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Investigating possible clues of shades holding the second cube

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...I think Awi's theory is on to something here. If the Book of Principles itself isn't something tangible, it could explain why nobody (that we know of) can physically obtain it. There's more too,

oke so lets think a bit about it, why akasha and alche didnt got the book? hmm its somehow mystery, all i know is that cube/book protects its self, but also lets think a bit again about it, why cube,

[quote name='Yami no Sakura' post='24905' date='Feb 8 2009, 03:27 AM']...I think Awi's theory is on to something here. If the Book of Principles itself isn't something tangible, it could explain why

Thanks for the support, guys. ^^;

@Lib: I'm actually not really sure about that. I'm still confused about half the posts in this thread. Mt. Kelle'tha and missing papers...those don't make sense to me. And I've read over everything at least 10 times. ><;

Anyone else want a shot at this theory making? I'm only human...>.>

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[quote name='Yami no Sakura' post='28447' date='Apr 7 2009, 06:24 PM']Okay...let's bring this baby back from the dead. >D

[spoiler]So...where do the Shades fit into this?
Well, one of the things we learned from the Shade Balance story is that the Shade have no individuality. They're like drops of water in an ocean, to use that analogy. They are incapable of having unique experiences and memories. Therefore, they cannot form their own cubes, and they cannot further their own set of Principles (even if they could possess some).

As for the color/shape changing that happened to the Knator soldiers and Khal's group...
I think that that is an effect of the walls of the cube (our limitations) reacting to the Shades.[/spoiler][/quote]

If the Principles were to be modified in a specific way, I believe you could have an assortment of disparate entities that share the same consciousness. In this way, to fit the schema of your theory, the Shades would, indeed, possess a Cube. Just formatted in a different way than humans... Each manifestation of a Shade would be a reflection of the uniquely configured Principles that form the Shade Cube. To coincide with this idea, the changing and morphing of the soldiers and Khal's group could be the reaction of two differently configured Principles interacting with each other.

The idea of the Cube is that it is a unique, static (yet malleable) soldification of the Principles. Place two Cubes together and they change each other in surprising ways -- as the inherently fluid Principles act upon each other. Like magnetism, opposites attract, and opposing Cube configurations can't help but touch and change each other when they get close.

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Perhaps the missing papers that were mentioned before have little to do with what the book actually is. Perhaps there actually are seven, and it has to do with destination, as a cube itself also has to do with destination.

[spoiler]To get to anywhere in space and time, one must have six points- one on each wall of a cube- to create the destination, and one point outside of the cube as the point of origin. If we are all inside of one cube already- busted open or not- we would need to know the coordinates of the destination cube (aka what represents each wall of the other cube we're trying to get to) in order to transfer ourselves from this cube to gain entry into another cube.

Perhaps this is far fetched, and I don't know all the details involved here, but when I heard 'cube' and 'seven papers' mentioned together, it made perfect sense to me. To me, another cube equals another destination- not necessarily that it holds something free-floating within.

For instance, each individual exists inside of a cube, and so, our lives are mapped out, as it were, on the inside walls of this cube and the different 'lands' merely becoming different eras of our lives in a sense. Our dark days Necrovion, our light days Marind Bell, our contemplative days GG, our cherished memories the Archives, our innate nature Loreroot, the eastern lands our future since they are technically uncharted territories.

I feel that it is not an object that we're to find inside of another cube, but another land altogether, and these papers could offer the coordinates to transport us to at least one of them.[/spoiler]

Black texting eludes me, so the spoiler box will have to suffice. :)

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