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And i have this [url="http://img515.imageshack.us/my.php?image=ownageka7.jpg"][img]http://img515.imageshack.us/img515/2483/ownageka7.th.jpg[/img][/url][url="http://g.imageshack.us/thpix.php"][img]http://img515.imageshack.us/images/thpix.gif[/img][/url]

Edit: Ah yes and this:Cirith's FATTY does weaken to multirandom creature(s) of dst and:
- Weaken defence effect: -1360298129
- weakens powerful left hand for next 2 rounds and lowers its defence by -1360298129 and remains with 6468 vitality
Cirith's Grasan I does haoticdamage to multirandom creature(s) of dst and:
Applying temporary effects for dst, slot 6 : , weaken (round:3 weaken: defence=-1360298129 )
- hits haoticaly and does 2290637535 damage to powerful left hand creature DIES!

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Have you checked lately our Inquisitor's stats?
Regeneration : 58
Luck : -31
Energetic immunity : 76
Trade sense : 44
Initiative : 45
Defence : 3
Briskness : 64
Attack : -6
Power : 31

He is one hell of unlucky guy :D. And negative attack? What does he do? Gives you ve when he attacks?
Please Jonn...explain.... ( or I will come to check....this is not a threat, I'm just curious)

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Wait wait.. isn't he mp5? I thought mp5 all had awesome stats like I did.. you know, numbering in the hundreds.. this is.. dear lord Jonn, you shame me! Stop fiddling with those gophers and start statwh*ring!

Mmmh.. maybe it is lady fortune who removed so much stats off Jonn, you know, because he might have traumatized her with his gopher games.

Anyway, to make sure this isn't offtopic..

Uh.. lemme think..

Oh right, I wanted to ask who has the highest number of stats in one kind of stat?
I'm kind of asking who has like, the highest def. or highest attack..

I have like...

Regeneration: 125
(111.71 + 14)

Luck: 86
(66.85 + 20)

Energetic immunity: 424
(409.16 + 15)

Trade sense: 172
(122.2 + 50)

Initiative: 101
(97.03 + 4)

Defence: 393
(311.44 + 55 + 25 + 2)

Briskness: 250
(244.22 + 6)

Attack: 1143
(1027.06 + 52 + 60 + 4)

Power: 114
(95.96 + 19)

My Attack is pretty high, I guess, according to raw stats, that 1027 is in the top 5 of all players.. I guesstimate that is..
My EI is also very high, but I have no real use for it... lol, except for the fact that I am in an alliance, but still..

So I was wondering, what are the highest stats everyone else has? I am asking this because I am also too lazy to search it via public profiles.

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Hmm...raw stats you say...let's see:

Regeneration: 245.58
Energetic immunity: 681.65
Trade sense: 221.15
Briskness: 414.42
Initiative: 160.17
Defence: 805.56
Attack: 1844.58
Luck: 127.15
Power: 158.84

I removed weapons and alliance bonuses.

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Regeneration: 558
(508.33 + 50)

Energetic immunity: 586
(396.8 + 150 + 40)

Trade sense: 153

Briskness: 172
(170.06 + 2)

Initiative: 116

Defence: 1113
(656.06 + 117 + 300 + 40)

Attack: 2676
(2634.67 + 42)

Power: 211
(209.07 + 2)

Luck: 93

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[quote name='Ren' post='18462' date='Oct 15 2008, 06:43 PM']:P <spoiler removed>in a fight and see what happens.[/quote]

Ren i know better than you what to do (btw: I edited your post cause it had major spoiler in it) but I don't think you got that much regen by fighting. So don't take me for a fool, ok?

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You didn't cause you did not fight that much. And to get that amount of regen you need to battle mp5s not mp3s or mp4s (and you know pretty well why). Furthermore I know that your regen stat was increased over night (you had under 100 and suddenly it went to 500 and something). The same with that 1000 attack in one day. It cannot come only from fighting or saccing. And if you want me to prove that I am right I will.

[quote name='Ren' post='15617' date='Sep 3 2008, 07:10 AM']Oh, I never did post those skill gains I made one day...I copied it into my military ways and beliefs though...

regeneration +1.21
energeticimmun +3.969
tradesense +1.936
briskness +2.221
initiative +0.171
defence +1.748
[b]attack +1017.09[/b]
power +0.043
luck +0.739


Just for fun.

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That regen was NOT done over night. The most regen I ever gained in one night was probably 90 or so. And, that attack was practically ALL saccing. 6 grasans that gave me a whopping total of 1012 attack. They each had approximately 4000 wins and probably 2 mil exp.

