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Reporting of Violations of Treaty between GG and Loreroot

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[quote name='Burns' post='24033' date='Jan 21 2009, 05:22 PM']I'd not only say that fighting is not a negative thing, i'd even go as far as claiming that duelling and roleplaying are completely unlinked at this point in time.
There may have been a time, long ago, when roleplaying and fighting were deeply bound together, like GGs who kill Necros and vice-versa, and Lores who don't attack if they are not attacked, but imo, that time has long since faded.
Today, we roleplay, chat and have fun at willows, and still attack anything alive there... it's even common to attack exactly the person you are talking to, and i like it that way =)[/quote]
This is a [u][b]crime[/b][/u]. There is a system of fighting in place, and it is not used?

[quote]Of course there are other places for RPing where fighting is prohibited, like windy's pub in the sanctuary, where those who are down and don't need more losses gather to have some fun time, too, but i have to give in that that's just not my world in there... strange things are going on there :/[/quote]
And this is precisely the problem. Asterisk-happy "roleplayers" edge out the systemic fighters with their silliness.

It is time for a new kind of quest, one that integrates the existing system with, you guessed it, [i]roleplaying.[/i]

...because this is, after all, a roleplaying game.

Keep your eyes open. BlackThorn's quest for Nature's sword is one approach, and I shall soon initiate another.

May the Goddess bless and keep you, always.

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Glad to read this treaty for mutual cooperation between our two regions, I see indeed that both Nevadar and you have done a great job, there is nothing to say against this document in my case. Well fight together to defend our regions in a possible threat or emergency, alright?

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