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Murry X-Mas everyone.. and Chanuka etc.. or happy traditions, loads of presents, nice yummy food and reunion with good friends/family if you don't like the other stuff..

Anyway, this X-Mas I will be somewhere else.. skiing.. thus, should my hotel not have any internet, (Mur forbid), I would like to post a request here..

Puhlease post some screenshots here of the tree and how it builds up every day :P

Thankies... Also, some nice witty comments about what's going on would be wonderful too..

Also, if you do see me online, it won't be me.. it will be my brother, please don't ask him anything.. he is like a shy little puppy.. that you want to neuter..

I'll be back in a week, yay :P

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"happy traditions" i think thats the best thing i heard for hollydays (except the Murry xmas of course :D) ), i will use it too:D Afterall not everybody is celebrating christmas. nice one MB.

You better have internet there cause otherwise you will be missing the gifts :angry:

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[quote name='Gargant' post='22754' date='Dec 20 2008, 07:56 AM']Hmmm.....Skiing?

That'd be a heck of a sport.....Bunny skiing.

I'm sure a lot of people would pay to see that.

tis a shame you'll be away. But have fun dude. Enjoy your skiing.

Oh and.......Hoppy 'traditions' bunny ^^


What? You've never heard of a Snow Bunny?

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no....Metal Bunny does, ask Mur, RJ does/did as well granted

and to save you looking through the Adventure Log

[quote]Page 55 [2008-05-11 19:49:30 - SmartAlekRJ's Lost Dragon]
Searching throu the library reveals several Books about former leaders. SmartAlekRJ reads a passage.. "As the all mighty Master teached us, we are all Bunnys in the Bunny Empire, All Hail The Lord Of Bunnies! All Hail The Bunny Empire!"...[/quote]

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ahh Ctrl + F works again :P

[quote]Page 78 [2008-05-14 21:14:45 - SmartAlekRJ's Lost Dragon]
It seems that they have noticed he wants to leave and they are planning o stop him. On the view of the angry mob and thinking of the poor devoured dragon, SmartAlekRJ shows a stupid smile and heads back to the library. The crowd disipates but some still keep an eye on him. "I wonder what happened to the ex 'Bunny Master' "..he thinks[/quote]

and the other reference

[quote]Page 114 [2008-07-05 03:25:44 - The Shade Ballance - Alc.]
Happy that he got confirmation from Akasha that the Book of Principles is easy to reach and it exists at the top of Mount Kelle'tha, Alche adventures deeper inside Golemus Golemicarum, heading towards the mountain. As he passes by a nearby cave he notices lots of small humanoid creatures working on what seemed to be a statue representing a bunny. Suddenly he hears voice and sees a man comming out of the cave. "What? what are you doing here?! ..destroy it immediatly!". Alche tries not to be noticed and walks away as fast as he can from that place. He cant afford any delay in his jurney.[/quote]

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