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Youtube contest make a movie


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boredom episode 4 is done, i just made it so i was telling a story of what had happened to me at a different time, (i knew that making it so i was traveling with bored had a reason) but so far i have only gotten to where i just killed the last shade at the house of liquid dust, and i am following the story line.... btw mur, is there any way for me to get chat logs from most place since around the time i joined? it would give me more to say in my story, and it will help me in giving me ideas for new episodes of boredom.... might eventually open up the show to ideas from everyone... oh and episode 4 is 15 minutes, haven't uploaded it yet....need to remember to at some point....

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[quote name='Death Bell' date='12 November 2009 - 12:14 PM' timestamp='1258049666' post='47298']

only problem i have with that is that my native language is english and it took me a while before i realized that it was in english....... and that's saying something because most people i know have a hard time understanding even a moderate English (note: i mean accent of those in great britian) accent.... yet i have no trouble with it.... hmmmm.... perhaps someone else should repeat exactly what he said and overlay the audio so more people could actually understand it?

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although mine isn't realy a single thing about md... hmmm... well currently boredom is at episode 6.... need to remember to upload them at some point, if you want to watch the first 3 (which are already uploaded) just look at the panel just right of the center step of the gazzebo of equilibrium.

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I realy hoped to see more enthusiasm for this contest.
Since it started so long ago, and the only real home made movie was Death Rings, obviously he is the WINNER.

1 rusy with claw 1, now has 121 days!

reward CTC will come by pm.


Cotest closed.

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