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i now top both sites :D   browsermmorpg.com [Spoiler] [/Spoiler]   [real time]   toponlinemmorpg.com [Spoiler] [/Spoiler]   [real time]


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holy cow.. how did you guys get the VE to such high places?????

heads contest won 1st place = 10k VE
solved tiles in MDA puzzle = 5k VE
bought VE perm with credits = 6300 and this is only if you have full luck.

Still it doesnt add up to how you guys can get to 50k ve and this guy above says he got 70k ve right


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UH..really wish I could go back to mp4... It's much harder to get VE on mp5 T_T

Quick Edit: not actually a big accomplishment, but since people rarely do this, I'll post it anyways..


Mp3, brute force against the LR guards. The result was 99% vs 100%, btw =D
(Maybe if I hadused a burst or had higher combo rit... xD)

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My stats for today:

regeneration +9.24
energeticimmun +3.24
tradesense +3.24
briskness +3.24
initiative +3.24
defence +47.24
attack +90.24
luck +6.24
power +75.12

and principles:
Principle of Light = 2629
Principle of Syntropy = 3943
Principle of Imagination = 1972

P.S.:My max ve is 48195

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[quote name='Death Bell' post='22846' date='Dec 23 2008, 03:07 PM']guys.. i am happy to say i solved the technique between dst ultimate grasan :P and yes without any'1 help that is. all by myself :angry:
Sorry for bragging.. i know alot of you already figured it out way before me :rolleyes:[/quote]

Now you just need to solve the ghost defence ^^

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just a little log i just got that might fit in here...
can you find out who did that to my poor creatures? xD

Load Burns creatures
Load xxxxxxxxxx creatures
Influences for Burns: regenaura ######
COMBO: Adding 1853 combo vitality bonus for this ritual
Applying 100% of Burns's energetic influence
Applying 100% of xxxxxxx's energetic influence
xxxxxxxx's Chaos Archer does damage to all creature(s) of Burns and:
- Chaos Archer receives 3040062 damage creature DIES!
- Alucard receives 3040027 damage creature DIES!
- Bladerunner receives 3040045 damage creature DIES!
- Pimped Grasan receives 3040084 damage creature DIES!
- Grasan Huvourer receives 3040085 damage creature DIES!
- Animated Tree I receives 3040077 damage creature DIES!
###### START ROUND 1 ######
xxxxxxx's Chaos Archer cant find any enemy creatures to target, skipping turn

... xxxxxxxxx WINS!

nice, ain't it? LOL

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yup, Mur, which reminds me how on earth did you win against him dst? O.o.

Murs current steroid stats:

Regeneration : 8353
Energetic immunity : 9666
Trade sense : 634
Initiative : 4814
Defence : 16000349
Briskness : 9005
Attack : 3040031
Luck : 6001
Power : 67000

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grido, it is easy to beat mur's ritual, really

now, at GoE :angry: i farm him along with the others :rolleyes:

Load No one creatures
Load .Muratus del Mur. creatures

Creature Experience reward for No one - Winning player
Creature Experience reward for .Muratus del Mur. - Losing player

I removed the "spoiler" part :P

Edit: and I used normal creatures ( not a single collection creature )

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[quote name='lightsage' post='22861' date='Dec 23 2008, 08:01 PM']I did it as well, right after the snowball fight ended, through I only did one damage a round...[/quote]

the goal now is to destroy his ritual :) and I was so close (only 4 more ve)

Casualties: Enemy:99.909091%, You: ...
E lost: 4396vit; A lost: ...

Load No one creatures
Load .Muratus del Mur. creatures

Applying 100% of No one's energetic influence
Applying 100% of .Muratus del Mur.'s energetic influence

No one's CREATURE does SOMETHING to .... of .Muratus del Mur. and:
Applying temporary effects for .Muratus del Mur., slot 1 : , weaken (round:3 weaken: defence=-607 )
- .... and does 1 damage to Muratus Chaos Archer and remains with [color="#FF0000"][b]4 vitality[/b][/color]
###### START ROUND 15 ######
... Fight ended because it was too long. Player that lost the most of his army looses.


No one WINS!
....% vs 99.909091%

Creature Experience reward for No one - Winning player

Creature Experience reward for .Muratus del Mur. - Losing player

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the log won't help you in any way, Death Bell...
i can summarize one for you xD

the usual blah blah (energetic influences, pray power etc.)

dst's Ghost does chaotic damage to all creatures of anyone:
-1 receives 2800 damage and DIES!
-2 receives 2965 damage and DIES!
-3 receives 3012 damage and DIES!
-4 receives 8695 damage (luck: double effect) and DIES!
-5 receives 4831 damage and DIES!
-6 receives 5023 damage and DIES!

dst's Ghost can't find any targets

dst wins, me gets humiliated, loss points counter increased!

that's all the log tells you, you will need to find the way to set a Ghost, not only which creatures dst uses in it ;-)

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