I don't care what kind of proof you think you have because it's false. I even told Mur how I did it, and he just laughed at me and commented on wondering about that rumor.

The regen went up quickly, yes. As soon as I realized at what point it was gained, I started hitting it hard because it was my lowest skill. But it still took time. And it was all fighting, no cheating. Pure knowledge of fighting on my part.

So BITE ME and get back on topic, hypocrite.

BTW, just watch my attack this weekend too. It'll go up another roughly 200-500 points depending on how much I feel like training. Lovely how you didn't mention Eden's jumping from 2686ish to 3549 overnight. Didn't question how THAT could just be saccing. I have a rather sneaky suspicion that it was done in the same fashion...what's that? ...oh yeah, SACCING.

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[quote name='Ren' post='18500' date='Oct 16 2008, 03:56 AM']That regen was NOT done over night. The most regen I ever gained in one night was probably 90 or so. And, that attack was practically ALL saccing. 6 grasans that gave me a whopping total of 1012 attack. They each had approximately 4000 wins and probably 2 mil exp.[/quote]

Hmm, I wonder how you did got those 4000 wins

I'm not gonna argue with you, all I can say is that you lie and ... you abuse your status.

I attached your status with 501 wins , no one's status with about 6 times more wins (2789).
And so that you don't say that you had stats from the alliance ... I added those too.
Also I must mention that the person in question (Renavoid) is part of alliance since MP4 so his win count was frozen at 501. But that doesn't explain his stats.

What I want to say is that a more correct way of playing would have risen the the "Energetic immunity" a lot faster then the "regeneration", not to mention that your "regeneration" almost 4 times greater then "Trade sense" and "Briskness".

Sorry my friend YOU CHEAT AND LIE.

I wonder how much exp you have now :)

[spoiler]Also, I know that your stats (attack & regen) have been given to you.[/spoiler]

By the way: this is what you get by attacks, not regeneration:

[quote name='Ren' post='12299' date='Jul 31 2008, 03:38 AM']This is the best I've done so far. :D

regeneration +1
energeticimmun +0.423
briskness +0.404
defence +48.905
attack +129.871
power +21
luck +0.24[/quote]

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Just because you think you're right, doesn't mean you are. This was FIGHTING. And yes, I do know how to raise just one or two skill instead of all at once. I TARGETED regen and attack because they're the skills I wanted. But it was still all fighting. I attacked the same people for such a long time, in a specific method that ALWAYS gave the same skill, that those skills jumped a LOT. I already told you where to attack. Do that right at a certain point, and you'll just get regen and attack. Always hit there, and you won't get anything but regen and attack.

My record does not reflect my win|loss at all. Why? Because when I was made RPC and stuck into the Archivist, I wasn't going to get the 500 wins for the Military doc, so I asked Mur to set that up. He changed my ratio from roughly 180|230 to 501|500. This was mp4, and I only had roughly 1 mil exp. Then I was given the MP1 abilities. The rest is history as I discovered how to use my abilities to gain skills. My skills were NOT given to me. If you actually want to know, I have roughly 98 million exp to back all of this. Why? Because the MP1 ability you don't have doesn't leave an exp cap on me. I actually CAN sac 6 creatures of 2 mil exp each without it setting me back even one bit.

Where I mentioned my "best so far" that you quoted, that was after some saccing on a day of relatively doing nothing. The creatures barely had 1000 wins on them, and really the grasan was the only one that even did that. It was also before I really understood how to get regen. Again, after I saw where to get regen, I targeted that spot vigorously.

And what's wrong with you? How did I get 4000 wins? How else? By sitting still all freaking day and getting around 500 wins a day! I think I left some permanent marks on the chair I sat there so long.

You don't have to go after someone just because they realized how to do something on the fights that you didn't.

I'm not lying and am not going to argue this anymore. If you still think I'm lying, kudos to you. You've earned yourself a freaking medal of no-trust.

On a happier note, the other day I realized how to raise my stats even faster! Can't believe I missed this before! I could have had...*does some rough guestimations* about 800 regen right now instead of 500. 3000 attack would have been quite fun too. :D Oh wells, I'll have to do it later...if I ever feel like it. Anyone curious to know how? ...didn't think so. I only know of one other person who could have done it, and now he can't either..

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[url="http://storenow.net/my/?f=206"]The image (ohhh worship it =P)[/url]
Real ing screen... seems a bit odd to me trough (guess it only does it at a certain timing just past 0)

[color="#0000FF"]EDIT by Chewett: yes it does that when the time left is <0.49 seconds. but then it rounds it to rediculously high numbers[/color]

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