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Happy Birthday Je Suis!!

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i have to maintain my evil inquisitor side sometimes though, and that purrrple flame really looks nice on the beach :P

also when i go into character there with unawear noobs, that confuses them....

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::chuckles:: has she come to my islands...i mean Golemus's shores yet?

EDIT: posted too slow again :P

lol dst how about your test level is on the bridge between Golemus and the mainland? that way they have to go by you, the way of leaving would have to be changed for mp2's though lol

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Ha! Like I am going to step foot on a beach without blankets and shoes and cloth covering my hole body! Yes! Bring the sand!

And maybe I will change and I will adopt the egg..i will be its mother...who knows?

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Oh, yes, definitely. :] No need getting the spot for our romantic date all spoiled with sand from the beach.

Edit, edit, edit: You, a mother? Really? o_o -fails to see it- You just seem more like the mortal enemy who occasionally gets showered with hugs and affection.

Jonn can't be the father! Nuuuu.

[color="purple"]EDIT: this was posted after the next post, due to some dodgy forum thing this came first when i edited my post - Grido[/color]

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