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Alliance Ranting


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ok I keep hearing that new alliances have no reason for being yet everytime I've checked except maybe bored's, have a reason to be though depend on who you are it may not seem like much the reason, that most of them don't have so long winded and more or less useless back story is because they are truly new their story is just begining not in the middle and I was in loreroot so if I was just after skills or leadership I would have just stayed there dst and others has proved you can take over a alliance and not all the current alliance have reasons to still begin after all GG was made to fight the shades and their more or lesss gone for the time being hell the seekers are not doing muh in fact their only really 3 of them the other half is just alts so you can't even say their gathering support for the cause and don't get me started on the Dimensional Shifters oh dst you say my allliance as no reason to be excpt I want skills that you, not me but lets play word of the day

Pronunciation: \ˈhi-pə-ˌkrit\
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English ypocrite, from Anglo-French, from Late Latin hypocrita, from Greek hypokritēs actor, hypocrite, from hypokrinesthai
Date: 13th century
1 : a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion
2 : a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings
— hypocrite adjective

now dst never confuse your reasons with other again oh and just to give you guys a point yes my alliance does have to do with the role I want it is too big for me to do with out help but if you can find fault in that you'd have to find fault with khalazdad, MRD, simplyzero, lets see I can think of any one else right now and I'm done being a (...) and ranting but this really is starting to bug me people are trying to make something and are coming up with good ideas and all you guys can do is shoot them down and basical mock them and it pretty sad thats all you can do maybe instead you can just wait and see what they can do before judging

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Yes! Blame me! I am the one that keeps you from getting your alliances (I really wish I could). No! It's just that everybody wants his own alliance, everybody wants to be the Leader of one. It seems that after the RPC role the the alliance leader role is the most wanted. Sad part for me is that you will probably get your alliance someday (the later the better) but maybe then I will not be here anymore so I will not care. But, as long as I am here I will keep posting my point of view even if it affects your interest.
And you say I am a hypocrite? I always spoke my mind and I never lied to anyone. That's why you picked on me now. Cause I told my opinion which is different from the general one.Also since I am the bad guy in this game...why not? Let's pick on dst. Let's show the others we have courage (I was thinking of another word but I will not use foul language).

Btw: remind me: what is the purpose of your alliance? (strange but I can remember -6 and cryxus but not yours).

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nice backhand(laughs)yes I'm pick on you dst your the GM assistant and one of oldest players in the game your voice carrys alot of weight and so far it always against new alliance so basical your the biggest threat so I'm trying to get you to ether step back and think or simply not talk and see what happens and again hypocrite says one thing does something else you say you think no alliance should form without a good rp reason yet your your self have said that your in the Dimensional Shifters for the skills what does that say and note never once have I said dst your a hypocrite, you did that says your thinking about it your self and on my alliance yes I was not clear enough I will make it clear when I go to make it officail tell then I'm waiting for 1. the player who asked to write the backstory to finish 2. maybe a few more people I will most like;y not try tell mur's next learning phase or maybe even later

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It's a mmorpg that we are playing..
rpg.. roleplay
One can always roleplay you have an alliance, such as MRD did.
If you are [i]good[/i] enough, you will automatically assume the role of the alliance leader who doesn't invite weak players.
And if you are good enough, you might become a real alliance.
The fact is, try roleplaying an alliance (I-BID isn't one, stop asking), the game has all the tools, pm's and pages and such, and if you suck at it, no one will want to join, but if you are good, you won't allow sucky people to join.

I think Mur should only make alliances which are being roleplayed and are already being good at it..

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Here is another word for you stormruner: irony. Have you heard of it? Maybe you should read the definition and the read that post again(the one with me being a DS).
And you know what: you all made me the player I am today. You created the image, now deal with it. And don't rant anymore about it.

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don't push your actions off on me your choices define how everyone see you, you choice to do things that cause people to see you as a villian if you want to not be seen as such stop being one your action decide how people see you if you don't like how they see you change if you don't want to then stop whining your not some sad misunderstand hero stop trying to talk us into believe you are I know irony well, let me guess because DS is a newer alliance compared to some please it older then I am, dst get out the past it called the past for a reason,it over with and done oh and if everyone wants there own alliance why do I have 6 people who want to help me why does cry have around 18 dst heres some irony for you read before you post look up what your talking about then speak and dst let me tell you something I told Glaistig the time of the old vets is passing you have two choices realize it no longer your game and move on pass the Torch to the next group or you can fight the changes around you a ruin the game for everyone but there is a third choice instead of being a whiny punk you can change with the game and grow dst you can do a lot of good for the game if you get over you need for everything to be the same please do grow to the future if you don't like the rping stay in the shop and fight all day no body will force you to do anything else you can just look for bugs all day long

now to other people metal bunny thats what I'm doing at the moment and I will keep doing it tell it becomes a real alliance cry is also doing the same and now he and the rest have tags so that and the MRs prove that it can be done hopeful one day I can add my alliance to the list

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I quite agree with dst here...though, I have other reasons that have more to do with the sort of alliances being pursued...An alliance similar to the Marind Rescuers that Aqune mentioned wouldn't be bad at all though...assuming it was approached properly... The Soldiers of the Inner Sun are in MB, btw.

Now...concerning the alliances...their sizes and the lands they represent become factors... The Necrovion Sentinels is a large alliance that is singular rather than many different alliances bidding for control over its land.. much like the shades aren't individuals in thought but more like a well of existence. Whereas the GG is full of nutjobs who want to understand new things, and LR is full to the brink with people trying to improve themselves and push others out.

So...I guess what I'm getting at, is that simply the variety of alliances is not all there is to the subject. The NUMBER of alliances is less important if the land is not being pursued. A new company opens when someone takes the time to start it...not when an outside group creates it and throws in a random person who only vaguely wants to be a part of the operation, and then gives up because they're lost... That is, of course, a slippery slope logical fallacy, but not at all inconceivable...The problem is most people don't see that. It sounds like the best idea, even though the confounding variables are just that. confounding...

Geez I veer off point when I try to explain things. Long story short, alliances will come when they deserve it. It's not really something that needs to be argued. Deserve it and make [i]sense[/i]. I can't stress that enough.. Just because you can explain something, doesn't mean it makes sense for it to exist in the realm...

Gross...can't believe I'm siding with dst.... :D))

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