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The Quest for Nature's Sword

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this sounds interesting, and since ya all are writing nice things let me see what i can tell Paladin Liberty, Servant of Light veteran warrior, proficient with sword, tactician, knows how to cast

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Choose me because of my excellent puzzle solving skills (I completed the broken pattern puzzle, for example) and my wonderful sense of direction, that could prove to be useful in the wild.

If that doesn't do it, choose me because I'm a great companion and an eager young scientist - every good story needs one, if you ask me.

If that doesn't do it, choose me 'cause I'm hot. ^_^

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I'm more of a loner in the MD world really so I won't be actively joining you plus you seem to have a lot of prospective members already. However as a member of Loreroot if you need my storm powers for a specific task I would be more then willing to assist, it will be interesting to see at any rate what this Nature's Sword is and what it can do.

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Reason/s for Joining
I want to see the sword myself. I want to earn reliable companions and learn lessons worth remembering. I want to improve my fighting skills and know more about the lands.

Why I should be Recruited
I may be a demon child, but that doesn't mean I'm not strong. My physical and mental capabilities are befitting for any perilous journey and I also have control over elemental magic. My enchanted sword, "The Black Fang", can cut through anything, even the winds itself. And besides, I think I'm smaller than anyone else in MD, so I can probably fit through small holes that you adults can't fit through. :huh: My ability to control darkness and its shadowy minions can make me see during the night, so I can be a good watchman. I like to help whenever I can so, if you would allow it, please let me accompany you on your quest.

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All slots have been filled, no more aplicants please


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A very loyal mp3 who dream to go on an adventure with great people to boarden his horizon.

Willing to put his life on the line and die a million time for e correct cause.

And he belive that e only quest that may will satisfy him will be to participate in e Quest for Nature's Sword.

Choose me so i can grow n i had a chance to be your trusted ally that can help you in e furture.

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well, you didn't wnat me the first time, so i guess i'm still not good enough for the quest =P

but i'd try again, with a new application:

I want to be part of the crew searching for the sword because of my knowledge of the ways of combat, of riddles and of nature itself.
Still, i'm a quite good fighter nonetheless, and i admit that fighting is my primary concern in here =)
Plus, i'm usually able to get people to a compromise when two parties are thinking along different lines, which might be a worthy ability, seeing teh many and different people you are already having on board :P

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