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i now top both sites :D   browsermmorpg.com [Spoiler] [/Spoiler]   [real time]   toponlinemmorpg.com [Spoiler] [/Spoiler]   [real time]


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[quote name='The Warrior' timestamp='1320535322' post='95346']
It wasn't photoshoped, nor any other image editing. The image was taken straight out of the browser like that. Yes, I cheated; but I cheated well.

editing the source is not "good" cheating. And i will be removing posts that are evidently cheating, just so you know.

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[quote name='Shemhazaj' timestamp='1320839877' post='95525']
[color=#808080][i]yeah, once I got 2,8 mil Vp after being attacked few times by just 2 people, and I bet it also is not a record...[/i][/color]
Definiely not. I was above 5M and I believe my training partner was well above 7M at that time (hence no extreme MD entry from me :-P)...

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Yes i claim to get the most neg reps for a single post. Thanks to the awesome community. Without ur help i would not be able to reach this milestone achievement. Plz keep continuing support to ur Lord. Thanks again :D .

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As was pointed out by someone via pm, This topic has merely degenerated into "lets post some screen-shots of some clearly not epic content, to be on the list" Espically when people are posting things that are clearly not the best...

There will be another topic opening, for only the one the most epic of stats, battles ect ect.

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[quote name='Shemhazaj' timestamp='1325981500' post='100257']
[color=#808080][i]can someone post over half a billion?[/i][/color] :D
a few weeks ago I sacced ele 900M heat (+almost fully tokened).... didn't post as I was informed there are ppl out here with crits at MD max (2B+), I was heartbroken :-(
BTW is it from the Fenth? shouldn't it display the max(heat from crit, profile heat)? even at MP6 you should not go 500M...

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