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nobody knows the game developments before manu releases them, so how should that work? :)

i guess you could do some kind of a historical point fo view on those things, but the old announcements are public anyway, so i don't really see the point in that...

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[quote name='Burns' post='23795' date='Jan 14 2009, 01:17 PM']nobody knows the game developments before manu releases them, so how should that work? :huh:

i guess you could do some kind of a historical point fo view on those things, but the old announcements are public anyway, so i don't really see the point in that...[/quote]

You can write lots about game developments after they come out, you know. What purpose they're supposed to serve, the status, the mechanics, the impact on the game, the hopes for them, where it's moving towards in terms of development, and public opinion. Those are the obvious ones; I'm sure you can go into much more detail for individual subjects.

It would be a most horrible newspaper to not document these things. So far, it seems like most of the content is about the roleplay. We need balance for those who don't really care about all that junk!

[quote name='Gargant' post='23766' date='Jan 14 2009, 05:07 AM']I have now found a way to export the paper as a HTML file, would this make things easier??

I wonder if Mur would kindly donate the background image for things like the messages and the combat log, the thing with the tassles in the top left corner, I think that would look great.[/quote]
The HTML exporting usefulness depends on where you want to host it. It might be good if Manu wants to integrate it into the game, not just link it. Also if you want to have others directly edit pieces instead of you getting a copy of their edits and then replacing the original inside the program you're using. But otherwise pdfs are standard. (Actually, this is all supposition.. XD)

But that won't help with the size of the file, if we use that same image as a background. I suppose we could splice it, though.. :3 But then again, why not just have one of the artists do it?

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Okay here's an idea:

Treehill, how about you work with bootes (Should we get his support) on the Horoscopes

Firs you could write a column, like a humourous take on happenings within MD. Mentioning the other stories within the paper but your take on them.

Glai's right we DO need to feature game updates and developments.

Also I think i've got a good story in the return of RJ and Big C! RJ's holding a press conference in about 10 mins.

I've Exported a HTML copy of the paper, does anyone know how to post it?


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Sure the problem will be getting in touch with bootes.....it seems to me our clock is a lil upside-down,its quite dificult to me see him online but i can manage it,his knowledge about astronomy with my understanding of symbology and religion we could make a good prediction,really liked the idea about creature of the month maybe some day it could get implemented and each month a certain creature would receive luck bonuses.

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What I was thinking for the HTML glai, was that if it's HTML people would not need to download it like they would with a PDF, so rather than being a big file that needs downloading, it'd just be a big file they can access via the browser.

Perhaps this doesn't make sense. I'm not great when it comes to technical computer stuff.

Now for what I really wanted to post.

I've had a few people come to me outside the forums stating their interest, so here's an update of the staff roster:

Heads report

[b][u]AL summary[/u][/b]

[b]Eggsy - Proofreader
Innocence - Writer[/b]

New game developments

[b][u]Strategy compendium[/u][/b]
Queen Ailith Bull - Proofreader
Burns - Writer[/b]
RP events[/b][/u]

[b]Queen Ailith Bull – Proofreader
Cryxus – Reporter[/b]

[u][b]Puzzle page[/b][/u]
Silver Renard – Proofreader[/b]

Calendar dates
RPC interviews[/b][/u]

[b]Kouros – Editor/Proofreader
Grido – Proofreader/Editor
Pamplemousse - Reporter
Innocence – Reporter
Udgard – Intro writer
[u][b]Gossip column[/b][/u]

[b]Shadowseeker - Proofreader
Pamplemousse – Reporter
Innocence – Reporter
Burns - Reporter[/b]

[u][b]Comic Strip[/b][/u]

[b]Glor Damar - Artist[/b]

[u][b]Historical section[/b][/u]

[b]Eggsy - Proofreader[/b]

[u][b]Fictional stories[/b][/u]

[b]Eggsy – Proofreader[/b]

[u][b]Quest list[/b][/u]

[b]Eggsy - Proofreader[/b]

[u][b]Special interest[/b][/u]

[b]Innocence - Reporter[/b]

Bootes - writers[/b]

[u][b]Q & A
[b]Logan Marquis – Writer[/b]

[u][b]Humourous news round up[/b][/u]
Firsanthalas - Writer

Categories underlined in bold are ones with staff.
RPC interviews and Gossip column categories are fully staffed.
We really need someone to work on the New Game developments section and it'd be nice if we could get a puzzle writer for the puzzle page section.
We really need more staff in order to get a fully functioning team but this is definitely a good start.


