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MD withdraw what are the symptoms and how do you deal with it

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i think it's 120k accounts deleted....so half yours Chew? db clear started ~4am server time, so coming up for 9 hours now

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[quote name='Sage' post='34246' date='Jun 21 2009, 01:31 PM']OMFG Aweosme Idea!!!

*takes his gameboy and plays whatever sticks into it*

Ooooh Mario 1!!!! Epic!! :D[/quote]

Damn... I'm not cool enough to have had a gameboy... *tries to join the cool kids by playing something on his iPod touch and fails*


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Use this one for offtopic please. We'll keep that one for official announcements regarding the status of the game.

What? I scared your posting frenzy? :D

Yes, I know double posting :P. I will merge them later :D

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*curls into a fetal position and sucks on thumb* I want my...I want my...I want my MMMMMDDDDDD!

User looks disgustedly at her character. I am a full grown woman. This realm does revolve around the earth. Er...*cough* I mean, it does revolve....does...I can't write does...*is defeated by Murs XP*

[quote name='dst' post='33725' date='Jun 17 2009, 03:32 PM']Damn! Damn! Damn! I had some work to do and I was too lazy to do it! No one will kill me!

Good bye cruel world... it was fun while lasted...[/quote]

*Innoscence Look* Why should noone kill you when somebody might and anyone will?

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