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Hmm small question =p

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[quote name='Grido' post='24615' date='Feb 1 2009, 05:13 PM']so basically, it's when Mur gets around to stopping it after the counter hits 0 :P

i've never participated, so never really paid attention to the timer[/quote]

hmm how many head points had the MP5 ones that won?:S
I had 1343 and when I saw for example Ailith she had less then me..... so why didnt i got a prize too?O.o

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[quote name='Burns' post='24640' date='Feb 2 2009, 09:35 AM']ailith had 8000 something when the final stage was over...
then there was light with 8000 and a bit, and the rest of the winners had a lot less points... i think logan made it with less than 1500 points to place 4 O_o[/quote]

Wrong burns, I had 0 points when the contest ended :)

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