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okay partially to keep the topic alive, and partially to make it easier for new members to find what we need.


[b]Heads report[/b]

[b]AL summary[/b]

Eggsy - Proofreader
Innocence - Writer

[b]New game developments[/b]

Apophys - Editor
CrazyMike - Writer
Strategy compendium[/b]

Queen Ailith Bull - Proofreader
Burns - Writer

[b]RP events[/b]

Queen Ailith Bull – Proofreader
Cryxus – Reporter

[b]Puzzle page
Silver Renard – Proofreader

[b]Calendar dates
[u]RPC interviews
Kouros – Editor/Proofreader
Pamplemousse - Reporter
Innocence – Reporter
Udgard – Intro writer

[u]Gossip column[/u]

Shadowseeker - Proofreader
Pamplemousse – Reporter
Innocence – Reporter
Burns - Reporter
Comic Strip[/b]

Glor Damar – Artist
Amoran - Artist
Historical section
Eggsy - Proofreader
Fictional stories[/b]

Eggsy – Proofreader
Quest list[/b]

Eggsy - Proofreader

[b]Special interest[/b]

Grido – Proofreader/editor
Innocence - Reporter


Bootes - writers

[u]Q & A
Grido – Proofreader/Editor
Logan Marquis – Writer

[u]Sideways slant[/u]

Grido – Proofreader/editor
Firsanthalas - Writer

Bold topics still need staff, underlined ones are fully staffed, when choosing an area to work in please select from bold categories only.

What we REALLY need now is:

People to compile Puzzles for the puzzle page
Someone to compile the RPC quest list
Somebody to write the historical section about older aspects of the game.

On top of this can people already involved in the project please look for the new forum under the university section after you log in.

If you are part of the project and are unable to see it please send me a forum message, PM or YIM message and i'll add you to the list.


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What is the special interest section? Just wondering.

I can sense why nobody would want to pick up the calendar and rpc quest compilation, since they're pretty much.. just reporting, light but uninteresting. I don't mind doing them. Sign me up?

The historical section sounds interesting. Doesn't anyone want to, you know, investigate significant MD events that have passed into oblivion since their occurrence and expose them to the public? Education! Doesn't that sound interesting? Volunteer!

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I'll proofread/edit the game dev column.
I can also help with the strategy guide.

I recommend directly typing raw stories somewhere in the forums, but if not, .rtf is my preferred format; I do not have MS Word atm.

Another possible column to write about (not by me) would be RL events that may have impact on MD, such as a new scientific discovery.

Can we get paid for our work? In shop credits? :rolleyes:

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Okay sorry i've kinda been away from this topic for a while. I've been caught up with the new forum (Sorry, Shiny things do that to me)

To Antram: Of course you can participate, this list is by no means final like Grido says.
To apophys: Okay i'll tell crazymike to pass his work on to you for editing.
To Glai: I'm not sure we really need the calendar events section, but if you want to take up the RPC quest column then that'll be great. We can include it as part of the Puzzle page.

Apoph and Antram, i'll add you to the new forums (or at least Chewett will :rolleyes:)


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No We can't move this to the closed forums because the link on the Signpost in Marble dale park links to this forum and so does the link in the announcement that calyx is gonna make.

This is kinda the precursor to the closed forums where new staff can state their interest. I can change the link on the Signpost, but the announcement can only change before calyx makes it so we'd have to move fast if we went down that route.

Also can current staff (mainly the writers) make a note of who their editors/proofreaders are so that i'm not getting inundated with stories that need editing.

Remember the process is writers pass to editors/proofreaders, they pass it on to Glai who makes any final edits and I will make the final layout decisions and O.K. the final content of the paper.

Please don't forget to regularly check this post as well as the closed forums, after we get a complete staffbase then I will move all this over to the closed ones, but while we're trying to get staff this topic needs to stay open.


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Ah well.. it bothers me, but it can't be helped, I guess. I'm the organizational freak in the bunch, eh? :') When did Calyx say she would post the announcement? Anticipation~

Because I know there are a lot who have promised to help, but I never told them things were moving on the forums. *_*

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I need to know the ongoing process of the Newspaper...Alreayd contacted bootes and he is planning dong some own signs for MD(yet i do not have anything from him...)soo i need to know the dates of retrieving the information.

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Okay cool.

Although for the moment we've got a lot of staff at the moment, we're also pretty busy since we're getting close to release date, but after we send out the first issue i'm gonna have a review of all the staff, get rid of the ones who aren't contributing and take on board some (hopefully) more dedicated people, so I will bear you in mind then.

Thanks for showing your support and you'll probably hear from me after the first issue has been released.


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