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HTML it is then!

What i'll do is when we complete an issue I'll pass the HTML's on to mur and he can do with them what he wishes.

The only reason I liked the idea of PDF was that people could buy them from the shop eventually and have the issues to keep.

I guess we can cross this hurdle when we come to it really.

We still need more staff.


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That's genius!

Free to view, $1 shop credit for download.

However this is all speculation. I think mur wants to worry about distribution, at least that's what he said way back when myrrh was running the project.

(Mur and myrrh, hmm, glad this isn't verbal, that could get confusing)


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I think we should do both as Chewett says. PDFs will probably preserve the original document better than HTML, so they're a good option to have. By the way, you can view pdfs in compatitible browsers as long as you have Adobe Reader 6 or 7 and the correct plugin.

I also want the paper to be free, though you can probably put free items in the MD Shop. It's not supposed to be a privilege; it's supposed to be available to all. Have you talked to Mur about things yet? EDIT: nvm, didn't see your post. Talk to Mur about the project though. Things have changed since myrrh was still here, and we can't assume anything. It will be helpful to have an idea of where the paper will go in terms of implementation if it does survive initial issue releases.

Garg, you might as well add me as a copyeditor/proofreader. I don't just want to look at the whole newspaper and comment on the obscure. :p

As I said, the game development stories are important to me. I'm willing to do them if no one else does, but I'm not an authority about the subject. That doesn't really mean that I can't write them, but I won't be able to perceive important things others might be able to include. So.. if you think you're up to it, please volunteer!

On the off-hand I could deliver some ramblings occasionally. Most likely criticizing in an inflammatory manner. An irregular opinion-column. "Rambles of the Outsider". What do you think? ;)

Are we going to do editorials?

Somebody should do the calendar, too. It should be fairly easy, just get upcoming events from Calyx and others who might host them and put them in a format. And it'll be helpful for our readers.

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Okay Free it is. That's fair enough if you ask me.

Yes you can put free items in the shop, Mur did it with the cookies and things over Christmas.

Is there any specific area you would like to edit/proofread Glai?

Before we decide about the game dev portion, we should wait till Calyx has made the announcement. We'll see what traffic we get from that. The announcement will most likely be made after the festival of the moon this weekend.

I think some occasional ramblings from Glai would be welcomed as part of the paper.

I'm not convinced we need editorials for every issue, but it might be nice for the opening issue.

In other news, Cryxus, did I ask you to cover the upcoming festival or not? I can't remember whether I said it or whether I thought it. I seem to remember saying it but not sure.

Also we need someone to edit and proofread the article.

Can people let me know when they start work on their articles. First ones out will most likely be the RPC interview and gossip columns as they are fully staffed.


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Hmm.. I'm used to editing whole pages. :P How about I look at the layouts when they're first compiled, make sure they're properly formatted, and meanwhile try to catch anything the other proofers and copy editors missed in their own perusals? I'm not especially suited to a specific area for editing, since I log onto MD for practically seconds at a time.

I can take extra responsibility for pieces no one else wants to edit, though.

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I can do multiple areas if necessary, I am able to so

also curious as to how i'm going to be getting the texts to proofread / edit, as I havent told anyone to do with the newspaper my e-mail yet, or is it going to be another method that i recieve pieces?

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Okay Here's my thinking.

Grido, I'll take you off the RPC interviews section as Kouros can do that, and i'll put you on Inno's special interest stories, Logan's Q&A Section and Firs's take on the news.

Is that too much cos i don't wanna overload people.

