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Happy Birthday Je Suis!!

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Aww, poor Grido. No help from one of the most villainous women in the game. What kinda mortal enemy are ya, Dst, huh? ;P

Do we? Hm. Wonder who it is. :]

XDDD <--- That's all I can say to that, Grido. Poor fellow.

Haaaah. Yeah, I remember too. XD Good times. Good times.

Lucky you. I can't even get onto the Archives at school. :/

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[quote name='Grido' post='24376' date='Jan 27 2009, 02:41 PM']we have a lawyer RPC? *looks worried*[/quote]

Yes! ME :D

I am the prosecutor the defence the judge and the executioner. *very evil laugh*

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Oh, yes.. I forget that there are times I actually posess sense and do something more productive and worthy than visiting the MD forums. I feel proud now. :)

And, really, there are newbies who will talk to you. The current LHO team has really unappealing characters, don't you think? I wouldn't want to talk to some freaking roleplayers either. Anyway, I don't need frilly conversation, srsly.

My school doesn't block MD or its forums, because it's such an obscure game.

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yeah if Jonn burned eggs then dst would get her omlette :D and we dont want that

you seriously a Lawyer? lol (don't know why i find this funny...)

the students where i work have it blocked, or did when i was a student there anyway, but apparently staff dont have blockers :)

most of the time i can't be in role with the newbies, unless i'm feeling evil *laughs*

i get the term ''cute'' on me becuase i'm nice to the noobs, just dont let it out :D

i can't really speak for many of the other LHO's but at least some are nice :)

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Woohoo for not being burned. I don't think Sandra would much like me if I'm all crispy.

I'm not entirely sure [i]why[/i] my school has it blocked. I'm pretty much positive I'm the only one around there that plays it [[other than two friends I tried to recruit. But, alas, they weren't into it.]]

Grido XD Of [i]course[/i] he's a lawyer. You see him giving trial to people all the time : P

Psh. You're just cute. -wink- What with that awesome telescoping looker-mabob and what not.

Some LHO's, or some noobs, Grido?

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some LHO's, someone (Glai?) said about noobs being scared by scary LHO's :D

they might've just blocked the site type Game, it's used in the description of the website

I think Sandra would probably like you whatever :)

hehe true he does give people trials all the time :P

according to Kragel, i use the telescope to spy on girls....

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Ah. I wonder if I count as one of those nice LHO. Hmmmm. -ponders- [[Yeah, it was Glai.]]

Good point. Hm. I wonder if the Archives is blocked for the same reason. And then there is this, which is blocked because it's a forum.

Hm. You have a point. XD

Luckily, I've never had one of those trials. : D Good thing.

XD Yeah, I've seen that. Maybe you should use that flame of yours to retract it : P

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hehe, yeah you're one of them Je Suis

considering the happy news you've shared with me, i'd say i definitely do :)

nor have i, i've always kept in Jonns evil book, so i wouldnt have that danger :D

well i dont think i can, and i'm not saying he's lying.... :P

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[quote name='Grido' post='24444' date='Jan 28 2009, 10:15 PM']according to Kragel, i use the telescope to spy on girls....[/quote]

I am amazed....




Keep fighting the evil fight :D

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Hmm Shaniqua has become slightly....greasy over the years. Must be because I've held it so many times and never bathed it....

Time for an egg bath. In cold water of course, no need to risk boiling it.

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*wipes forehead* glad you said in cold water then

washing an egg doesn't have to happen often, but if you're holding it all the time, then you probably should...

i just thought, is Shaniqua your evil orb?

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