ages. I only recently began using it as my online moniker, though. Like, the last two years.

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My name, Parsifal, comes from the eponymous opera by Richard Wagner. I have never seen the musical drama but I stumbled across the Wikipedia article about it while using the random article link. The opera tells the story of an Arthurian knight, Parsifal, whose name can also be written as Percival (or even Peredur in its Welsh form). So if you tend to call individuals by a shortened name, Percy would be appropriate (although no one has yet to call me Percy).

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Curiously enough, my name is also an old version of "Parsifal". Or, better, the name of one of the many medieval books that flourish around the Grail legend, and has Parceval/Parsifal as the lead character.
I wanted a name inspired by the Graal mythology and I found Perlesvaus a bit more unusual and "darker" than Parsifal or Parceval.

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Alright, i have a couple i wanna mention although they never made it into MD

First is Ekips : he was my main character i used to play when i played D&D a while back, he was an archer/rogue/sailor and is who i based (MD)Cryxus off of...mostly

Second is Cryxus : he was a another character i used to play in D&D a while back, when i played him in D&D he was a bloodthirsty mounted fighter witha penchant for drinking blood and never said anything, he even regarded his friends as potential foes, and only made tenative friendshsips...i chose this name for MD because i like the name more the Ekips, which is just "Spike" backwards

Third is Twee : (i may make him soon) He is a halfling thief i always used back in the day, he always we be with his brother Dee and really more fun to play than most characters should be, and the reason i dont play him is because he doesnt have his brother here in this realm, and there is no real way to steal in MD...

Finally is Peero : my ice mage from other games ^_^ very fun to play, but i didnt wanna make a mage for MD...

there is a little of each of these characters in cryxus ^_^

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As some of you know, I, [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tarquin_the_Proud"]Lucius Tarquinius Superbus[/url], am an historical character. The things said by the Iunius family about my son and me are [u][b]lies[/b][/u]. I use a variant spelling of my surname because I can. Lucius is not my name, anyway, but a Latinisation of it; my name is Loukas, often transliterated Lucas or Luke.

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might be a stupid question, but why did you leave out the second 'i' in your names ingmae and on the forum? i wondered about that since i heard about lucius tarquinius in latin lessons^^

my name is just my english form of my real name, which is unfortunately not written correctly in most non-german based games...
people use to call me Börni as abbreviation for my name [Bernhard], and Burns is the only form i cold find in english that sounds almost the same^^

there are no connections to Monty Burns from the Simpsons, but i usually pick up the joke because i'm a simpsons fan =)

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By the sounds of it burns (And I am by no means an expert) it sounds like your name is close to the english name 'Bernard' (Often shortened to Bernie, which sounds like your shortened form)

but burns sounds much better ^_^

Just thought you'd like to know ^_^

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actually, that name is quite common in a lot of languages that are influenced by old german because people liked its meaning : bern = bear and hart = heart, and as the old germans linked all features of a being with its heart, bear's heart stood for courage, strength and ferocity =)

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My name was a nickname given to me in CS, when I was 11 (yes I know what PG halflife and CS is..) When I bunny hopped from the rope bridge (in de_aztec) onto someone's head, but I headshot him with a single shot as I was about to land on him.

To the dude who was behind the now dead guy, this looked as if I jumped on him and crushed him under my weight. He was shocked (cs was kinda new so he was thinking it was a bug/hack), which gave me time to shoot him. He then asked me if I was some sort of metal bunny, jumping on people and crushing them with just the pure weight of steel or iron or something..

Hehe, that was 8 years ago, a bit more as it happened not too long after my b-day.. (I got halflife and cs for my b-day, yes my family is mad)

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Telperion- the magical tree from Middle Earth
i'm pretty big fan of Lord of the Rings.

Valraukar- i think it was supposed to be valaruakar but i messed down lol. also from Lord of the rings. these were the balrogs (if you've seen the movies.)

KillerSith- yeah I'm also a bit of a star wars fan lol.

EXvall- also from star wars, and my Xbox Live id.

my forum name Ancient just sounded CLASSSIC.

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Tzaroth was a name I took from the Dragonlance series, in them a city named Xak Tsaroth had a brief role in one of the books. I slightly changed the spelling to make it more sinister. Tzaroth as an internet tag has been used by me for 10 years.

The 747 part was put on the end to pay homage to the symbol that has been instrumental in my life. 7:47, as a time, and as a synchronistically, constantly-recurring number in my life, has been a sort of guiding signpost throughout my travels.

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Here is the origin of the name, I chose it for its meaning:

The girl's name Ailith \a(i)-li-th\ is of Old English origin, and its meaning is "seasoned warrior".

Modern form of the Old English Æthelgyth, a compound of the elements 'Æthel' meaning "noble" and "gyth" meaning "battle, strife."


Plus I just think it's a nice name :P

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