Hmm, with regards to the reception of articles, E-mail would be the obvious way, but You can also do filesharing over PM's using storenow, just click on the link there and make a note of the number it gives you when you upload the document.

Glai I think might be best, if you act as a final proofreader.

So the writers hand the stories up to their respective editors.
Editors pass it on to proofreader
Proofreaders pass it on to Glai for final checking.
Glai passes all stories on to me.

That kind of arrangement?
Seems to work from an organisational ppoint of view.
Whether it'll work in practice remains to be seen.


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Here comes the organizer-freak again...

I think we ought to set up a list of the team members and their contact information (providing they're willing to have it published) in a thread, so people can verify that they've not been overlooked, and can contact other team members if necessary.

It'd also be nice to see preferred medium of contact and time zone. Possible ways to send copies would be email, im, and sending a link to an uploaded file through forum/ingame PMs. It's better to keep things in .doc or .rtf files so that standard style is preserved.

[s]Probably the completed items should be sent to Gargant first, for him to see that it's been done, and then Gargant can send it to whoever needs to edit it.[/s] Garg's arrangement looks fine, too.

Also, Garg, what is the preferred formatting you'd like to place the items in your program with the least hassle?

Continuing further down the line I'd like to know that the original copies, unedited except by the author during the writing process, are archived neatly somewhere, as well as any new versions that aren't the ones that will be published in the paper.

Grarrgh.. sometimes I think we ought to have our own website. And our own forum. All very organized into nice, accessible sections. But that's going too far, huh?

EDIT: Guhh.. someone always posts while I'm writing. I must be terribly slow.

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Hehe, I find it a little Odd that I'm already on the list as a Horoscope writer even though No Body has really talked to me about it... B)

I'm happy to Consult with the Horoscopes (I know quite a lot about Symbology and Astrology myself), but I have plans for a rather elaborate spin off on this Idea that I'd like to focus on. At least That I will Focus on whenever I get the chance, probably not untill I'm done with this Semester of School.

The idea I'm working on is a System on Astrology specifically for the MD world. Clearly events in the AL have taken precedence over this, especially things like the Sun beginning to move. However I do have a fair amount of background on the Subject and plan to move it forward eventually.

Once I get that done I'll likely want to put Horoscopes for that in the Paper. Like I said, I am perfectly willing to help with Horoscopes until that happens (and even after that if needed).

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To chewett: Thanks again for setting up the new section

To Bootes: Glai said that she was gonna talk to you about that, when I made the list I assumed this contact had been made, but thanks for your support nonetheless.

To [s]Glai[/s] The orgnaiser freak: A list of team members with contact info would be useful, we'll put that up when we get our new forum going.

Sending everything in .doc would be preferred (By me at least) if anyone has a problem with this, speak now!

Formatting: In columns, Justified formatting, 4 columns per page.

Our own website Glai? Organised sections Glai? Geez! That is a level of organisation I cannot even begin to comprehend.


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We balance each other out, Garg. :<

Ah, for the formatting, you mean you'll do that in your program, right? I meant if when we write things up we should put double spaces between sentences, or if we should do indents for each paragraph, and so on. If your Quark-program is like Adobe Indesign, it should be able to indent each paragraph automatically to a specified length (and it's standard in desktop publishing not to put two spaces).

How we do it over in my school: single-spaced, no indent, one space between sentences, one hard enter between paragraphs. And, it's nice to have a header with the author, issue, type of item, word count, and slugger for reference.

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Glai, I've noticed that we balance each other out too. It's a good thing. You're freakishly organised, I'm freakishly motivated, between us we get things done ^_^

"How we do it over in my school: single-spaced, no indent, one space between sentences, one hard enter between paragraphs. And, it's nice to have a header with the author, issue, type of item, word count, and slugger for reference."

I'm liking this formatting, apart from the header with the author. don't papers put the authors at the end of the piece? I thought they said something like 'words by such a person'. (Don't quote me on that. I'll have to find a newspaper and have a look how they do things, I think it'd be nice if it looks as authentic as possible).


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