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MD withdraw what are the symptoms and how do you deal with it

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i think it's 120k accounts deleted....so half yours Chew? db clear started ~4am server time, so coming up for 9 hours now

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:P i used to suffer from md withdrawel but now that i have been in jail for either 9 or 12 days longer that i should have, (i was supposed to be released either on day 136 or 139, can't remember which) and now i am cured...... or at least more bored..... bored enough to notice that since the mp2's came to the gazzebo md has become depressed there.... no people there will speak to me! then again it may just be that being in jail has driven me crazy..... or mad.... or insane...
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[quote name='Akasha' post='33727' date='Jun 17 2009, 01:49 PM']New itouch fw ?

You really should keep it silent until MD is up again :)[/quote]

Yup yup... 3.0 just came out a few hours ago. Adds some interesting and useful new features... also unlocks BlueTooth capabilities, I didn't even know it had BlueTooth! :D

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I was on golemus so i was stuck anyway :D

I was busy sending a mp to be pulled out of there i got kicked of.
And whitdraws yes i have them but i will live

Now i have the time to read the forum what i normaly dont like forums i never find what i am looking for :nea: :D

I specially miss the talks at the howling gates
(to storm) and yes of course you are bored at the moment I understand why :);)


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