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MD withdraw what are the symptoms and how do you deal with it


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ok this is almost good as the grasan are cute /anime/manga girls topic which was my fault
and what hell(stands up)
stormrunner 177 active day(I think) haven''t not played in less I had to(things broken job hunting and most painful letting other people use the computer) and I don't plan on ever stoping and you all are totally insane but so am I :D:D
(goes back to onemanga)

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::hits refresh::

::stands up with red eyes, clawing at them::

Hi there...flying pixies, what the?!? this hallucination is interesting, i just hope bigfoot reminds me of this in the morning when i wake up

anyway, yeah i'm Grido, and i've used 306 times now

::hits refresh::

yeah and i'm an LHO, hmm a helper seeking help...something about that doesnt seem right


oh and i'm also essentially immortal

::refreshes again::

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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